The Truth about History


The birth of Christ begat a New World Order, and with it, the First World War

                                          – -- The Christian Solution


History is written by the winners and taught to the losers

                                          -- -- The Christian Solution


The winners speak, the losers listen

                                          -- -- The Christian Solution





From our previous example talking of the influence of the Fourth Estate upon the minds of men, what if Heroic Henry lived in one small American town and that town’s newspaper reported the drowning this way:


“Heroic boy risks own life, in doomed failure, to save his best friend from a rain-swollen river!”


But, what if the drowned boy, Tragic Timmy,  lived in the neighboring town and its newspaper reported the news of the drowning as such”


“An Eagle scout and beloved alter boy, on his school’s honor role and captain of his football team, was needlessly drown, when another boy carelessly pushed him into the raging river, as a silly prank.” 


Now, imagine that the newspapers were both owned by the same man. Why would he do such a thing?


Well, obviously, to obtain the greatest newspaper circulation, he has to tell local stories that interest his local readers. The first town wanted to hear that one of their children was a hero trying to save the life of another boy. The second town had to report on the death of a child from their town, and wanted to note the accomplishments of the boy and how tragic the loss was of a boy with such fine potential.


Both stories are absolutely true, but both written with the interest of the local reader in mind. No conspiracy to create havoc; no malice intended. However, the towns could easily go to war against each other over this tragic event. 


Such is the tremendous power of the media to create wars or to prevent wars between any two groups of people they desire. This is the reason why the NT Jew strive to dominate “information” everywhere they ever live. We like to believe that “mass-media” did not exist before the invention of the internet, the TV, the magazine, the movies, the newspapers, or even the primitive pamphlets created just after the invention of the printing press. But you would be wrong, dead wrong. NT Jews have been relaying the world’s news by mouth between one group and another group long before the invention of the printing press, as far back as the invention of paper itself.


Scene from Fiddler on the Roof: (A movie, by the way, made by NT Jews to gain sympathy for NT Jews)


Gathered in the town square were all the men of Anatevka, as the main character, Tevye the milkman, arrives. Shortly, Tevye begins an argument between two men over the sale of a horse by mentioning how old and useless the horse was to the buyer. The buyer of the horse, who previously was happy with his purchase agreed with Tevye’s assessment and tried to return the horse to get his money back. This began a heated disagreement between the two men with all the other townsmen taking the side of one or the other.


So, they asked the Rabbi to be the arbitrator in the dispute. The Rabbi did a fine job and soon figured out an agreement suitable to all. All the townsfolk were happy and friendly toward each other again.


But then, the mischievous Tevye, who started the argument in the first place, whispered in the ear of the buyer that the horse was really, really old and then whispered some similarly inflammatory suggestion into the ear of the seller, thus starting the bitter arguments up all over again.


Tevye then leaves the town square with all the men still squabbling, giggling to himself about the mischief he has created. 


Fiddler on the Roof comes very close to informing us how we are so manipulated.


To know precisely how the NT Jews accomplish their deceptions, you will have to know that the traditional profession of NT Jews is sales. They are master presenters and basically master persuaders. With their superior verbal skills, they can talk you into buying anything. So, if they can talk you into buying a shirt, they can talk you into buying an idea just about as easily. Convincing you to change your beliefs is not much harder than convincing you to change your manner of dress.


Amazingly, these go hand in hand more than you would think. In the old word of Babylonia, Persia, the Roman Empire, the Arab tribes, the Muslim Empire, the Middle Ages, you name it, you will find that NT Jews are, front and center, actively in the trades. They are constantly traveling from one place where they have bought a manufactured item to another place where they sell that item. They are peddlers throughout history. Peddlers of cloth, of slaves, of money, you name it. The secret is that they were not just transporting goods, they were also transporting ideas.


In our town example above, if the drowning of Tragic Timmy occurred in the town of the drowned boy, that town would know the news in their terms, but the other town would hear the news through their NT Jewish peddler who routinely travels back and forth between the two towns. Obviously, this NT Jew wants to continue trading in that town, so he would NOT tell them that their boy pushed Tragic Timmy into the rain swollen river. Instead, he would tell the towns-folks how heroic their Heroic Henry was. That is what they wanted to hear and that is what they wanted to believe. This town becomes eternally grateful to the NT Jew for bringing them such happy news with which they can be proud of -- and then the two towns go to war with each other. Meanwhile, the NT Jewish peddler is now supplying both sides with swords and arrows.


“Middleman minorities have been intermediaries between producers and consumers, whether in the role of retailers or moneylenders. The retailing has ranged from the modest level of street peddler to that of grand merchants owning chains of stores and money-lending has likewise ranged from the level of the small neighborhood pawnbroker to that of international financiers. Jews have historically been the classic middleman minority…” – Thomas Sowell Black Rednecks and White Liberals



All this so far is just innocent “white lies” told to make the families of each boy happy. But what turmoil would exist if there were deliberate lies formulated to achieve a certain goal? Now we are talking about conspiracy theory. My history is one huge conspiracy theory. I detail how the NT Jews have manipulated all of written history with the sole goal of helping their own predicament, no matter who is hurt in the process, friend or foe.  


Many American Protestants today feel as besieged in their moral beliefs as their European Roman Catholic ancestors felt when the Protestant Reformation began rejecting their religion.


European men had felt comfortable in their Christian religion for fifteen hundred years prior to that and then, all of a sudden, there was nothing right about their sacred beliefs anymore. No one knew what hit them. From every nook and cranny, the Christian Church was suddenly told it was corrupt, the priests were corrupt, the Pope was a dictator, the teachings were all wrong, the Bible was deliberately being kept from their parishners, and on and on and on. Soon, many people started to lose their Catholic faith and left the Catholic Church of their fathers, mothers and grandparents in order to become Protestants. Why?


Today, the American Baby Boomer generation is the Protestant Revolutionists of our day. The Protestant morals of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents – the ones who built this great nation – are no longer any good. It is now “wrong” to stay in a marriage once the honeymoon lust has evaporated, because the children are happier if they are not around parents who fought once in a while. It is now “wrong” to save money for retirement or a rainy day, as if we were still in a Great Depression, because the economy today needs us to spend all we have and then get credit cards for more spending. It is now “wrong” to express your Protestant beliefs outside your own family and church because those beliefs are offensive to others (and by the way, we are not talking here about Catholics being the ones offended). Why?


OK we all know we are sinners. Catholics are not perfect. Protestants are not perfect. Who is perfect then?  Jesus?  -- Sure, we can all agree then that Jesus is perfect and totally above moral criticism from anyone. – But you would be wrong.


Haven’t you been reading books, going to movies, or watching TV lately?


We are being told that -- Jesus was a bastard son, because Joseph was not really the father of Jesus -- Mary Magdalena was servicing Jesus while the Apostles were not looking -- Jesus was an apostate to Judaism and deserved the Crucifix -- His hand-picked Judas was easily bought off with a little silver and -- his best Apostle would not even stand up for him. As a matter of fact, the latest story going around is that Jesus is just our “imaginary friend” to help us get by in life, sort of like the Easter Bunny.


Have I made my point?


The same ones who would dare attack Jesus, would also not hesitate to attack the beliefs of Catholics and Protestants, or the authority of Kings and Queens, or us and our beliefs -- Americans, whites, Anglo-Saxons, Protestants, capitalists, men who love their wives and children. All artfully done with innuendo, rumor, slander, lies, even comedy; accomplished right under our noses; all done without us even realizing who is behind it.


However, given a little thought, we know who they are, but no one who has gained that tiny amount of insight will step forward to be men enough to publicly air the dirty little secret for the unsuspecting. Not that they could publicly air the dirty little secret anyway because the “losers” don’t own the airwaves – the “winners” do. The winners speak - the losers listen.


Do not presume that the two big world super powers really know why they fight each other any more than my example of the two towns of Heroic Henry and Tragic Timmy or the townsfolk of Fiddler on the Roof, for why does Christian America face off against Christian Russia when we both have greater enemies in the world. Why did Protestant England face off against Protestant Germany in two World Wars that left both decimated? This history will show the puppeteer behind the scenes of the battles between:


  • Babylon and the Judeo-Persian leader, Cyrus the Great
  • Pagan Romans against Christian Romans
  • Christian Romans against Christian Barbarians
  • Christian  Romans against Judeo-Persians
  • Christian Romans against Judeo-Muslims
  • Catholic English against Judeo-Protestant English
  • Judeo-Protestant English against Catholic Spanish
  • Judeo-Protestant English against Protestant Germans
  • Judeo-Christian Americans against an avalanche of destructive Judeo-atheist Americans since the 60s


Do not presume or believe that the little guy cheering on the sidelines during these struggles is all sweetness and innocence. For, in my history, the sweet and innocent looking little guy is the Pharisee agents’ provocateur and instigator of most of our history.