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"Have I now become your enemy for telling you the TRUTH?
(Galatians 4:16)

Motto of

"If ever this vast country is brought under a single government,
it will be one of the most extensive corruption,
indifferent and incapable of a wholesome care,
over so wide a spread of surface."

Thomas Jefferson to William T. Bary in 1822
Thomas Jefferson talking today about the United Nations

"Give me control over a nation's currency and I care not who makes its laws."
Jewish financial Sadducee Baron Mayer Amschel Rothschild
"If I can tell a nation's stories, then I care not who makes it's laws."
Jewish media-Scribe reporter for The New York Times?

"The truly ignorant are closer to knowing the truth than those who have their minds filled with lies, self delusion, and misinformation"
Inspired by Thomas Jefferson ; a warning about Jewish falsehoods

“Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East.”
John Sheehan, S.J.
(a Jesuit priest)

“Why should they, the Americans, have trusted us? We were a bunch of Russians, socialist Russians.”
Isser Harel, former head of Mossad, speaking of the unlikely union between America and the Marxist state of Israel.
"The Jews became jealous and recruited some worthless men loitering in the public square,
formed a mob, and set the city in turmoil."

"When the Jews in Thessalonica learned that Paul was preaching the word of God at Berea,
they went there too, agitating the crowds and stirring them up."
(Acts 17:5-13)

Social-Media, Saul Alinsky agitation tactics used by rich Rothschild-like Jews, against a Christian Founding Father

"...the disbelieving Jews stirred up and poisoned the minds of the Gentiles..."
(Acts 14:2)

Jewish media-Scribe MSM reporters 2,000 years ago
"If God were your Father, you would love me, for I am from God."
(John 8:39-44)

"I know the slander of those who claim to be Jews and are not, but rather are members of the Synagogue of Satan."
(Revelations 2:9)

Jesus speaking to Jesus-deniers whom today follow the Talmud and whom we call Jews
"Now you, brothers, like Isaac, are children of the promise. But just as then, the child of the flesh persecuted the child of the spirit, it is the same now"
(Galatians 4:28)

Paul speaking in past allegory of the children of Isaac, son of free Sarah -- to the children of Ishmael, son of slave Hagar; compared in Paul's time to unbelieving Jews and believing Christians; and the same Jewish persecution in our modern times.
"The Kingdom of Heaven will be taken away from you and given to a people that will produce its fruit."
(Matthew 21:33-43)

"It is not the children of the flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise."
(Romans 9:6-8)

Jesus, the Promise fulfilled, proclaims Christians to be the true Chosen People
"Do not be yoked with those who are different, with unbelievers"
"For what partnership do righteousness and lawlessness have?
Or what fellowship does light have with darkness?"
(2 Corinthians 6:14)

Paul warns us not to associate with Jews who are unbelievers in Christ
"Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up"
"But he was speaking about the temple of his body"
(John 2:19-21)

Jesus is the new temple, ressurrected in three days,
so no need for the old temple

"I am the way and the truth and the life."
"No one comes to the Father except throught me"
(John 14:6)

Jesus telling Jews that his is the only salvation
"Who is the liar?"
"Whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ"
"Whoever denies the Father and the Son, this is the antichrist"
"No one who denies the Son has the Father,"
"But whoever confesses the Son has the Father as well"
(1 John 2:22-23)

Jews who deny Christ are liars
Jews are the Antichrist

"The day of the Lord will come like a thief" in the night and that we are only commanded to be "children of light and children of the day".
(1 Thessalonians 5:2-5)

Proof End-Times Theology is fraudulent
"There is neither Jew nor Greek
...for you are all one in Jesus Christ."
"For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ...And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham's descendants, heirs to the promise."
Galatians 3:27-29

Proof that Jews no longer exist
Proof that Christians are Abraham's true heirs
Proof that Christian Replacement Theology is correct

"And do not think you can say to yourselves,
'We have Abraham as our father.'
I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham."
Matthew 3:9

Proof that Jesus did not consider unbelieving Jews to be the Choosen People
"Do not think that I will accuse you before the Father,
the one who will accues you is Moses,
in whom you have placed your hope.
For if you had believed Moses,
you would have believed me,
because he wrote about me.
But if you do not believe his writings,
how will you believe my words?"
John 5:45-47

"You search the scriptures
(Old Testament at the time),
because you think you have eternal life through them:
even they testify on my behalf.
But you don't want to come to me to have life."
John 5:39-40

Proof that unbelieving Jews betray Moses and hence betray their own religion.
"Can the liberties of a nation
be thought secure
when we have removed their only firm basis,
a conviction in the minds of the people
that these liberties are the gift of God?
That they are not to be violated
but with His wrath?"
Thomas Jefferson
Notes on Virginia

"The right to expatriation,
like all natural rights
“is not left to the feeble
and sophistical investigations of reason,
but is impressed on the sense of every man.
We do not claim these
under the charters of kings or legislators,
but under the King of kings."
Thomas Jefferson
to John Manners

proof America was not created as a Democracy, but as a Christian nation.

December 2014 AD

Fury: Israel's 34-year Proxy War with Iraq

Starting with the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war, Mossad played both sides against each other. Then for the next 24-years, America replaced Iran as Israel's proxy in its war against Iraq. In only 4 years, America defeated the Jew's historically worst leader, Hitler, but  24-years later we are still bombing the simple-minded Iraqis. I think Israel just likes having us around their neighborhood in the Middle East.

Any difference between Dems and Repubs?

We examine differences in foreign and domestic policies to see if there are any fundamental differences.

Whisper App for Jewish NSA

Neetzan Zimmerman, the Jewish Editor-in-Chief of the Whisper App, was discovered by Britain's news site, The Guardian, to be listening in on the Confessional Whispers of its customers.  And he is no priest.

November 2014 AD

Twelve Ebola Monkeys

Thanks to our Federal protection agencies our borders are safely secured. The CDC will work with ICE to protect us from Ebola crossing into our lands, while the TSA and DHS will work together to prevent Muslim suicide bombers from getting onto planes with explosives or box cutters. What will NOT happen is for all of them to work together to prevent an invasion of Muslim suicide Ebola infectors.

Dracula Untold

Young Christian boy, Vlad Tepes, is drafted against his father's wishes into the Muslim Janissary system, becoming Vlad the Impaler -- in order, actually, to scare Christians into not resisting Muslim invasions -- which he succeeds at very well. Thus, without a need for more Janissary conscripts, and a promise from the Muslim Sultan for no more recruits, Vlad assumes a benevolent Christian rule in his subservient enclave of the Ottoman Empire. A new Sultan, named Mehmet the Conquerer for having taken Constantinople in 1453 AD, resets his great ambitions to a new goal of conquering Rome. Breaking the pledge for no more Janissaries, Mehmet the Conquerer, the man who destroyed Constantinople, demands Vlad's son plus another 1,000 Christian boys to become Janissary recruits to feed his army. Vlad Tepes is thus forced to turn to the dark side.

Why all the Fuss over Voter ID?

I just don't get all the bickering back and forth. Dems claim voter fraud because they can't drive and hence cannot produce a driver's license; while Reps claim voter fraud if a driver's license is not presented. Why not just issue voter ID cards -- with a photo?

Ted Cruz shows off his Jewish Lobby stripes, then blows up

Ted Cruz was graciously asked to speak in front of a group of persecuted Middle Eastern Christians about their persecution, about having been forced from their homes and about other indignities, but then turned the tables on these persecuted Christians by calling them hateful and anti-Semite, as well even as haters of Christ, haters of Christianity and haters of America. Oh, by the way, would it surprise you to know that Ted Cruz got boos from these Christians for his effort to persecute the persecuted.  Proving that Ted Cruz is yet another Christ-hating Judas, with pockets filled with Jewish shekels to pay for a Presidential campaign to make himself President of the United States and Lord Protector of Israel.

Religious Evolution

From Adam, to Noah, to the Ten Commandments of Moses, to the Golden Rule of Christ, religion has evolved. Only, evangelical Protestants have developed a regressive faith system of belief which states: "Un-evolved Jews (i.e. incomplete Jews) who stepped off God's religious evolutionary path just before God delivered Christ to the salvation of the Jews, are more worthy of religious respect and devotion than are their fellow Christians".  This is heretical to Christianity.

IPO of Alibaba and the 40 Jewish Thieves

With the IPO of Alibaba, Jack Ma became the greatest fraudster and villain the world has ever known, but don't expect anyone at the Jewish-dominated SEC to lift a finger to prosecute. In fact, the Jewish-dominated MSM have given their blessings to Jack Ma with great fanfare. Jack Ma has established a fraudulent shell corporation in the Cayman Islands where American investors can have no ownership in Alibaba and even where only a few select "insiders" in China, such as himself, can have any say in how the corporation is run. In exchange, Jack Ma has complete freedom to the American market to profit in selling his goods, as well as complete freedom to buy any and all American technology he so desires. He sells imaginary ownership into his corporation; while gaining real ownership over American industry.

Rumors of War

Are you as tired as I am to hear our Judeo-officials constantly tell us that we need to fight wars and infections on foreign soil, only to see wars and infections come to our own soil?  Interestingly, three dead journalists with slit throats by Muslims in Africa over peaceful Ebola education does not equate to the same level of alarm as three dead journalists beheaded by ISIS Muslims in the Middle East fighting a war. Of course, Israel is in the Middle East and not Africa.

October 2014 AD

War on Women

Should we not agree that if there was a sexual war, then it would have to be a War on Men, and that the women were winning the war in every battle fought?  In fact,should we all be agreeing that it is Muslims who are engaged in a real Jihadi War on Women? Nope, Jewish women like Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Jewish actresses like Tina Fey believe that the real War on Women is being ran by Christian men.  The same Christian men who protect and defend their beloved Israel, as they protect and defend their own mothers, wives and daughters.

Our Swiss Health-Care

Who says our current health-care system was all that great? Not anyone with any sense. The bloated, bureaucratic, hodgepodge of fascist-created, corporate-ran health-care, through governmental tax breaks to corporations; sued out of the private market place by government lawsuits and priced into the stratosphere with inefficient, and mostly ineffective government FDA meddling. Now the Obama-led government has came to our rescue with an "Affordable Care" plan, knowing it will not work, leading us into a governmental single-payer plan. The Swiss people were lucky in getting to vote for this themselves and voted such a plan down, dead in its tracks.  Still, the best plan is private Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). But that will work, so it will not be tried.

The Six Million warnings about "THE SIX MILLION"

Everyone knows the story of the 6 million Jews the Russian Czar slaughtered... er, I mean... the 6 million Jews during World War 1 , which the German Kaiser slaughtered... oh veh!!  Please let me update my Jewish stories to the Jewish story of today -- that would be the 6 million Jews, killed during World War 2 by the evil incarnate, Hitler. Amazing, that the second after Hitler was killed, Jews were powerful enough, rich enough, AND  NUMEROUS ENOUGH, to invade and conquer Palestine.  Truth is, the planning for the 1948 Zionist Crusade started not just in 1945, but a century before that.

Israel Receives Private and Personal Dossiers from the NSA

Imagine, if the US provided Nazi Germany - an close industrial ally before WW II started - with the private communications of Jewish citizens. Except there is an inverse reality check here: Edward Snowden tells us that our governmental NSA spy agency provides all the unfiltered, raw and explicit private communications of American citizens, to Jewish Israeli citizens, for purposes of blackmail against American citizens.

September 2014 AD

Jewish Conquistadors

Canadians called them --  child molesters...
Their Jewish clan called them a far more sinister name -- anti-Zionist...
We call Lev Tahor by the most sinister name ever -- Conquistadors!!!

August 2014 AD

The Pope's 2%

Everything the Pope says "can and will be used against him" by his Jewish enemies. Hence the Pope saying that the Catholic Church has a 2% problem will be said to be twice as bad as the wealthy Jewish masters who only have a 1% problem in the United States -- that is, the 1% who own and control the majority of resources in the United States.  In fact, the Pope should be saying that the Catholic Church has a 98% goodness rating among of the 41,406 Catholic priests among the 87,200,000 Catholics in the United States.  OR, if that is the way they want to play the game, at least the Jews should be reporting on their own Rabbi abuse in their Jewish MSM monopoly.

Citizen Koch

The movie Citizen Koch displays the outside influence of conservative Jews; mainly, the Koch Brothers of New York City, funding the Citizens United Political Action Committee, in the state elections of Wisconsin's Scott Walker for governor. The Supreme Court is then shown famously saying what they have said before -- "Corporations are people too!"  What is missed by the movie is the fact that the MSM media 1) are also large corporations 2) are also all headquartered in New York City, and 3) are also mostly Jewish controlled. So in the balance, this is a story about 2 outsider conservative Jews battling it out with numerous outsider liberal Jews running the corporate MSM, all of which should be locked up in prison for trying to influence the state elections of Wisconsin comprised mostly of Christians and all comprised of "Citizen Wisconsinites".

The Deported Jew

A French comedian is in the Jewish political-correct cross-hairs. French President Sarkozy, or rather CzarKozy, had just  written  a dictatorial  "Executive  Order"  mandating  even more  Holocaust  conditioning upon 5th graders  in France. Dieudonné takes this mandate to the next level with his Deported Jew skit.

Ron Paul was SOOOO Right!

As predicted by Ron Paul,
  •  The NSA failed to foresee the recent BACKLASH of Islamic resurgence in Iraq,
  •  The NSA failed to see the RECOVERY SUMMER of the Banker's bankruptcy of our economy with Big Gov bailouts being still not realized effective 5 years later and
  •  The NSA itself has proved to be a NIXONIAN DREAM come true.

July 2014 AD

Hollywood Gun Nuts

Wow, we can go on and on about the hypocrisy of Jews in Hollywood after the Elliot Rogers killing spree...
  •  Jewish boy has a killing spree, after watching dad's movie The Hunger Games, a movie about an organized killing spree
  •  Jewish movies pervert the mind of young Jewish boys that they are entitled to sex before marriage
  •  Jewish movies tell young Jewish boys that there is something wrong with them if they don't "get any", but it is OK to kill
  •  Uber-liberal California doesn't have proper gun laws. Why is that? 
  •  Jewish hate against Asian men, not sex with blond girls, caused Elliot to slaughter 3 Asian roommates with black hair
  •  Guns don't kill, knifes do -- in all the cases of Elliot Roger's Jewish hate crime against  Asians
  •  Jews and Muslims BOTH need gun control, not Christians
  •  Jews in Hollywood are hypocrites to have guns
  •  Jewish genocidal thoughts of wiping out all Gentiles exposed by Elliot Roger

Tea Party Fraudsters

Eric Cantor's crushing defeat at the hands of Dave Brat has exposed the Tea Party for what they really are : RINOs ran by Jews.  And Ann Coulter has masterly done the ground work of exposing them for the fraudsters they are. Always remember, if it is too good to be true, then it is a really good lure the Judeo-MSM have dangled in front of you on the national stage to hook you. Once again proving that the only real grass roots is at the grass roots of state elections in Red States, which the Judeo-MSM has a difficult time controlling.  Do NOT pay a dime to any national organization so long as Jews own the national stage.

Christian Solution to Boko Haram

White Christians were made out to be the devils when they colonized black Africa, but it is looking more and more like black Africa is the worst off after white Christians left. Does not help when the drones sold by the Jews of Israel were totally ineffective in preventing the kidnapping of 276 Christian and secular Muslim girls. I propose supporting the Ann Coulter Solution to Islam, kidnap their Muslim children and raise those otherwise doomed children with the hope of Salvation in Christ.

The Jewish Pharaoh

Since the Egyptians wrote their side of the story, literally in stone, and now, for the first time in 2000 years, we can read that Egyptian side of the record in the hieroglyphics, we can now deduce that the premise and twist to the Jewish side of the story of Moses presented here is not entirely true. In fact, Egypt had control of Palestine (ergo Israel) in prior history, thus making Jews citizens in the Egyptian empire. The Jews took advantage of this situation to become quite powerful and influential in Egyptian life, even at one point having a Jewish Pharaoh, but eventually were expelled from Egypt by later Pharaohs as undesirables for their corruption and dominance over Egyptian life. Probably one step ahead of the Egyptian people who were on the verge of rebellion if matters were not straightened out and fast.

How the Popes Treated the Jews

The Fascist laws of Mussolini and Hitler were very pro-Christian and not at all out of line with the moral teachings of centuries of Roman Catholic Papal decrees. The fact that our society was so shocked and outraged by the Fascist laws shows how much Jews dominate political and religious thought in our modern life.

How the Jews Treated Jesus

Isn't a belief that Jesus Christ is not the Son of Man just as much of a religious belief that he is? And if your religious belief is that Jesus Christ is not the Son of God, then is it not your religious belief is that Jesus was a false God, his Gospel was apostasy, and he committed sorcery instead of miracles? What does the Talmud have to say about this?  Facts are that it was devoutly "religious Jews" who were the main demanders of Christ's crucification.

June 2014 AD

Israel: Our "Best Friend" is Really Our Worst Enemy

If you gave someone you considered to be your best friend all kinds of help to defend himself, but you found that your best friend was then giving all that help to your worst enemy so that now, you were unable to defend yourself, would they really be your best friend or would they be your worst enemy?

Hollywood Fraks Up

James O'Keefe caught liberals with their hands in the cookie jar once again. This time Hollywood environmentalists are willing to get in bed with Middle Eastern oil interests. The real agenda of course is to keep America dependent upon Middle Eastern oil and hence to keep Americans interested in protecting Crusader Israel against its dangerous neighbors.

NATO: Keeps the Russians Out, the Americans in, and the Germans Down

Putin has shown himself to be a good Christian leader time after time, why then not let Russia join NATO? Well, because NATO was created to fight Russia and with Russia on the inside, there would no longer be a need for NATO -- or for America to be in Europe. The real concern is allowing a Christian Germany to dominate Europe. England does not want that and certainly not the Jews.

Men's Pay Less than 40 Years Ago!

After rising at a steady rate from 1960 to 1973, 42% pay raise increase in total, why has pay rates stagnated for the last 40 years at around the inflation adjusted rate of $50,000?  Ask yourself that question as you ponder the truly revolutionary changes in our workplaces resulting from the computer revolution and the virtual elimination of every low-paying job which could not be bolted down to overseas workers.

Israel Holds All the Cards As Rand Paul and Ted Cruz prove

Judeo-Republican Ted Cruz, the Cuban from Canada and Patriotic American FRAUD, has shown his true vivid colors in an unparalleled defense of an Israel First, America Second speech on the floor of the Senate.
Judeo-Republican Rand Paul, disappointing son of Ron Paul,  in more subtle fashion is seen cozying up to the foreign-born Jewish King-Maker for the Judeo-Republicans and  Jewish owner of the mass-media of three countries (meaning - two not of this country), Rupert Murdock.
Judeo-Republican RINO Chris Christie, in a suprise move, screwed up royally by failing to say the correct magic Zionist words to Judeo-Republican Kingmaker Sheldon Adelson, who will be spending his $100 million elsewhere on a more suitable Judeo-Republican.

"Alan Mulally retires from Ford; Running for President in 2016"

This would be the greatest headline in decades and our fervent wish.
  •   Alan Mulally - savior of Boeing
  •   Alan Mulally - savior of Ford
  •   Alan Mulally - savior of America

May 2014 AD

Basketball: America's Bread and Circuses

Our bread and circuses must go on. The private conversation between the minority Jewish owner of the Los Angelas Clippers to his minority black, Hispanic girlfriend interrupted the most busy man in America, the President of the United States. Obama called "ignorant" and "racist" this compassionate man who has given many poor blacks on his basketball plantation the opportunity for fame and millions, while at the same time stiffing whitely as coach and whitey ticket holders as well. This can only be called by its rightful name -- ANTI-SEMITISM!  President Obama, you owe all Jews in America, indeed, all Jews in the entire world, a heartfelt apology to these rich Jews who bring us our gladiators in the basketball arena.   OR, considering that Jewish owner racism against black players runs rampant in the NBA, and is well know as such, perhaps the NBA needs to receive the same Catholic Church Mega-Billions lawsuit lottery treatment it received for their not holding their priests hands before each mass.

"Chicagoland":  How Chicago Corruption is Done

The CNN docu-series currently running called Chicagoland and produced by Robert Redford, highlights once again the utter corruption in our Judeo-MSM media. The Chicago Tribune has blow the lid off the collaborative scheming between Redford's Jewish production team aiming to document Chicago politics, with the air of impartial truth, and the Jewish-led political team of Jewish Commissar Rahm Emanuel.

Muhammad was a Jew - Islam is a Jewish Sect - Muhammad was the Messiah

The Jews had made a terrible miscalculation. They backed Bar Kokhba as their Messiah and Rome crushed them. Now hundreds of years later into their Diaspora, the Roman Empire were expelling masses of Jews one section at a time as Rome Christianized. Jewish refugees were fleeing into Arabia, their backs up against the wall. Soon Christianity would work its magic on Arab pagans as completely as it did on Roman pagans, leaving Jews nowhere to turn. Times were desperate. A true Messiah was still prayed for, and soon, Muhammad was the man found who fit the bill.  Muhammad, born the son of a member of the Al-Lah priestly tribe of the Quaraysh, having the trust of Arabs, while at the same time had a mother Amina who was Jewish, thereby making Muhammad a Jew. Muhammad's first wife Khadija and following her death, Muhammad's 9-year-old wife Aisha, were both Jewish. Here was a Moses, raised among the gentiles, whom the Jews could trust and get behind to conquer Arabia with a neo-Judaic religion of their own craftsmanship, presenting it as a counter-force to the quickly spreading Christian faith. Over the next few years, Jerusalem was freed of Christian occupants. Within one hundred years, Islam had completely stopped the spread of Christianity in its tracks, and had even rolled Christianity all the way back to the gates of Paris and Vienna, far from their Holy Lands.

Mozilla the Monster

Michell Baker of Mozilla, trained in law, caved to a militant gay bashing harassment of their recently named CEO Brendan Eich for a personal campaign contribution made 8-years-ago.  Meanwhile,  the co-founder of Mozilla and creator of  javascript is out of a job.  This proves the real intent of the open-source socialist crowd who believe themselves better than all others.

April 2014 AD


Jewish David Coleman has established himself as our first official Soviet-styled Education Commissar -- head of national indoctrination. Perched as the founder of COMMON CORE and as President of the College Board which administers both the SAT and the AP college placement tests, any comrade child who is not in compliance with the official indoctrination curriculum as set by David Coleman will see little hope in his/her future advancement into college. Coleman will become the national gatekeeper of complaint Communist Party members who are allowed to attend prestigious universities and troublesome Christians who will be barred from entry into the university systems.  

Mel Gibson: 10 year Blacklist by Hollywood Jews

You will face extreme persecution in this country if you do not feel sympathy for the blacklist of (Jewish) communist screenwriters in Hollywood, even though communists have never shown the slightest sympathy for anyone in simple matters such as life, liberty or the pursuit of your own individual happiness. But you must not feel even a twinge of sympathy for Hollywood's very own blacklist of Mel Gibson -- for everyone knows that Mel Gibson is a hater of Jews. Well, not so fast! Seems that before the War on Mel began (Jews do start all wars), Mel Gibson was gaining the hatred of Jews -- not for his beliefs of Jews -- but because of his beliefs on Christ. Communism was illegal but freedom of religion has always been not just legal, but a right, here in this country. For simply building a Christian Church, Jews have blacklisted him from working in his chosen profession -- the profession of freedom of the press.  Mel Gibson could have one hell of a religious discrimination and free press lawsuit on his hands.

Muslims riot over "Noah" but NOT over "Son of God"

The Jews tell us they wiped out all the Amalekites. With permission from the Persian king, husband of Esther, Jews wiped out all the enemies of Esther. Before WW2, Russian Jew Lazar Kanganovitch wiped out all the Ukrainians under his control in the Holodomor and many more in Jewish-ran Gulags. After WW2, American Jew Henry Morganthau wanted to wipe out all Germans through sterilization. Now because of overpopulation and climate control, a Jewish movie producer has created this Jewish genocidal movie,with modern-day connotations, about Noah wiping out all the world's people.   Of course the only real controversy talked about is the Muslims being offended that one of "their prophets" had a movie made about him.  Contrasted in total silence by the Judeo-MSM is the just released movie, Son of God, where the "Muslim prophet" of Jesus Christ is portrayed as greater than Muhammad, even Godly; and which portrays "their enemy", the Jews, in the best light possible.  In this Biblical version, the Romans are totally evil; whereas, the Jewish Pharisees are totally innocent, even noble, in wanting to protect their people and their people's heritage -- by allowing "one man to be sacrificed for the good of the many", as in Star Trek fame.

March 2014 AD

Industrial Founding Fathers

James Hill and J.P. Morgan were the railroad titans of the American Industrial age who finally tamed the West. Every bit the heroes then that computer-age titans Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are now, except they were both highly devout Christians and ran their organizations in a Christian manner. Sadly, with the assassination of property-rights champion President McKinley, came Progressive "Trust-Buster" Teddy Roosevelt, who along with a sycophant Judeo-MSM, turned their good names into that of Robber Barons. With a little spin to the moral and heroic story of America's heroes, America first headed into those deep murky waters of Progressionism where private citizen "monopolies" would be dictated to by socialists in one huge governmental monopoly.

Ace in the Hole

If you ever wanted to know the fundamentals of how the Judeo-MSM takes control over a society, all you have to watch is Billy Wilder's 1951 classic movie, staring Kirk Douglas, named Ace in the Hole. A hateful sheriff threatening to run a pesky reporter out of town, transformed into that reporter's own personal bodyguard, when the glowing newspaper reports of his heroic coordination of a rescue attempt springs life into the sheriff's reelection campaign. An engineer bypasses a simple, cheap and quick  rescue attempt when the reporter showcases his professional expertise in drilling, causing orders to flood in for engineering contracts. The not-so-grieving wife, starts grieving profusely and thus giving a passionate human interest story to the rescue when the wife sees sales at her diner shoot through the roof with curiosity seekers arriving. Funny thing is -- all Billy Wilder did was a reenactment of his own reporting of the Holocaust just 5 years prior.

Central Bank for the Central Bankers

How did we allow ourselves to be conned by a bunch of anti-free market socialists to think they had all the answers on how to fix the free market. Isn't -- central planning of the economy -- by central bankers -- the antithesis of free markets?  Not satisfied to just create a central bank for America and to stop there -- America's bankers were instrumental in forging a global central bank called the Bank for International Settlements, commonly called the BIS, just as Hitler was coming to power . In fact, its roots were based in Nazism and American bankers dealt with Nazis throughout the war as very best friends.  Far more powerful than the IMF, the World Bank or the European Central Bank with its Euro (itself a creation of the BIS), the BIS is the bankers whom our Jewish banker Benjamin Bernanke reported to and that  now our Jewish banker Janet Yellen will report to. Obviously it has been well scrubbed of Nazism for such prominent Jews to partake!  By international law, it has world-wide diplomatic immunity, and yet, by historical standards of its conduct, we need far more pat downs and oversight of BIS officials than any jewel thief. Want to know why the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve has increased 391% under Bernanke from February 2006 till now, when middle America was going broke? Want to know why a 0% prime for investors, i.e. virtually free money, and a virtually unlimited Federal Reserve note infusion to investors does nothing to shake us out of depression? The answer is to think globally, as the BIS does. 

February 2014 AD

Stalin saved by the World's Greatest Spy

Hitler let himself become trapped by a two front war, but Spy Master Richard Sorge saved Stalin from his own two front war -- one with Germany, the other with Japan. It was not enough for Japan to be tied up first fighting against Soviet Communist subversion in China, its barbarity leading to America's cut-off of oil. Like a game of chess, the cut-off of oil lead Japan even further astray -- toward the oil fields of Indonesia. Even after Germany's invasion of Russia on June 22, 1941, Japan had to first deal with America arming Russia in the Lend-Lease program -- its fatal move being the attack on Pearl Harbor trying to militarily neutralize America.  But Spy Master Sorge gave Stalin the final assurances which allowed him to move his far eastern divisions away from Japan and toward Germany's attempt to take Moscow and Leningrad.

Does Jesus advocate paying taxes?

Current debate centers around whether or not taxing for societal needs is Christian or not.  Or in other words, "Can you be a good Christian by saying that you gave through the tax office?"  Well, from what Jesus says about taxes one would have to wonder. He considers it unlawful to tax subject citizens and that taxes are only legal when leveled upon foreigners. This has the profound implication that our income taxes are sinful from the start.  In fact,if you read your Bible correctly, Christ was a counterfeiter was he not?

CACA-Care is a Jewish Program

Can't Afford Care Act or better named CACA-Care is the brainchild of Eziekial Emanuel.  Eziekial is the brother of Rahm Emanuel, mayor of one of the most corrupt cities in America; both are sons of an Irgun Terrorist who killed British soldiers and British policemen alike in Palestine in trying to force them out of Palestine and to allow their Jewish coup d'etat Crusade of the Holy Lands.   Ezeikial Emanuel is the architect of our national health-care system which seeks to socialize more of our society and the Jewish MSM could not be happier -- until the smartest people in the whole world once again proved they are not as smart as they say they are.

January 2014 AD

Harold Hamm - America's Rennasaince Man

Saddled with a Department of Energy which seems to want to do everything but make America energy independent again, one man had the vision to reverse America's oil exploration decline and place America once again as the world's top producer of oil. This genius behind "fracking" began life  as the 13th and youngest child of an Oklahoma cotton sharecropper. Today, he is well inside the top 50 richest Americans. This is a man our politicians should be listening to with ears wide open.

A Nation Founded by Geniuses, but run by Idiots

Inspired by the comic genius of Jeff Foxworth, here is a little light humor to start off the new year.

December 2013 AD

NSA is in the Blackmail business

The NSA has disclosed that it uses usage of Internet pornography to discredit and destroy, by character assassination,  Muslims who are not even designated terrorists, but whose writings and speeches could be deemed to create terrorists.  Can this web site be far behind in being designated as creating Christian terrorists and patriots?  Yes: per DHS guidelines!  Obama can be counted on abusing, far more than Nixon, this incredible power to blackmail the members of the House of Representatives who oppose him, as well as State leaders, business leaders, journalists, editors, Christian leaders and of course, any and all foreign leaders who do not support Israel.

Hollywood TRAITORS and arms TRADERS

Many have pointed out the hypocrisy of Jewish Hollywood who wants all Americans dis-armed while they make the most violent movies blaring with smoking guns, explosives and bloody corpses. Now, in a plot only Hollywood Jews could conceive of, we learn that these Hollywood producers have used their most famous stars as "honey pots" to lure and ensnare America's top military scientists and military strategists. All in the name of consulting on a screenplay they were working on.  The military secrets discovered is then sent to what these Hollywood types self-describe as "their country" - Israel.  Even smuggling nuclear triggers called Krytrons into "their country" Israel was not beyond this treachery.

How to Solve "The Jewish Problem"

Realizing we have a Jewish Problem in the first place goes a long way in solving the problem. Once the problem is recognized, the solution is realizing that Jews take advantage of weak Christians much as Satan does and subverts their society from a saintly Christian society into a devilish Hellish society. This gives them the power to rule, which is their narcotic. Take away Jewish dominion and ability to bully a society and they will do as all bullies do, find another easy mark to prey upon.

Origins of Communist Red

The Judeo-Communist concept of The Reds and The Whites originated in Poland in 1863, where the Russian partition of Poland into Russia unleashed Jews into Russian society for the first time. A society just freed from serfdom and not yet mature enough to counter the Jewish propaganda saturating Russian society. Propaganda originating from the German-based Jewish propaganda of Karl Marx and others. All this just in time to counter the Russian wins against the Turks in 1871, eventually handing Palestine to the Jews, and keeping Palestine out of the hands of the wanna-be Neo-Byzantine Czar, eliminated for all time in front of a Jewish firing squad.

How will we define Neo-Revolutionary American Heroes?

Ron Paul was labeled a Neo-Hitler by our non-Christian enemies so Christians shunned him. We have allowed this to be done to Joe McCarthy, Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, and many others. Mitt "RINOmoney" Romney was not labeled an anti-Semite, nor a Neo-Nazi, nor a Neo-Gestapo so Christians accepted him as their choice  in the Republican  primary.  Our enemies also picked John McCain for us before that. We are quickly reaching a breaking point and need to honestly decide whom will be heroes and whom will be the ones the heroes oppose, by saying "Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me".

November 2013 AD

Our Rich Jews want U.S. to do the Dirty Deed of Nuking Iran

No sooner than a Jew was appointed to command all our nuclear ICBM missiles, then a rich Neo-CON Jewish supporter of Mitt "RINOmoney" Romney, Sheldon Adelson, proposed that the United States should immediately cut off all diplomatic negotiations with Iran, as if America was a modern-day Neville Chamberlain, and just nuke Iran tomorrow.

Dual Citizen General takes command of all Nuclear ICBMs

The ninth General in a year has just been sacked for trivial matters, by an administration who is unable to fire others over all numbers of major corruptions.  Two days after the General commanding all our nuclear submarines was fired, then the general commanding all our nuclear ICBMs was fired and replaced by a dual citizen Jew named Jacob "Jack" Weinstein.

October 2013 AD

Jews are not united by a Love of Israel, but by a Hatred of Christians

Contrary to popular opinion, Michael Medved explodes the myth that Jews are united in support of Israel. Medved tells us instead that what really unites all Jews, whether atheist, secular, Orthodox or Zionist, is an intense hatred of Christianity.

Support for Israel is Unconstitutional

American leaders who support Israel because of Genesis 12:3 (God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel) are in violation of the Constitution's Establishment Clause.  Hence American support of Israel is both illegal and unconstitutional as it establishes a Jewish State Religion, with Christians as Jewish serfs.

September 2013 AD

Judeo-coup d'etat of America

The Ronald Reagan official who first predicted the demise of the Soviet Union has now been predicting an unopposed coup d'etat at our highest levels.  The unsustainable economy of the United States is mirroring the unsustainable economy of the Soviet Union before it fell. Ronald Reagan used this information to help push the Soviet Union over the cliff. Now, we have another President, an anti-Ronald Reagan, who is working feverishly to push our own country over the cliff.

NSA -- Rank Amateurs compared to Israeli Intelligence

All our digital data in the hands of an administration renowned for using information  against its  enemies list is a national scandal, but far worst scandal is that this data is all FIRST fed through the hands of a foreign country. Whereas, our own federal government scrapes the table clean of our data, companies headquartered in IsraHell actually own the table and get to see what they want to devour and what they want to throw to Uncle Sam as table scrapes.  Companies like firewall specialists Checkpoint in both private and government computers parsing the data before it gets ported over to federal spy computers, billing company Amdocs who gets all the phone metadata and is trusted to send that reliably to the NSA, the makers of the NSA's own wiretapping equipment, Comverse Infosys -- with back doors to IsraHell included -- for "maintenance" purposes, and finally Odigo, which provides the core message passing system for all the "Instant Message" services -- spying --  and a bonus we now know -- advanced warning of police raids.  All based in IsraHell!

August 2013 AD

Judeo Trek Into Darkness

In the current Star Trek prequel, Star Trek Into Darkness, the old Cold War model of Romulans representing Communist Russians with Klingons representing Communist Chinese, is replaced by a new world paradigm -- The Klingons now represent Middle Eastern Muslims set to be exterminated in a provoked war by the American Federation's own Admiral Marcus, while a Judeo Khan is the leader of the clan of genetically created "Chosen People", dangerously entrusted by the highest leadership of the American Federation with our most vital military secrets. The burning question for Captain Kirk is "Whom can you Trust?"

Khadija: Mohammad's beloved First Wife was Jewish

The key to the entire story of Islam is found right here. As a young man, Mohammad had married a wealthy Jewish widow, which gave him instant respectability among the Jewish tribes in Arabia. Likewise, by having access to rich Jewish trade, Mohammad was the central Arab power-broker.  His power in both the Jewish and Arab tribes grew out of this unison of his marriage to Khadija - Arab to Jewess.  His power in both communities was so great, that the Jews started to look upon Mohammad as the Messiah who would free Jerusalem of Christian hands.

New York City: Peter Stuyvesant to Micheal Bloomberg

At the time Holland had its colony in New Amsterdam, Holland was the one Christian nation most open to Jewish immigration. Jews were allowed in Holland and in helping with the black slave sugar plantations in  Recife Brazil. When Portugal defeated Holland to gain control of Recife, these Jewish traders in black flesh attempted to enter New Amsterdam deceptively as religious refugees and lovers of liberty. The New Amsterdam Governor Peter Stuyvesant was onto their deception and tried to keep them from immigrating to his community. The Dutch East India Company, with its Jewish board members, threatened a disasterous economic boycott and Stuyvesant was blackmailed into accepting them into his community. Today, New York City is now in excess of 1 million Jews and their signature statement is whom they have voted into office as their version of Peter Stuyvesant. Micheal Bloomberg is their Jewish Peter Stuyvesant. And still today, the Jews are no more into following any rules which interfere with their selfish desires as they were when they were portraying themselves as victims of anti-Semitism. Michael Bloomberg is now on record as wanting to gut the Constitution to accommodate any existing circumstances he so desires for his Jewish constituents.

July 2013 AD

Jewish Mummy's Curse Verse and Christ's Blessing

Start talking about unbelieving Jews not being saved and you will get an army of "Christians" who cite Genesis 12:3, "God will bless those who bless IsraHell and God will Curse those who Curse IsraHell."  IsraHell of course is a nation filled with unsaved  Jews who deny God himself in the form of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  The logic of this escapes me why Christians are so hoodwinked by these religious frauds. In fact, in every verse I have ever read in the New Testament, the summation could be, "God will bless those who Bless His Son, and God will Curse those who Curse his Son".  We need to bring back Brendan Fraser, for a really scary Jewish Mummy Series scaring the living daylights out of us in our Saturday afternoon trip to the movies.


Romans11: Root, Vine, Branch, Fruit

Romans 11 are used by many Judas "Christians" to try to convince Christians to worship those Jews who do not worship Christ.  They say that "You do not support the root, but the root supports you"  Indicating a serious lack of understanding of what a root is. Jesus says he is the Vine and His Father the husbandman. Before you can support a Vine, you must have established a firm Root. Well God planted the seed of Israel in Abraham and the Old Testament Root took form. Only then could Christ the Vine emerge from the soil. The parable continues. The only ones who can obtain any nurishment from the Vine of Christ are ones who bless and worship Christ. And the ones who obtain no nurishment from Christ wither and die. Now God the father, the husbandman, like all husbandmen, knows that branches growing on weak vines in poor soil can never bear fruit. So God has allowed these Gentile branches to be grafted to the Vine of Christ and to obtain the exact same nurishment from Christ as Paul talks of in Romans 11.

June 2013 AD

"Jesus was a Jew" Really?

Can you argue that Jesus was a Jew? In what respect would you make that determination?  Ethnicity? Religion" Nationality?  We have looked into this and cannot make a case that Jesus would have been a Jew in any of the three categories.


50 Racist Rabbis

Imagine if 50 Christian ministers in America said that you shall not rent to Jews for fear of intermarriage, that it would lower your property value, and that it may even be dangerous. There would be churches being torched all across the country. Well over in our friendly country of IsraHell, 50 racist rabbis are saying just that , not about Muslims, but about Gentiles.

May 2013 AD

The Jewish States of America

    What would a graph of the Red-Blue States look like when plotted against the percentage of Jews occupying each State? We wanted to find out. And would it be of any surprise anyone to note a strong correlation between the number of Jews occupying your State and the likelihood that your State would vote for Obama in the 2012 Presidential election, thereby making your State a Blue State? In fact, there is a correlation to the amount of freedoms you enjoy in your State to the amount your State is free of Jews living within it.

Iowa's Drugged Mind

    The State of Iowa is pure farmland. The grain belt of America. So how could a State filled with rugged independent farmers vote for Obama? In fact, on a chart of the percentage of Jewish occupiers in the State of Iowa, the predictions from 18 out of 18 other States with as low a percentage of Jews in their State is that Iowa should be a rock-solid  Red State. There must be something else going on here and I think I know what it is.

Minnesota Twins: Michele Bachmann and their Jewish New York City Senators

    The State of Minnesota appears to have a split personality. They elect two New York Jews, both liberal Jews, to represent them in the United States Senate, Norm Coleman and not-so-funnyman Al Franken.  Then they produce one of the most profoundly conservative Christian-Americans to ever come along outside the South with Michele Bachmann. Can this be explained?

The Parable of Judas

    The story of Judas is well known to all Christians, but the base religious motives of Judas remain a mystery. Many feel the story of Judas to be one of greed for 30 shekels of silver. Some get much closer to the point by saying that the story of Judas is one of the ultimate betrayal. But none really grasp that the fundamental story of Judas was the parable of a man who lost and betrayed his faith in Christ and who then reverted back to his former belief in Judaism. Today, the Christian world is filled with the spirit of Judas, who look to the modern State of IsraHell for a fundamental grounding of their religious beliefs.

April 2013 AD

American Expulsion of the Jews
    Jewish traders tried to corrupt Ulysses S. Grant, the future President of the United States, by using his father to help secure an underground trade monopoly on trade in cotton between the North and the Southern-held territory which Grant commanded. In dealing decisively with this Jewish corruption, instead of being praised for his unwavering integrity, Grant was labeled an anti-Sea-Mite. In a word, it was OK for Grant to engage in a Civil War where 750,000 Christians laid slain over the sin of slavery, but how dare he engage in a war against Jewish corruption. How dare Grant condemn Jews, who were using the cause celebre of slavery - cotton - to enright themselves while Grant was trying to fight a war over cotton's need for slavery. Grant fought his own Christian brothers, but in the end, he would not fight the real power of the Jews. And even way back then, Democrats proved how much they were in the same camp as the Jews.

The Mental Cause of the Civil War
    You may think of John Brown as a terrorist and indeed, he was. But more rightfully, he was a fire and brimstone Christian, being far more Old Testament Jewish, ready with his Jewish gang members, to sneak attack his enemies Gideon-style, than a New Testament Christian, who converts his enemies through love and compassion. In stark contrast was New Testament Christian William Lloyd Garrison, who for 30 years relentlessly resisted the institution of slavery through moral persuasion. Whom do you think the Jews of the day rallied behind?

March 2013 AD

Dr. Ben Carson lights political fires!
    It has been politically correct for decades to say that lawyers are indispensable in writing good law, yet, Dr. Ben Carson points out that five of the writers of the Constitution were doctors. We question doctors in politics but not lawyers, he says. Dr. Benjamin Carson failed to point out that lawyers should be questioned and lawyers should be recused from the other two branches of government. It has also been politically correct to say since the Income Tax Amendment of 1913 that the rich should pay more. Again Dr. Carson comes to our rescue by agreeing that indeed the rich should pay more, but not more than the 10% required of God; and conversely, Dr. Carson implies that the poor should pay the same Godly expectation of 10%.

Chinese Hukou with a Communist Flair
    Hukou is a traditional Chinese system of systematic class segregation and discrimination which was all but eliminated during the Christian colonization of China, where Christian rulers implemented Christian principles of love and compassion for all men. So of course the Communists would reimpose class warfare after WW2 and have its cruel impact hit the rural poor masses the most!

February 2013 AD

To become Christian, Go to Israel
    Have you heard the joke about the Jewish businessman, the Jewish friend and the Jewish rabbi who sent their sons to Israel?

The 17th Amendment is Unconstitutional
    We all know that the Constitution can be amended, but few know there is one critical exception where the Constitution can never be amended. There is no majority of Congress or majority of States who can deny any State of its right to be represented equally in the Senate. The States insisted upon this when they ratified the Constitution. If the State does not give its consent, then the 17th Amendment is null and void upon that State. And as it turns out, there are seven States who have never given this vital consent, even in regards to consenting to the 17th Amendment.

The Crime of Slavery
    Time to stop dividing Americans along racial lines. It is a crime to accuse someone of a crime who has not committed a crime. Yet that is what we do in Affirmative Action programs every day. Every single kid, black or white, who is just entering college, who is just entering the work force, or is just getting his first promotion was born long after the death of Jim Crow. It is impossible that they are guilty of the crime of racial discrimination -- and yet -- they are being judicially punished by a host of federal judges in affirmative action settlements if they are white. On the flip side, there are no African Americans who are paying whites for the wealth of culture and industry their white ancestors have given to them. Seems that far too many blacks are having their cake and eating it too.

Gun-Free Journalist Homes
    To create GUN-CONTROL laws, you have to violate higher-level GOVERNMENT-CONTROL laws built into our Constitution. We live in a country where a Christian can be condemned for making a movie which induces Muslims to kill our ambassador, but a Christian will also be condemned for condemning countless Jewish movies about blood and gore being a bad influence upon a young boy with mental heath issues.
    We live in a country where our children sit each day as sitting ducks in a school having a 'gun-free' sign in front of their school, but the journalists who advocated for this refuse to have a 'gun-free' sign placed in their front yard.
    We live in a country where it is crime to own a gun, but it is not a crime to violate the Constitution saying that there will be not law infringing the right to bear arms.
    We live in a country where the Jewish minority claims endless persecutions, but this Jewish minority wants guns taken away so everyone can be persecuted.

The Jewish Iron Curtain
    The Iron Curtain began for Russian Christians after World War 1 following the Judeo-Bolshevik Revolution. The Iron Curtain for Western Christians began with Winston Churchill's 1946 'Iron Curtain' speech after World War 2 and the occupation of half of Europe by Judeo-Stalinist forces. But the Iron Curtain for Jews did not happen until after IsraHell was formed in 1948. And it was tough love for them -- their cultural centers were shut down! For Jews there never was any gulag starvation death camps, no genocidal Holodomor, but instead, in the 'atheistic' Judeo-Soviet Union, Jewish children still enjoyed their religious freedom , as their Jewish schools were not shut down until the 31st year of Communism, in 1948, the beginning of the Jewish Iron Curtain.

January 2013 AD

The Jewish Final Solution
    In 1917, the Communist-believing Jews were successful in their coup d'etat over Russia and promised all the military officers in Moscow safety when handing in their guns. One by one though, as the guns were handed in, the military officer was shot. There would be no concerns that the former Czarist Christian military would interfere with their total and absolute control over the country. In fact, there would be no Nuremberg trials for these monsters and their grandchildren would become our 'esteemed' Mayor of Chicago, Ralm Emanuel, our 'esteemed' mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, and our 'esteemed' Senator from California, Diane Feinstein. All calling for the confiscation of our guns.

Martin Luther: Prophet on Catholics or Satan on Jews?
    As part of my 'You are no Christian' series, special note is made of Martin Luther being worshiped as a prophet for denouncing his own Christian faith and thus starting another vast Christian sect, the Protestant Reformation, while making a note of how Satanically reviled Martin Luther is for denouncing the foreign faith of the unbelieving Jews who denounce every word of the New Testament.

Early Christians and Early Mormons
    Pat Buchanan has long preached about the death of Western Civilization. But it is interesting to compare the rise of Early Christianity to the rise of Early Mormonism. While your child is in Guatemala this summer trying to convert Mayans from Catholicism to Evangelicalism, young handsome and well dressed Mormon teenagers on bicycles will be plying your suburban neighborhood for their own form of converts.

"You Are No Christian"
    I get this a lot. 'I am no Christian, because I am sooooo Anti-SeaMite!' My response is a question back to the accuser. 'Yes, I use my freedom of speech to identify multiple factual instances where a Jew, or more likely, a consortium of Jews are conspiring against Christians, telling of the Who, What, Where, When and Why; but then I ask of them 'Why do you not tell people they are not Christians who actually kill other Christians in our many wars?'

December 2012 AD

Politically Correct Seasons Greetings
    Have a laugh with this spoof on 'modern version' of the Christian Reason for the Season.

Gunning for Newtown
    Everyone knows that the Jewish media is ramping up yet another movement for national gun control, this time revolving around the Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle found lying un-used in the trunk of the boy who killed 20 children with mere hand guns at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown. But few know that Stephen Feinberg is the Jew owns the company which makes the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle, nor can they imagine ironically how filthy rich Feinberg is getting selling even more Bushmaster AR-15s to scared Americans worried about a Jewish tyrannical state -- and he makes all these OBSCENE PROFITS off the suffering of these 20 poor dead children in Newtown, just before Obama's tax-the-rich scheme takes effect!

Queen James Bible -- The Protestant-HomoSexual Reformation
    The recently produced new version of the bible written by homosexuals and called the 'Queen James Bible' is an interesting analogy with the King James Bible, because King James created the King James Bible so he could modify the bible to be much more king friendly, as opposed to the 51-year-old, King-unfriendly, English-translated bible, the Geneva Bible. The King James Edition emphasized the passages about Kings ruling by divine right, literally making the King into a Pope. Now we have a new Bible which makes homosexuality a divine right, and hence, with our new-found Christian tolerance toward the sin of homosexuality, begins a brand new Christian religion.

Why is Fidel Castro still in power?
    America invaded the biggest continent in the world, across the biggest ocean in the world, to fight communism in the Korean and Vietnamese Civil Wars, with Chinese troops and Russian advisers attacking our troops. Yet, when Fidel Castro took over a relatively tiny Caribbean Island, still within the Continental Shelf of the United States and Cuba's refugees started washing up on our shores begging us for our assistance, we quivered in our boots, saying that to do such a thing would cause a thermo-nuclear war. Never mind that we are still not lifting a finger to get rid of this murderer of priests and nuns, after the fall of the Soviet Union and after China became a regular capitalist pig.

Christian tax dollars pay Jewish tax bills
    Marc Rich and many other Jewish commodities traders got filthy rich, in part, by avoiding paying African taxes on his commodities trading in African mineral wealth, where he paid dirt poor wages, then got his Jewish Hollywood elites to con American tax-payers into paying his tax bills, so that starving African children would have the food, clothing and AIDS health-care he refused to provide. Bill Clinton would even give the man a Presidential pardon for his utter gall.

Abraham Lincoln's Enslavement of the States
    Steven Spielberg is winning accolades with his movie about Lincoln, but in freeing the slaves, Americans have enslaved their own States. In replacing one level of immoral corruption, a much larger immoral corruption was began.

November 2012 AD

The JFK Assassination Revealed
    Brace yourself! You have never heard this theory of the JFK Assassination. Forget Catholic Cubans and Catholic Italian Mafia wanting to assassinate the first Catholic President. Forget the guilt placed on Protestant Dallas wanting to kill the first Catholic President. Forget the Federal Reserve conspiracy of rich white men wanting a fellow rich white man done in. Even forget LBJ's ambitions. You are about to realize exactly why some thought John F. Kennedy had to be stopped, at all costs, in his presidency.

What do Jews Worship Today?
    Jews and Christians are not united in the Old Testament, they are divided by the New Testament of Jesus Christ compared to the unbelieving Jewish response to Christ, we see contained in the Babylonian Talmud written hundreds of years after Christ. Written at a time when it was fast becoming evident to unbelieving Jews that their attempts at nipping Christianity in the bud was not working, but instead, the loving words and heart of Christ were poised to conquer Jerusalem with more finality than any enemy sword and chariot. Under this backdrop, unbelieving Jews started a Jewish 'New Testament' filled with stories of how unbelieving Jews could cope with the gathering brushfire of Christianity quickly spreading across the known world. The moral of the story is that is is critical for Christians to know what Jews really worship today, not what they worshiped at the time of Moses, for unbelieving Jews are not stuck at the story of Moses any more than Christians are.

Perfected Jews in the "The Samaritan Woman" Parable
    You learned that 'Salvation is of the Jews' in the parable of the Samaritan woman, but did you get the rest of the story? Jews looked upon Samaritans as imperfect worshipers of the God of Abraham, a fact which should not escape a Christian view of Judasim, as Jesus turns this story around by saying that the Jews themselves are only marginally better in their imperfect worship of the God of Abraham -- until they have become perfected as 'true adorers [who] shall adore the Father in spirit and in truth', with The Messiah being the spirit and the truth to which both Jews and Samaritans should both cling. Christ was saying to the Samaritan woman that the Jews of old she was accustomed to treating her with great disrespect and contempt, were now under new management - the new management of the Messiah. In fact, Christ was setting a personal example of the Great Commission where his Jewish followers were tasked, by Christ, to go forth to all nations baptizing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. For 'Salvation is of the Jews', only in the sense that 'Salvation is through Christ'.

October 2012 AD

The Rest of "The Good Samaritan" Parable
    You learned the parable of the Good Samaritan in your 5th grade Sunday School. But how well do you really know it? Did you know that Christ not only told you how you should treat your neighbor, but he also very clearly told you who would never treat you as a neighbor? Jesus Christ said that in our direst hours, we can better count on the mercies of a non-Jewish Samaritan, than we can count on the mercies of the most holy of unbelieving Jews, their priests, or than we can count on the mercies of the most Chosen of the 12 Chosen Tribes Of Israel, the unbelieving Levites, when we most need their help.

Jewish Caused 911 Blowback
    In this year's 911 blowback story of vicious Muslim riots all across the Middle East, using weapons given to them by our own 'Fast and Furious' bad-guy-arming foreign policy, the moral of the story is that Muslims should stop acting like rattlesnakes biting everything which passes their way and start acting more 'Christian' in 'turning the other cheek' to deliberate Jewish movie-making provocation. And forget that according to Josephus, Jews violently rioted themselves at Caesarea in 66, provoked by Greeks sacrificing birds in front of a local synagogue, just a few decades after Christ told them to 'Turn the Other Cheek'

September 2012 AD

Christian conspiracy to kill Jews?
    In heartbreaking news to many Christian Zionists, they are saddened to learn that they are actually despised by many conspiracy-minded Jews, who feel that the ones Jews should fear THE MOST are the Christian Zionists, Jews' own useful idiots. Do most Jews feel that Christians are in a conspiracy to kill all the Jews? Does not Jews supporting Obama prove this? Does not the creation, acceptance and lavish praise for countless Holocaust movies prove this great conspiracy theory mindset among Jews to be true? Does not the adulation and love of millions of Christians toward Jews mean nothing?

Rabbis for Obama
    Why would people ignore 613 Jewish Rabbis throwing their support to Obama, a man whom we are led to believe hates Jews and hates the home of the Jews, Israel, and finally whom loves Jews worst enemy the Muslims? Well, only goes to show the propaganda and deception we are fed by the Judeo-Matrix-MSM

"All the World's a Jewish Stage!"
    The vulgar-named and vulgar-acting punk rock group exhibiting their pornography at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Russia bit off a little more than they could chew. They received a two year prison sentance. But the Judeo-Radicals know this is the Christian Wailing Wall, the Russian Orthodox Christian's Temple, named the 'Cathedral of Christ the Savior' and built as Russia's National Thanksgiving to Christ having saved them from the ungodly armies of Napoleon. The Judeo-Radicals thought they had destroyed the Christian Temple once under Lazar Kanganovich, but the Christians rebuilt it. Now they are trying a different approach and meeting resistance from Christian men.

Albania's Kanun Besa: Muslims save Jews from Christians
    Albanian Muslims saved some 2,000 Jews in World War 2, due to their social code for visitors in their home called Besa. This concept of Besa has given Albania the rights to the next Stephen Spielberg Holocaust movie, in which to once again rub Christian noses in the mud, but this time to help cement former historic ties between Jews and Muslims.

Jewish Laws for America
    On August 10, 2012, President Obama signed the “The Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011”. Many remarked about the dictatorial powers Obama was assuming. None remarked that the law originated with Two Jewish Senators, Chuch Schumer and Joe Liebermann

Famous IsraHell Quotes
    Before Israel, our only friend, was created in 1948, did we have enemies in the Middle East?
    Why did we trust Jewish Marxists from Russia in IsraHell?
    From the Jewish perspective, was 9/11 a bad thing?
    Are Christians really being persecuted in the Middle East?
    Why do Jews always win every battle, even regarding evil against the good?
    Do Jews in IsraHell ever need to let a crisis go to waste?

Canadians Richer than Americans
    All argumnents that NAFTA, GATT and all the other free trade agreement arguments woull lead America to even greater wealth and prosperity have been completely debunked. Canadians are now richer than Americans, a country with no Apples, Microsofts, Intels, Googles, or Facebooks

Grandson of a Jewish Genocidal Murderer?
    Ari Ryan is a typical young Jewish activist punk who trespasses on a Muslim hotel and then sues for discrimination when asked to leave, but in learning his to-be-expected 'Holocaust story', we inadvertently learn that his ancestors were from the land of the Holodomor, raising questions about what horrendous crimes against humanity his Jewish ancestors were guilty of performing upon Christians

Romney sells out America at foreign fundraiser
    The GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney surprised the mainstream media and the American people by hosting an unprecedented fundraiser in Israel July 30, which was attended by 20 to 30 people and raised over $1 million for his campaign. The event is just another example of Romney’s sworn allegiance to the nation of Israel. -- The New American ....and then he promised Israel all the military might of the United States

August 2012 AD

Founding Prophets -- Socialism is not Christian
    Our Founders knew that government was not a religious institution. Government is force and forceful socialization is not Christian. Christians freely giving your things away is Christians charity; however, Christians forcibly having others' belongings taken away from them to be given to others is not social justice and is instead a violation of two of the Ten Commandments: Do not Steal and Do not Covet

Jury Nullification Primer
    Dr. Julian Heicklen informs us that most Americans believe their only duty on a jury is to decide the facts of the case. Jurors do not realize that the only reason for a jury in the first place is to insure justice for their fellow man, and in order to do this, they must have full power to decide not just the facts of the case, but to as well decide if the law itself imposes justice or imposes tyranny. Their rights and duty on the jury is to nullify any unjust laws for that is why juries exist.

Jewish Brown-Shirts rough-up Black Teenager
    George Zimmerman looks like a saint compared to these Jewish Brown-Shirt Gestapo thugs

Complex Military Industrial Scheme
    United Technologies (UT) was 'caught' selling military technology they had developed using taxpayer dollars, to our enemy, Judeo-Communist China. For a two billion dollar windfall for selling to the Judeo-Communists, the fine (tax) was seventy-five million dollars. To be sure, United Technologies will now go to Congress for funding the next generation of military technology, since the Chinese have now, amazingly, 'caught up to us'. The Congressman, who by the way, has received boatloads of campaign contributions from UT, will now fund UT with even more taxpayer dollars, and then brag about protecting the country when running for reelection.

David Axelrod's Lie Detector Scam
    Classic Jewish deception is David Axelrod's discrediting of Larry Sinclair's accusation of Obama taking cocaine and engaging in homosexual behavior. Sinclair was offered $100,000 to tell the truth, to a rigged lie detector, which would automatically say he lied and thus discrediting him.

Capitalist Cowboys selling Hangman's Rope to China
    Pigs, chickens and cows have been breed here for hundreds of years, with untold millions spend by Agricultural colleges. Now China is importing, not meat, but breeding stock for practically free, and after feeding them raw human sewage and poisons, we will import our own livestock back as our future food supply.

July 2012 AD

Undeniable Truths About Guns (and) About Control
    If you have to ask permission to have or carry a gun, then you are not trusted by your government and therefore you are not free, for what the government is controlling is you, not your gun.

These U.S. Marines are Christian Crusaders
    At a time of increased sexual assaults in the military, a Marine squadron was required to change the Crusader cross on their insignia to that of a rapious Werewolf. Now they have reinstated to the original cross of the Crusaders, over the objections of Jew Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (who probably wants a Star of David insignia instead as we illegally protect "religious" Israhell)

June 2012 AD

Cristiada: From Mexico to Spain -- ¡Viva Cristo Rey!
    The movie 'For Greater Glory' details 1926 Mexico, where Judeo-Communist President Calles, of Jewish descent, violently suppresses Christianity, only to be met by the resounding rebel call of ¡Viva Cristo Rey!. It does not chronicle the exact same fight for Christian religious freedom in Mexico's mother country of Spain in the 1936 Spanish Civil War, where a secularist "Republican" government under Manuel Azaña armed death squads to kill businessmen and priests.

Forget the Puritans - Catholics established religious freedom
    The Puritans did not leave England because they were being religiously persecuted as commonly believed. Instead, they left England because they were too religiously intolerant! Intolerant of the perceived corruption of any other religion besides their own. Instead, religious freedom in the New World as we know it was established by Lord Baltimore, a Catholic, in the colony of Maryland.

The Inquisition: Foundation of America's legal system
    The Kings of Medieval Europe had no need for the Catholic Church to help them decide guilt or innocence inside their realm. Justifying his decision by saying 'God made me do it! - She was a witch!', the Kings simply said 'Off with her head' and it was done; no trial, no jury. The Catholic Church was not about to allow themselves to become an accomplice to Kings conveniently getting rid of their enemies by abusing their good Christian name, so they established a board of inquiry - An Inquisition -- to prove INNOCENCE.

May 2012 AD

Chick Track Comic Strip Repudiated
    Jack T. Chick and his Chick Publications, in 1970, started publishing an anti-Christian, pro-Zionist comic strip for Christians to read who are not as sophisticated as they should be in their Christian beliefs. Since these vile comic strips are still making the rounds in the Internet, the fallacies of his arguments are examined in this post.

Republican Senator Cornyn sells out Country
    Texas Republican Senator Cornyn's STAR Act allowing STEM immigrants to flood the engineering market, will cause American engineers to suffer greatly, as the American labor market is flooded with even more un-christian, un-american foreign engineering immigrants and further cause America's technology decline.

April 2012 AD

How to tell a Story so even Christians will join the Jewish Conspiracy
  • Muslim-on-"Judeo-Christian" attacks - INTOLERABLE!
  • Christian-on-Jewish attacks - INTOLERABLE!
  • Jewish-on-Christian attacks - Just political libs vs cons

Iran is Israel's best friend
    Contrary to the Judeo-MSM image of Muslim Iran chopping at the bit to 'Wipe Israel off the face of the Earth', truth of the matter is that Jews love Iran (and hence Muslims)-- Always have!

Fox News is a Monstering Beast?
    Conservatives were so grateful to finally have a conservative news station, they didn't mind that it was, not an American News Corporation, but an One-World News Service, born of a Sex Scandal Sleaze Tabloid, and built through extensive criminal activity by an international Jew.

March 2012 AD

Is Barack Obama Jewish?
    With a deeply mysterious past, hushed up by a willing Jewish media accomplice, surrounded by multitudes of Jewish sympathizers in his executive branch, what may have a hold on all these powerful Jews is the fact that he is "one of them."

Kony 2012 :: Social-Media Revolution
    In the Sudan, Poor Weak Black Christians have yet to be saved from Rich Strong White Muslims, now a small band of Christian resistance fighters in nearby Uganda under Joseph Kony are villainized by the new Judeo-Social-Media as abusers of children and Social Media registers 40 million hits in a week.

Pope Pius XII :: Now a Saint?
    Catholics have suffered for decades under withering Judeo-Media attacks on Pope Pius XII with the vile label "Hitler's Pope". Now the truth about this saintly Christian Pope emerges.

Did You Know Citizens of Israel Rule America?
    The only real way of viewing Jews with Dual Citizenship, is to admit they are Citizens of Israel, and to address all that means to America's security

How to Change a Christian into a Jew               (Must Read Classic)
    Evangelical Christianity is dissected and Jewish manipulation behind the scenes is analyzed.

February 2012 AD

The Jewish Final Solution
  • 1) Overthrow the Religious Class
        (Promote and enforce a political belief of no religion)
  • 2) Overthrow the Ruling Class
        (Leverage lower class to overthrow ruling class)
  • 3) Exterminate the Opposition
        (Kill off the Religious and Ruling Classes)

The Old Paths
    A Christian view of America's Golden Era
    And a vile anti-Christian rebuttal

DNA evidence vs Eye Witness evidence
    New DNA technology has proved that 75% of convictions based on witnesses were wrong and 36% were wrong based upon multiple eye-witnesses. If this is true, what does it say about Holocaust eye-witness testimony?

Jewish Jihad
    Forgotten in fighting the Islamic Jihad, is the deceptive, behind-the-scenes, Jewish manipulation of America into fighting a Jewish Jihad against Israel's enemies, both domestic in patriotic American Christian threats to Jewish dominance of our society and foreign threats to Israel itself

Jewish Inquisition
    The Spanish Inquisition gets all the Judeo-media historical coverage, but the Jewish Inquisition was far worst.
    Jesus was crucified for being an "apostate to Judaism", and then Jewish religious leaders convinced the Roman authorities to continue the Jewish Inquisition by feeding Christians to the lions, with the intent to completely wipe out Christianity.

Jewish Taqiyya
    The motto of the Mossad is, "By Way of Deception, We shall win Wars!"
    The Ten Commandments only apply to Jews, and the Kol Nidre allows them to vacate every vow they take, hence the refrain to tell the truth does not apply between Jews and Gentiles. Only by Jewish Taqiyya deception can Jews survive against hundreds of millions of Gentiles.

Jewish Immigration Act of 1965
    Jewish immigration advocate Emanuel Celler was the real architect of the 1965 Immigration Act which opened the floodgates to America and he was primarily focused on Jewish immigration
    Massive Muslim immigration into America is the work of Jewish interests

Reagan Funded Muslim Terrorism
    President Ronald Reagan did not just arm the Taliban, he funded the brainwashing of young Afghani children into worshiping Islamic Jihad against the Christian Soviets under control of the Jewish Commissars. Even the brainwashing of children engaging in suicide bombing.
    We still fund Afghan textbooks, but want to scrub references to rifles and killing. While being a nation of Separation of Church and State, when it comes to Muslims in another country, we still keep quotes from the Koran.

The Great Commission
    Contrary to Evangelical Christian worship of a fake nation of unbelieving Jews in a Neo-Israel, Jesus Christ commanded us to go to all nations, baptizing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

Anti-Constitutional Social Conservatives
    Social Conservatives are the polar opposite of Social Liberals. Both want the Federal government to make laws to either force a social condition to to prohibit a social condition.
    Where both are mistaken is the fact that "socializing" is best done on a voluntary basis, letting American citizens themselves to "vote" directly on their own social interactions.
    Society is our families, our Churches, the organizations we join -- Society is not government.

Waco PatCon - Patriot Conspiracy
    U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is well known for his gun-running Operation "Fast and Furious".
    Little known, is that Holder was also involved in explosives-running to Militia groups and supplied the explosives which took down the Oklahoma City Murray Federal Building, in Operation Patriot Conspiracy (PatCon)

Yeshiva Jews Spitting on Christian clergy
    Israel is well on the way to a Nazi state, and the world knows to never let this happen again. Started with Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Nazis spitting on 8-year-old Jewish girls who would not follow the Jewish Nazi demands for dress, spread to Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Nazi spitting on Christian Clergy and is now in full blown Ultra-Orthodox terror extremists in the West Bank operating in open rebellion.

Proof that White Jews are Racists
  • You say Jews discriminating against Palestinians is OK.
  • You say White Jews discriminating against non-Jewish Black African immigrants is OK.
  • But what about Black Jewish immigrant children scoring lower than White Jewish immigrant children?

Ten Commandments for Jews Only?
    The Ten Commandments is said to be the unifying force in the merging many call Judeo-Christian.
    Only Jews may say that dividing God into a trinity is putting another God before them, so they would have to call Christians to be violators of the Ten Commandments -- and vice-verse.
    Then there is the commandment prohibiting murder - except that Israel wiped out every man, woman and child in Canaan when they took the Promised Land -- AFTER getting the Ten Commandments to not murder.
    Conclusion: The Ten Commandments only apply from Jews to Jews -- not from Jews to Gentiles.

January 2012 AD

The Holocaust Fraud                       (Must Read Classic)
    Eisenhower sent a Jewish Psychological warfare detachment into Buchenwald to plant evidence of Nazi "atrocities" in order to "De-Nazify" Germany by making Hitler appear to be the devil. Eisenhower then brought a Jewish Hollywood film director named Billy Wilder to film the Holocaust "documentary". Didn't hurt that it made Eisenhower look like a Saint fighting Satan himself, and thus winning him election to the Presidency.

Jewish Children Playing with Nuclear Fire
    If Iran cannot be trusted with Nuclear Weapons, why can Israel be trusted with them? If there is anyone likely to set off a Nuclear device in this country, Israel would be one of the more likely candidate. Israel is well known to engage in false flag operations, such as the Lavon Affair where Israel had Egyptian Jews blow up British and American owned targets with the intent of blaming it on the Muslim Brotherhood. Many are now saying that 911 was an Israeli false flag operation.

December 2011 AD

"Jews burn Mosque - Rabbi blames Tim Tebow"
    Rabbi Joshua Hammerman tried to spread hate by lamenting that followers of devout Christian Tim Tebow would burn down Mosques if he became more famous, except it was Jews who burned down a Mosque that week.

God says, "Jews go Home!"
    We Gentiles have Satanically lured Jews to American with Earthy pleasures, when God has given Jews the wonderful gift of the Promised Land. How can Jews live in America, a land which God never gave them while rejecting the gift of land God did give them. Constitutional rights of Jews to live in America cannot trump God's law for them to live in the Promised Land. Besides, those end-of-days Evangelical Christians dream about cannot happen until we "Let God's People go - Home", even if we have to drag them kicking and screaming.

"God's Chosen People" choose to censor Ron Paul
    Ron Paul was not invited to a prominent Jewish-held debate, while all the other Republican candidates groveled for Israel. Even this did not satisfy the hard-core Jews who want nothing less than America to bend to their every whim.

Judaism: The Religion of Race
    Judaism is the religion of Race and Place -- God's Chosen People living on God's Chosen Lands.

    To be considered officially Jewish, one's mother must be Jewish. To be allowed to immigrate to Israel, you must be Jewish.
  • Jews painted Germans as racist - but they are far more.
  • Jews paint Islam as the religion of religious hatred - but they indeed hate all outsiders
  • Jews paint Christians as Crusaders and Inquisitors - but Jews are today's Crusaders and their Inquisition of the Early Church was diabolical

Michelle Bachman says: "God DAMM America"
    Bachmann is nothing short of a Christian Zionist Jidadist. She all but said "God DAMM America" if America does not bless Israel and attack Iran as soon as she would be elected President.

Gifts from God : Earthly and Heavenly
    The Promised Land was an Earthly gift from God. Jesus was a Heavenly gift.
    For where thy treasure is, there is thy heart also. Matthew 6:21

“I love George Washington"
"Except for his Foreign Policy”
    The common refrain about Ron Paul is "I love Ron Paul, except for his Foreign Policy"
    The next refrain is that Ron Paul is a coward and ignorant about threats to the country. However, Ron Paul's foreign policy of no entangling alliances closely follows that of George Washington, by no means a coward nor ignorant of threats to this country.

Plan for American Revival
    Rebuke to a poorly thought out plan to revive America.
  • Expand the House of Representatives
  • Give the Senate back to the States
  • Innovative suggestions for electing the President

Judeo-Apartheid : Russia, Israel, America
    Apartheid is a crime to the International Criminal Court, and so the world was repulsed when a White Minority in South Africa ruled over a Black majority. Yet Jews do this all the time:
  • Jewish Apartheid over Palestinian Majority
  • Jewish Apartheid over Russian Christian majority
  • Jewish Apartheid over American Christian majority

Judeo-Fraud : George Soros and Obama
    Nazi collaborator George Soros hypocritically accuses George Bush of being a Nazi for simply asking support in the fight against Islam. A surprisingly low bar to hurdle, coming from a "Self-hating" Jews who actually helped confiscate stolen Jewish possessions and helped round up Jews for extermination!

The Arab Spring to create "Judeo-Islam"
    Social media led to the downfall of many Muslim leaders. Could this lead to Judeo-Islam collaboration between Israel and her neighbors?

"The Twelve Days of Christmas"
God's Presents to Mankind
    A wonderful explanation of the Twelve Days of Christmas

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