Bootstrap of Europe


Established stable history of Christianity


The Judeo-Muslims would make great inroads throughout the Christian Roman Empire, mostly at the expense of the Byzantine Eastern Orthodox Church. The Roman Catholic Church was finally able to stabilize the Judeo-Muslim threat at Tours in 732 AD. Spain was lost for about 700 years and there were eventually raids against Vienna, Austria, but Europe settled down in the Middle Ages.


Throughout the Middle Ages, the Christian Church, the one we call the Roman Catholic Church today, reformed itself several times, without any Protestant Churches forming. There was the correction needed for Arianism, the belief that there was no trinity, which led Constantine to call the Nicene Council together in order to resolve the issue. There was the spontaneous revival of religious life in 910 AD with Cluny. There were the many men who would find a need not served in the Catholic Church, leading throughout Roman Catholic history to the creation of the Benedictine order, the Franciscan order, the Jesuit Orders of priests, among others. These saints felt no need to leave the Catholic Church, but functioned with complete respect within the Catholic Church. In a different day and age, Martin Luther may have been renowned as the father of the Lutheran order of Catholic priests instead of the leader of the independent Lutheran Church.


These generations of men knew that the Catholic Church was not perfect, just as they knew that Biblically, even Jesus had selected a Judas to be a part of his disciples. Perhaps, the story of Judas was to warn us of against destroying our families, religions and countries with expectations of perfection, while still not accepting imperfection. Christians were certainly told to be tolerant; they were told to forgive; but they were also told to beware of false prophets.


Most importantly, Jesus warned Christians of the “brood of vipers” that even he had to deal with. The only ones who ever persecuted Jesus in the least were his own chosen people, the Pharisees, Scribes and Sadducees who were betraying their own God, by constantly questioning and picking at his sermons, looking for a weak point of argument that they could use against him to attack and destroy him. Speaking of the Pharisees and media-Scribes Jesus says,


“On the outside you appear righteous, but inside you are filled with hypocrisy and evildoing” Matthew 23:28


From the time of Jesus, until shortly after the invention of the printing press in the 1440s, all Christians were united in one flesh, until death did us part. To be exact, for one thousand, five hundred and seventeen years little serious religious disagreements existed among Christians as to the meaning of Christianity or toward the teachings and example set by Jesus Christ of Nazareth. All Christians either agreed or agreed to disagree.


The Western and Eastern Christian Schism amounted to little more than a political split between the Roman-dominated part and the Greek-dominated part of the Roman Empire. The biggest difference between the two is that the Eastern Orthodox Church does not recognize the authority of the Pope any more than the Protestants do today, but religious wars between the two Christian sects just never happened.


Even today, you can still travel the entire width and breath of Roman Catholic Central and South America, East to West, North to South and from hundreds of years ago to today, and with few exception, you will not find Roman Catholics fighting each other. You will not find Roman Catholics invading each other’s countries as happened between Protestant Anglican Judeo-England and Protestant Lutheran Germany in two deadly World Wars this last century. You may not respect their culture or their lack of wealth, but you will also not find dozens and dozens of bickering, feuding sects of Protestants. They are happy and contented with their religion. Yes, they could not suffer as much by tyrannical rulers or suffer with evil criminals by being a little more aggressive, but you cannot fault their Christianity.


If you define a generation as being the time from the birth of a mother to the “averaged” birth of her children to be one generation, then you can assume that the average time span for one generation to the next to average around 20 years. Therefore, if we subtract the 313 years after Christ, where the Christian faith was still forming, solidifying, and by necessity, in hiding, we would have roughly the modern form of the Roman Catholic Church. The years represented from 313 AD, when Christians were first free to come together, out in the open, without persecution, to compare notes in creating the Nicene Creed, to Martin Luther in 1517, represents then, around 60 generations of Roman Catholics, freely and without complaint, baptizing their children Roman Catholic. That includes Englishmen, Germans, French, Polish, Irish, Scottish, Dutch, Swiss and Danish, all Catholics.


For 15 centuries, for 60 generations, Christianity never had an event that would shake it to its foundations as the Protestant Revolution did. Then in one generation, within one fifth of one century, history would be irreversibly changed.


Introduction to the Protestant Reformation


The invention of the printing press in the 1440s and the fall of Constantinople in 1453 AD caused 1492 AD to be a very decisive turning point in history.


  • The Christians in Spain were in the middle of their push through Spain when news of the fall of Constantinople came. This could only strengthen their resolve to rid this corner of Europe from Islam.
  • Having become successful in ridding Europe of Moorish Muslims, Spain was prohibited from trade with the East through the Silk Road by the Muslims, thus Christian Spain opened up Europe to the exploring “Age of Discovery” by commissioning Christopher Columbus to sail west. Greed would set in the hearts of men, yet Christianity would be promulgated around the world.
  • An intellectual “Age of Discovery” was beginning as a generation of children was just coming of age having been taught to read, now that the printing press of the 1440s gave them something to read. This would create a huge parent gap of illiterate Catholic parents and literate, soon to be Protestant, children. The literate children would not be taught so much by their parents, but taught by books containing far more knowledge. The printing press gave the ordinary young adult the ability to bypass, not only the teachings of his own parents, but the censorship of the local authorities, which in many cases of literacy was his own local priest. Now he could read for himself what the original author wrote. Bypassing the local priest and reading exactly what God himself had written would become the rallying cry of this generation. Sadly, and this is NEVER pointed out today by book publishers, but book publishers would become the new censors. Only with the internet, and perhaps only for a short time, can ordinary people bypass the mass media censors, to once again gain true understanding. This time, hopefully, we will find that the local priest was right and the Pharisee lead media-Scribes who took his place were wrong.
  • Lastly, these forces shook the very foundation of moral life in Europe. The Catholic Church was said to be “evil and corrupt”. The Protestant Movement would bring a greater morality, the morality that God intended, back into people’s lives. Not to demean people wanting to be moral in the least, on the contrary, this entire book is written with the hope of once again raising morals. However, if you want to see how utterly easy it was for the media-Scribes to have the peasants of 1517 Europe believe the Church was evil and corrupt, while believing that the Protestants were more upstanding and more moral, one only has to look at today. In today’s world, our media-Scribes are currently presenting homosexuality as morally acceptable. Flying in the face of Protestant morality (and Catholic morality), laws of nature and even common sense is the fact that the gay lifestyle today is being presented by the media-Scribes as completely normal.
    1. “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” implies that homos are just as patriotic as you are. (One may wonder if gays would defend America against a religiously intolerant evil invader as much as you would.) If you Protestants are against gays in the military, then you must be against protecting America’s shores.
    2. Gay marriage implies that gays just want to settle down and have a decent family, just as you do. (Ignored is the huge AIDS epidemic caused by vast orgies of sexual encounters.) Are you Protestants against marriage? That must be why you get divorced so much. Let homos show you how marriage is really done. Give them a chance.
    3. The same people who embrace homosexuality show us how hypocritical we are because the Catholic Church has homosexual priests and even worst, they are abusing “children”. (Not to condone the practice, but the reality is that they are actually teenage alter boys, weakened in the face of the abuse of “moral” authority, talked into doing it, but totally ignored by the media-Scribes are the non-priest homosexual rapes that occur against teenage boys and REAL CHILDREN out in public) Look Protestants, it is the homosexual community who is really protecting our little children against those “evil and corrupt” Catholics.
    4. We all know how fashion is so much a large part of our lives and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy shows how utterly “uncool” straight guys are. Protestants are open to cool, right?
    5. Our conservative leaders such as Larry Craig are homosexual or other conservative leaders like Dick Cheney have lesbian daughters. (Of course, these “conservative” leaders were handpicked by the Sadducceans exactly because they had moral flaws in their families. When the time comes, they could be controlled or used as propaganda.) These are our own Judeo-Christian Protestant national leaders, perhaps the gay lifestyle is accepted after all.
    6. Our religious leaders in certain Protestant sects are coming out of the closet now. Lesbian ministers have been ordained. Now if that is not telling you Protestants that homosexuality is not sinful, what is?
    7. And, if you still do not agree, then you must be a member of the KKK. Are you a racist? You are not one of those anti-Semites are you, because we all know that people who are against homosexuals are also against JEWS? You probably want to lead a Holocaust against these sweet, never hurt anyone, gays; these intellectuals who are running our society. Why that would even be bad for business.


It is not hard at all to see why one would want to leave the Christian faith of the day to create your own.


  • Luther’s fight over the morality of having to give indulgances needed for penance was cleverly expanded by the media-Scribe propagandists as a cover to get rid of the concept of penance altogether. In the Protestant Revolution, such burdensome Christian responsibilities such as penance, confession, abstinance, fasting on Fridays, virginity, celibacy, religious vows, would all be thrown out the window in this new Christian liberation. All these obligations toward God, all these religious institutions acting as a curb on sinful human nature would be demolished. The results of this can be seen today. Yes, there were some such as the Puritans, who thought they saw through it all and so created counter-Protestant revolutions, and who ironically, actually placed even more burdens on Protestants than the Christian Catholics before them ever did.
  • Saved by faith alone meant there was no longer a need to “do onto others as you would want them to do onto you.” Good deeds were no longer needed. All that was needed to be saved was being “born-again”. All the Protestant church needed was your attendance on Sunday to give your tithe and you were free of religious obsevance for the rest of the week.
  • This new Protestant “freedom of religion” would be violently imposed on their Catholic next door neighbors who were still expecting them to fulfill their Chirstian burdens of good deeds as done for example through fasting, so that the food one did not eat would go to feeding the poor.
  • The denial of free-will gave excuses for moral lapses which were no longer to be looked upon as mortal sin needing confession and penance. A simple “pray and go” could patch things up with a predetermined God. Why, God even made him do it, since God knew the sin was coming and did nothing to stop it. For Protestants, there would be no “free-will” to spread “good-will” toward men.
  • No Pope, guided by the consensus of a college of cardinals, trained in theology, with a thousand-years of experience needed to be adhered to by the people. Each 18-year-old, fresh from under his mother’s apron, could now simply read the Bible for himself, cherry-picking out his own morality. How could the Christianity of a David Koresh be condemned? Upon what basis? For, according to the Protestants, Jesus never established an actual “church” on earth and Jesus never warned Christians of the need for unity in Christian beliefs, Jesus never told Christians he would be with them until the ends of days and Jesus certainly never appointed one man to lead the church.
  • Protestants acts as if Jesus would have said that Protestants should condemn and denounce Catholic Christians and yet say that everyone knows for a fact that Jesus entirely and unequvocally embraced the Pharisees, Sadducess and Scribes, in creating his Judeo-Christian religion.
  • Of course, having your religious leader talk to you in your own language, singing sweet songs of love, was eagerly endorsed.



So, how exactly was the entire bootstrap of Europe done then? How was the Catholic Church unseated as Europe’s moral leader and how did the demise of kings happen? How did communism gain a foothold? Well, here is a rough outline of what the Pharisees did right after being kicked out of Spain in 1492 AD, only to become spread and embedded throughout Europe in the second Jewish Diaspora into Roman lands.


Outline for European destruction


  • To gain acceptance in the kingdom they immigrated into or the kingdom in which they traded, NT Jews would employ the “drown child” storyline. In their trading gossip networks (TGN), kings could do no wrong8). Every decision of the king was right, moral and just. In the eyes of the people, the king would become like Beowulf, a hero, but like Beowulf, unknown to the people, his was often a kingship having a dark secret of having sold his soul to the devil. The king became a Herodian. For the Revolution however, this Herodian king would become a more moral leader than the Pope himself would. This placed a great trust in the King by the people, who identified through their king, and the thankful Herodian king reciprocated by giving the Jews, his dark secret, a special status in finance and governmental affairs. The special status allowed even more manipulations and even more trust in the king at the expense of “the outsiders”, the Pope and Cardinals in Rome. This worked especially well in the fringe regions of Christianity, in northern Europe, where lived independent minded Germanic peoples who were accustomed to fighting the outsider Rome from barbarian days and from the Island of England, even further away and also of Germanic Anglo-SAXON heritage.
  • The Protestant Revolution now only needed a spark; that spark being, of course, Martin Luther in 1517 AD. Martin Luther’s original goal was to reform the church from the inside. He was a reluctant revolutionary, and as said before, may have become a saint in the Catholic Church had not outside influences interfered.1) What Martin Luther found when he posted his 95 thesis was a pumped-up German populace to defend his arguments.2) 8) This in turn made Luther’s own prince, Herodian Frederick of Saxony 3), himself pumped-up full of pride by the media-Scribes, to aggressively defend Martin Luther and to actually encourage him to sever ties to Rome. Soon, pumped up Herodian princes all over northern Europe, anxious to grab the vast resources of the Catholic Church, also supported Lutherans. The Catholic schools and universities, the Catholic hospitals, the Catholic charities would all become “nationalized” by the state, since the Catholic Church was deemed to be “ungodly rich”. Now the princes were ungodly rich by stealing what the people had voluntarily given to the Church.7)
  • Unlike the Bible, which always separated the King Solomon from the high priest Zadok, the earthly leader Moses from the spiritual leader Aaron, the new pumped-up European kings would believe they could handle both jobs. They would take the title of king and Pope. The kings would become the new moral authority, as well as their traditional secular authority. The Catholic Encyclopedia would call this Caesaropapism.9) The modern-day nation-states would form of this turmoil.
  • Absolute power corrupts absolutely and the pumped-up Herodian kings proved no exception. Now, with no moral conscience to guide them other than their own, they became quite tyrannical and despotic. 9) The Herodian Protestant kings would soon see his own people turn on them as the same media-Scribes would start now undermining the king himself in favor of the only ones power could be entrusted to, “the masses.” The Herodian Protestant Kings soon found themselves fighting their own people in the Peasants War.6) (Of course, only if the masses themselves could be easily manipulated by the media-Scribes)
  • The demise of the Herodian Protestant kings was not checked by the neighboring Catholic kings who had no special love for their protection. The Herodian Protestant kings had served their useful-idiot purpose and now fell as parliaments began to take their places. Thus began the democracy movement.
  • Now faithful Catholic kings could be easily undermined without worrying about Herodian Protestant parliaments coming to their rescue.
  • A Europe that used to be united in one faith, if not in intermarriage between the kingdoms, now discovered that all religion was being undermined in the anti-thesis revolutions of the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution and the unsuccessful communist revolution of 1848. All religion was immoral or irrelevant, because the Enlightenment Kool-Aid the media-Scribes sold to Europe said so. Theirs was now a new morality to replace the old morality.
  • Today, after first completely disassembling European life, the Sanhedrin is now swiftly at work re-constructing Europe once again into the European Union as a subsidiary super-state of the United Nations. The EU is currently suppressing all old-fashioned nationalistic and religious thoughts from the mind of Europeans and creating a new Euro-thought of their making.



Footnotes from the Catholic Encyclopedia

    1. The great applause which Luther received on his first appearance, both in humanistic circles and among some theologians and some of the earnest-minded laity, was due to the dissatisfaction with the existing abuses…His chief original supporters were among the Humanists, the immoral clergy, and the lower grades of the landed nobility imbued with revolutionary tendencies (TCS: The great applause came courtesy of the media-Scribe trading gossip network)
    2. Humanism is the name given to the intellectual, literary, and scientific movement of the fourteenth to the sixteenth centuries, a movement that aimed at basing every branch of learning on the literature and culture of classical antiquity. (TCS: humanists were non-secular, often Pharisees)
    3. Frederick of SAXONY was of great importance. Very soon, secular princes and municipal magistrates made the Reformation a pretext for arbitrary interference in purely ecclesiastical and religious affairs, for appropriating ecclesiastical property and disposing of it at pleasure, and for deciding what faith their subjects should accept. (TCS: emphasis added to highlight English Anglo-SAXON roots. Protestant kings and princes would use the excuse of an immoral church to steal church property. Much like the $600 million dollar legal settlements against the Catholic Church, we are witnessing today. The property is the property of the people who voluntarily gave it for a church purpose.)
    4. The Anabaptists and the "Iconoclasts" revealed the extremist possibilities of the principles advocated by Luther (TCS: There would be counter Protestant Revolutions that were to impose an even stricter Christianity.)
    5. It was especially the widespread hatred of Rome and of the members of the hierarchy, fostered by the incessantly repeated and only too often justifiable complaints about abuses, which most efficiently favored the reformers, who very soon violently attacked the papal authority, recognizing in it the supreme guardian of the Catholic Faith. Hence the multitude of lampoons, often most vulgar, against the pope, the bishops, and in general against all representatives of ecclesiastical authority. These pamphlets were circulated everywhere among the people, and thereby respect for authority was still more violently shaken. Painters prepared shameless and degrading caricatures of the pope, the clergy, and the monks, to illustrate the text of hostile pamphlets. Waged with every possible weapon (even the most reprehensible), this warfare against the representatives of the Church, as the supposed originators of all ecclesiastical abuses, prepared the way for the reception of the Reformation. A distinction was no longer drawn between temporary and corrigible abuses and fundamental supernatural Christian truths; together with the abuses, important ecclesiastical institutions, resting on Divine foundation were simultaneously abolished (TCS: All either direct media-Scribe propaganda or indirect media-Scribe influenced propaganda)
    6. In the Peasants' War the most oppressed elements of German society put into practice the doctrine of the reformer (TCS: The first inklings of the communist revolutions that would plague the twentieth century)
    7. In the course of centuries, an immense number of foundations had been made for religious, charitable, and educational objects, and had been provided with rich material resources. Churches, monasteries, hospitals, and schools often had great incomes and extensive possessions, which aroused the envy of secular rulers. The Reformation enabled the latter to secularize this vast ecclesiastical wealth, since the leaders of the Reformation constantly inveighed against the centralization of such riches in the hands of the clergy. The princes and municipal authorities were thus invited to seize ecclesiastical property, and employ it for their own purposes (TCS: The Church having means to perform charitable work, such as hospitals or schools, would be regarded as “riches” and be subject to “nationalization”. The state would take over these functions from the Church.)
    8. The Reformers, on the other hand, displayed the greatest zeal for their cause. Leaving no means unused by word and pen, by constant intercourse with similarly minded persons, by popular eloquence, which the leaders of the Reformation were especially skilled in employing, by sermons and popular writings appealing to the weaknesses of the popular character, by inciting the fanaticism of the masses, in short by clever and zealous utilization of every opportunity and opening that presented itself, they proved their ardor for the spread of their doctrines. (TCS: pure media-Scribe Hollywood. The media-Scribes became the show prep for the Judeo-Protestant sermons.)
    9. The most baneful Caesaropapism was meanwhile fostered, since the Reformation recognized the secular authorities as supreme also in religious matters. Thus arose from the very beginning the various Protestant "national Churches", which are entirely discordant with the Christian universalism of the Catholic Church, and depend, alike for their faith and organization, on the will of the secular ruler. In this way, the Reformation was a chief factor in the evolution of royal absolutism. In every land in which it found ingress, the Reformation was the cause of indescribable suffering among the people; it occasioned civil wars which lasted decades with all their horrors and devastations; the people were oppressed and enslaved; countless treasures of art and priceless manuscripts were destroyed; between members of the same land and race the seed of discord was sown. Germany in particular, the original home of the Reformation, was reduced to a state of piteous distress by the Thirty Years' War, and the German Empire was thereby dislodged from the leading position which it had for centuries occupied in Europe. (TCS: the constant refrain of “papist” authority, sounds silly when Queen Elizabeth was calling herself the Supreme Governor of the Church of England)


Martin Luther and the Peasants’ War of 1525.


The world knows that the Protestant Revolution began in 1517 AD, with Martin Luther posting his 95 theses. Luther would persist and in 1521 AD, Luther was excommunicated. Not until 1522 AD would the average Catholic German know if Martin Luther was correct in his Biblical condemnation of the Catholic Church, as that was the first year the Bible was written in German, where the average German could read it. I can tell you that even in 1522, the average peasant did not all rush down to their local Barnes and Noble to pick up their copy of the German Bible. Most peasants, certainly older pre-printing press peasants, could not read in German any more than they could read in Latin. Peasant Germans reading the Bible would still be years away. Of course, this did not hinder the revolution against the Catholic Church that was already in full steam. Translation: the peasants liked what they were hearing outside the church more than they liked what they were hearing inside the church. What the Bible actually said had little to do with it.


Thomas Müntzer was an early convert to the teachings of Martin Luther but later would be fundamental in the creation of the Anabaptist Movement. On Luther’s recommendation, Müntzer became a pastor in Zwickau in Saxony in May 1520. But Martin Luther was to lose control of many of his followers. Müntzer quickly became more radical than Luther by rejecting infant baptism and other tenets of the Catholic Church that Martin Luther had no objections to and by April 1521 was expelled by Zwikau authorities. Traveling to Prague, Müntzer was at first feted, yet by November he had worn out his welcome in this town as well.


As earily reminicent as the Communist Manifesto, Müntzer released his Prague Manifesto in that same month: an angry, anticlerical and apocalyptic work. By July 1524, Müntzer was delivering his “Sermon to the Princes” where he presented himself as the new Daniel. As Daniel, he would offer to interpret the dreams of the princes.


Early that month, becoming alarmed by this radical, Martin Luther wrote his Letter to the Saxon Princes, in which he argued that Thomas Muentzer and Karlstadt agreed, and were both dangerous sectarians with revolutionary tendencies.. For Muentzer, Luther could not have been more correct.


Once again, Müntzer was forced to flee. Landing in Mühlhausen, where he and radical former priest Heinrich Pfeiffer managed to take over the city council by May of 1525, setting up a communistic theocracy. In Karl Marx fashion, one of his saying was “Omni sunt communia”, “all things are common.”


At the same time as the Protestant Revolution, Judeo-Muslim Suleiman the Magnificent was gobbling up vast amounts of Hungarrian countryside, along with Budapest in a resurgance of Judeo-Muslim Jihadi Crusade. The Protestant powers in the Holy Roman Empire Diet often voted against money for Turkish wars against Suleiman, as many Protestants saw the Muslim advance as a counterweight to the Catholic powers. The great Hungarian defeat at the 1526 Battle of Mohács "sent a wave of terror over Europe", but only to Catholics.


Worries of Protestants siding with the Muslims and alarmed by the communist peasant uprising led by Müntzer, Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire sent troops to squash the revolt. The final battle of the Peasants’ War was the Battle of Frankenhausen on May 15, 1525.


The conflict, which took place mostly in southern, western and central areas of modern Germany but also affected areas in neighboring modern Switzerland and Austria, involved at its height in the spring and summer of 1525 an estimated 300,000 peasant insurgents: contemporary estimates put the dead at 100,000. It was Europe's largest and most widespread popular uprising before the 1789 anti-thesis French Revolution.


There is nothing presented in this analysis to incriminate the Pharisees with inciting the peasants to riot. Just a theory that a better researcher than I could probably piece together. But, there are several facts that cannot be overlooked.


First off, the Catholics of Spain had slowly pushed the Judeo-Muslims in Spain off the map of Europe throughout the 1400’s, culinating in the final expulsion order in 1492 AD. The NT Jews of Andulusia Spain, representing almost 90% of the entire world’s NT Jewish population were expelled in a third Diaspora almost 40 years, two-generations, prior to the Peasants War. Two generations is all the time it ever takes for the NT Jews to learn German and to establish the TGN (trading gossip network).


Secondly, regardless of the propaganda German Catholics back then or Protestants of today have been fed about the Catholic Church being hopelessly corrupt and hopelessly in need of reform, the only ones who would have had that strong of a concern would have been the most devout of Christians. And Germans do not fit that picture for they were simply less devout Christians than others. The dirt-poor German peasants that revolted in the Peasants’ War were never nearly as devout a Catholic as the Catholics in the heart of the Holy Roman Empire in France or in the heart of Italy or the typical Catholic Spaniard fighing the Judeo-Muslims to free their lands. More likely, they were just your typical independent thinking German who found a way to be independent. They were far less offended by the Catholic faith than they were offended by corruption and control from lands far away. In fact, it is hard to determine the difference between Lutherans and Catholics today, other than Lutherans do not follow the Pope’s lead. Most likely, the argument for revolution was framed as a religious argument to gain more converts and in my mind,  1) to split and divide Christians and therefore, 2) to give sanctuary to NT Jews.


It was also a fact, that NT Jews felt more at home among Judeo-Protestants than among Catholics and would migrate to Judeo-Protestant areas. Hence, the Judeo-Protestant religion became heavily influenced by the Pharisees, earning the word “Judeo” placed in front of the word “Protestant”. How they ended up in Catholic Poland and Russian Orthodox Russia is another story.


The facts cannot be overlooked that Martin Luther found himself losing control of the Protestant Revolution to shady characters that embraced communism and others who were in alliance with Islam. These are two tell-tale signs of the influence of the Pharisees.



So began the bootstrap in Europe.


Soon, the Pharisees and Sadducees would sit back to observe their handiwork: ordinary Catholic peasants raging at the Roman Catholic Church, as Jesus would rage through the Synagogue against the Pharisees. Sweet, sweet revenge!


The next section on England has unmistakable signs of Pharisee influence


Judeo-Protestants in England


As we had stated, a major event happened in Spain in 1492 that would have a profound impact on England forever more. No, it was not Christopher Columbus starting the competitive race for the lands of the New World. -- England would not see the need to settle the new world for more than another hundred years, in 1607 at Jamestown.


After almost 800 years of Judeo-Muslim Moorish rule, Catholic Spain had finally regained the entire Iberian Peninsula from the Moorish Judeo-Muslims in bitter fighting and slowly kicked out the Judeo-Muslim Moors, along with the NT Jews who had been living quite comfortably under Judeo-Muslim rule while Christians suffered in miserable cold mountainous regions.


 At the time, the population explosion of the Ashkenazi Jews had not yet happened and 90% of all Sephardic Jews in the world were living in the land of the Moors. The Moors were the most liberal part of the Judeo-Muslim Caliphate, being the most distant land from the heart of the most conservative part of the Judeo-Muslim Caliphate, Mecca. NT Jews were quite helpful toward the Judeo-Muslims as long as real Muslims still controlled Jerusalem. The Moors benefited and they flourished because of the intellectual achievements and business shrewdness of the NT Jews. If the Judeo-Muslims were as horrible as we have been led to believe, then the NT Jews could have easily escaped into Christian territory and helped the Christians fight their worst enemy. The fact that they stuck with the Judeo-Muslim Moors for 800 years, told the Christians, or still at this time, the Roman Catholics, that the NT Jews were no friend of theirs.


Some of these NT Jews went with the Judeo-Muslim Moors in a retreat back to northern Africa. But not as many as you would expect. NT Jews don’t hang around much with “losers”. Some of them resettled in the Germanic territories, which were less devoutly Catholic, far from the heart of the Holy Roman Empire, helping push Martin Luther completely out of the Church, and then helping radicals highjack part of Luther’s Lutheran Church.


England, being in close proximity to Spain would have been a likely destination. England had not allowed NT Jews in their lands since the 1200s, so the NT Jews who went there had to immigrate illegally as Spaniards, hiding their identity as NT Jews. Of course, the NT Jews would soon forget how poorly they treated the Roman Catholic Christians in Spain under Muslim rule, but NT Jews would never forget how the Catholic Church or how Spain or especially how Ferdinand and Isabella treated them in 1492, after the Catholics finally cleared Spain of the Judeo-Muslim invaders. Most important, with secret identities, they could also become spies and saboteurs in England.


The English King Henry VIII began his reign in 1509 AD; 17-years after the NT Jews had secretly arrived in his country. The second generation of Pharisees was just getting ready to begin their trading gossip network. The start of the Protestant Revolution was still 8-years away, and Henry VIII would become a central player in the revolution. Also in 1509, Henry married to Catherine of Aragon, who to the Pharisees was, the only daughter of the hated King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, the same ones who had cast them out of Spain. What could be the most devilish plan the NT Jews could devise to create mischief? Perhaps, the media-scribe would inflict a conflict where the King of England would do a terrible deed to the only child of the King and Queen of Spain and cause a major war.


Thus began much mischievous propaganda, aimed at describing how utterly “evil” the Spaniards were in their Inquisition, and in turn implicating the Catholic Church. By tying Catherine as the daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella who they tied to a horrible Catholic Inquisition, the Pharisee media-Scribes in England could turn the English hearts against Spain who they were “married” to with their king, against Catholicism and against their very own Queen Catherine and their own princess Mary.  


Thus by 1533, the year that Henry VII had his marriage to Catherine annulled, marrying the harlot Anne Boleyn instead, the NT Jews had been in England for 40 years, two-generations; learning English, establishing their trade routes within England and between England and Europe, Scotland and Ireland. The trading gossip network was totally functioning. It was also the year King Henry VIII began breaking an entire country away from Roman Catholicism over a simple divorce, and the typical Englishman found himself wildly cheering him on. Reading these, you have to ask yourself, “Why?”


  • The King was setting a bad example of divorce for his subjects – And he was cheered.
  • The King told the Pope he didn’t care what the Pope thought of his treatment of women – And he was cheered
  • The King told the Pope that the Pope couldn’t tell him what to do – And he was cheered
  • The King violated the sacred royal marital union of England and Spain – And he was cheered
  • The King impregnated his mistress, Anne Boleyn – And he was cheered.
  • The King set his sinful mistress up as Queen of England – And he was cheered.
  • The King beheaded his second wife for witchcraft – And he was cheered.
  • The King was married six times – And always he was cheered.
  • The King set himself up as the Pope of England – And he was cheered.



In an old English rendition of shrew Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth I, became Queen after King Henry and the short four-year reign of Queen Mary. Immediately after her coronation on November 17, 1558, the new Queen Elizabeth immediately tried to push the Supremacy Act through Parliament to call herself the "Supreme Leader of the Church of England."  


In order to get it to pass, she had to purge all the remaining Catholics out of office and still she had to settle for calling herself only the "Supreme Governor of the Church of England." Evidently, a humble lowering of her self-esteem.


Ultimately, the new Pope Queen would prove that it was difficult "to serve two masters", or in this case, "to be two masters". Her role of Supreme Governor "Pope" of the Church of England, other than in persecuting Catholics, took a backseat to her role as "King" of England.


  • The Queen Elizabeth, a woman, was not the male heir England absolutely could not do without – And yet she was cheered
  • The female Queen set herself up as the Pope of England – And she was cheered
  • The Queen consorted with pirates who stole Spanish treasure like Sire Francis Drake and John Dawkins – And she was cheered
  • The Queen tortured, drawn and quartered Catholics – And she was cheered
  • The Queen executed 700 innocent, but possibly dangerous, Irishmen – And she was cheered
  • The Queen stole Catholic Irish lands to resettle Judeo-Protestant Englishmen –And she was cheered
  • The Queen put down the obviously rebelling Irishmen and when they surrendered, she had them all beheaded with their bodies thrown into the sea – And she was cheered.
  • The Queen engaged in total warfare with the rebelling Irishmen, resulting in 1/3 of the territory around Munster and Cork starved to death  -- And she was cheered
  • The Queen associated with Judeo-Muslim pirates from Morocco and former occupiers of Christian Europe, helping them plunder the property of Christian Spain – And she was cheered.
  • The Queen created a treason law and then used it the next year to execute the next in line to be queen, Mary, Queen of Scots – and she was cheered
  • The Queen never married, possibly implying that she was a lesbian – And she was cheered


Yet with all this cheering, the typical Englishman still did his part to rant against the Inquisition of Ferdinand and Isabella and against the Catholic Pope. Yes, the Pharisee media-Scribes are masters of the spin.


Queen Elizabeth, in her entire 40-year reign, until her death in 1603, never tried to Christianize the New World as Spain had did for all that time. She was quite content to just steal Spanish gold (money) from their overseas investments and instead of settling English Protestants in the New World, to settle English Protestants on Irish Catholic lands she had exterminated like rats.


The Catholic Pope would lose control of England, to be replaced by an immoral Protestant Pope.


Yet another major bootstrap tug was pulled.


The secret media-scribes had been cheerleading King Henry the Eight to declare that having an heir to the throne was more important than being the kingly example of a devout Catholic in England. And why exactly was being a devout Catholic not important? Exactly because, several English civil wars had erupted in the past because of the King dying without having an heir, but there had never been a religious civil war because of differences in religious thought. (Actually, a testament to the good works of the Catholic faith) Later, once there were two separate religions of course, there would be civil wars over religion. Henry VIII, naturally for the good of the country, was made to believe that not conceiving a boy was literal grounds for divorce not only from his Spanish wife, but also from the Catholic Church, when they threatened to excommunicate him.


The media-scribes did their nationalistic part to insure that the people of England were with their King against that nasty mean Catholic Church who insisted that the King set the highest example of family life in his country by not divorcing. The Medieval media-scribes made sure that the Spanish King and Queen parents hurt and hurt badly for kicking them out of Spain. Divorce for King Henry the Eight from Catherine of Aragon soon led to the Anglican Church.


The crowning achievement of the media-Scribes was to make King Henry the Eight a hero with his people for breaking with the evil Pope. Better yet, the Pharisees were now openly free to criticize the Pope in England, as long as it made the Anglican Church look good by comparison. And Spain and England would become mortal enemies for hundreds of years.


Of course, the courageous King Henry VIII, who stood up to the Pope, would enshrine the lovable family values of having several of his many wives beheaded. Although the Roman Catholics had forbidden divorce, Protestant no-fault divorce was not yet perfected at the time. “Off with my wife’s head” styled divorce was politically correct for Protestants of those days.


The Pharisees had worked up anti-Catholic fervor to such an extent in England throughout the 1500’s, that Catholics were unable to attend mass, marry in their own church, take communion, or even be baptized Catholic, in the land that their ancestors had done so for a thousand years.


Now, any good Protestant that would have read his Bible would know that God NEVER merged the King of Israel with the High Priest. Caesar would have his realm to provide justice on earth but God would keep his high priest to prepare souls for heaven separate, and never the twain shall meet. Yet Englishmen would unite the duties of the king with the duties of the Pope to create a Kingly Pope.


Not reading the Bible was not the fault of our good Protestants friends in England, as they typically could not read the Bible at all until King Henry's grandson gave them the King James Edition many years later written in an English vernacular they could finally understand. For the time being, 50 years actually,  they had to depend upon others who could read to them not only the Bible word, but could also tell them the REAL meaning of this word in Latin or what that word meant in Greek. Good to know that the local parish priests had been lying to them for 1,500 years. Finally, truth wins out!


In fact, the English Protestants would have to wait through the entire reign of not only King Henry VIII, but of the 40-year reign of Queen Elizabeth as well, before they would have a King that would supply them an actual English Bible they could read. Moreover, that was only because the Puritans forced him to do it.


By 1605, Catholic Guy Fawkes had enough. On November 5th of that year, since he could not vote the scoundrels out of office, he attempted to remove them from office the only other way he had at his disposal; he planned to put 38 barrels of gunpowder under the House of Parliament during their equivalent of the State of the Union speech by the King James. If successful, it would have meant revolution. It was not successful and Catholics were persecuted even more harshly. Even the Puritans, more Protestant even than the Anglican Protestants, had had enough of Anglican Protestant intolerance and set sail for America and REAL Christian independence. (That is until America became powerful enough after the Civil War to become a magnet to the Pharisees lust for power)



Other Protestant Movements


That same year of 1534, Calvin was the new media scribe darling, with a tug at another bootstrap. Calvinism was a particularly nasty divorce. This was a bitter custody fight over who held the true way of Christ, with the media-scribes on the side of Calvin, of course, to help get him established.


John Knox brought Presbyterianism to Scotland in 1560. Media-scribes pulling hard at the bootstrap in their wholehearted pushing of the Scottish divorce from Catholicism.


The Dutch Protestants were particularly tolerant of the NT Jews, having themselves experienced persecution from a Catholic Church trying to hold everything together. The NT Jews thereafter rewarded the Dutch by helping them became dominant in world trade throughout the 1500s. Anti-Semitic Catholic Spain and Catholic Portugal were quickly routed in their already established ocean trade. The Dutch East India, established in 1602 became the first multinational company and the first to issue stock. The Dutch were now a force to be reckoned with. Henry Hudson of the Dutch East India Company, for instance, explored the harbor of New Amsterdam in 1609, later to become New York and discovering the Hudson River. The Dutch East India was issuing 18% returns for the next 200 years, with large amounts of shares owned by the Sadducees.

The Thirty Years War (1618 – 1648 AD)


Charlemagne, father of France and Germany, along with his Franks created the Holy Roman Empire on Christmas day, 800 AD. He hoped to revive the Roman Empire in the West and staunchly defended the Pope against the Muslim Saracens from Moorish Spain.  


At its height, the Holy Roman Empire would stretch from the icy Baltic to the Mediterranean coast of Italy, dividing Europe East to West. As a staunch defender of the Pope, against their allies the Judeo-Muslim Moors, the Holy Roman Empire would be a prime target of the Sanhedrin. An already mentioned womb was the initiation of the Protestant Revolution in the Holy Roman Province of Saxony with Martin Luther. Over the next hundred years, Protestants would extend their gains with a considerable foothold. Now was the time to strike a fatal blow.


One hundred years after Martin Luther, in 1617 AD, Ferdinand II was elected King of Bohemia by the Bohemian Diet. A strict Catholic in an overwhelmingly Protestant Bohemia, King Ferdinand was overthrown. Thus, the Bohemian Revolt in 1618 would mark the beginning of the Thirty Year War.


Not to disappear in history, Ferdinand II succeeded to the throne of the Holy Roman Empire in 1619, with the backing of the Catholic League of Poland, Spain and Bavaria.


A Spain / Holy Roman Empire alliance to the Sanhedrin was like catnip to cats. The Holy Roman Empire was the enemies of their protectors, the Judeo-Saracens of Andalusia Spain. Their ally Spain was the very country that had expelled them out of Spain. This was too much to resist. The Sanhedrin employed the full resources of the trading gossip network and soon, one by one, all of Europe was fighting this European-only World War.


Based largely upon Catholics and Protestant camps, Cardinal Richelieu brought France in on the side of the Protestants. Having Cardinal Richelieu, as a Herodian, was a major plum for the Pharisees. Richelieu was convinced that Catholic Spain on one side aligned with the Catholic Holy Roman Empire on the other was a threat to Catholic France, so he was convinced to side with their enemies, the Protestants. Likewise, the French would help the Ottoman Turks attack and weaken the Hapsburgs from the East. Pure Pharisee written all over it.


Cardinal Richelieu is an interesting character. If ever there were a need for a Catholic Reformation, this so-called Cardinal of the Catholic Church would have been a good start to needing purged. While he did fight the French Protestant Huguenots within his country, he became the father of the modern nation-state by centralizing power along language, ethics and culture and became the first Prime Minister of any country.


The Peace of Westphalia signed in 1648, marked the end of the Thirty-years war. Germany’s population was reduced by 30%, while 50% of the territory of Brandenburg was destroyed and some areas suffered with an estimated two thirds of the population having died. Half of all German males were dead.


For helping the Sanhedrin give the mortal blow to Hitler’s “First Reich”, causing the Holy Roman Empire to wither away until Napoleon finally kills it in 1817, the French would be rewarded by the coming reign of King Louis XIV, the Sun King, as the premier ruler of Europe. We shall see that the Pharisees are fickle friends as the Judeo-Protestants of Holland and the Sun King nearly bankrupt each other, paving the way for the anti-thesis French Revolution under King Louis the XVI.


The boots got a lot snugger with that pull.


The Demise of Kingdoms begins with Oliver Cromwell  


With the Judeo-Protestant Revolution successfully off and running, now came the time for the beginning of the end of Kings. Not only was the authority of the Church being questioned, now the authority of kings came into question. Parliaments were now said to have partial authority next to Kings. The English Civil War, based deeply on religious differences, pitted the “Royalist” or “Cavaliers” of the Judeo-Protestant King of England against the “Parliamentarians” or “Roundheads” of the Protestant English Parliament “masses” with King Charles I, son of James 1, being beheaded in 1649.


With Europe being the mist of the Thirty Years War, the English Pharisees were not the least worried that a “Catholic” King of France or Spain would react to the beheading of a “Judeo-Protestant” King of England, even if the Judeo-Protestant King was suspected by a media-scribe induced Parliament “mob” of being tolerant toward Catholics. The media-scribes were once again working Judeo-Protestants up into frenzy. The aftermath of the beheading resulted in the unabashed Judeo-Protestant Oliver Cromwell as Lord Protector. Cromwell rejected the title of King, but in fact, he was more powerful than King Charles ever was. King Charles II returned in 1660 after Cromwell died. As an interesting aside, the Virginia colony remained loyal to King Charles I, the son of their founder James I, who founded Jamestown in 1607, and as a result, Virginia became nicknamed “The Old Dominion”.


The important thing for us to remember about Puritan Leader Oliver Cromwell was that he had a fervent un-Christian hatred of his fellow Christians, the Catholics, but did not have any such problems whatsoever with the fervently anti-Christ NT Jews. Cromwell recognized the Jews in England in 1656, the first time in over 350 years that NT Jews were openly recognized.


A little bootstrap tug, at that.


Actually, historians say that Herodian Cromwell did this for political purposes. He was trying to steal some of the rich NT Jews from the grip of Amsterdam. The English Herodian lawyers were all for Cromwell’s toleration toward the NT Jews, but not the rank and file Judeo-Protestant nor the merchants who knew they were about to lose their livelihood to successful NT Jewish traders. Some things never change.



Virtual NT Jewish takeover of England with The Glorious Revolution


Eventually, the son of the decapitated Charles I, or James II became King of England. The sin of King James II, of course, was that he was Catholic. The Herodian media-scribes in England, headed by William of Orange’s homosexual lover Hans William Bentinck, commenced an intense propaganda campaign. In short order, the media-scribes had Catholic James II disposed by Judeo-Protestant standard-bearer William of Orange. At the insistence of England’s Protestants through their media scribe mouthpieces, William and Mary from the Netherlands organized an invasion force 4 times larger than the Spanish Armada and commenced the so-called “Glorious Revolution” of 1688. James II ran away without a fight.


Bootstrap tightened once more as William of Orange funded the invasion of England with 2,000,000 Guldens from Sadducee Antonio Lopez Suasso and later from Sadducee Baron Avernes de Gras. The Coup was complete. Herodian William of Orange was now ruler of both Judeo-England and the Netherlands.


The reason why we can call William of Orange a Herodian is not that he used Sadducee money to fund his Glorious Revolution. Many Kings had bankrupted their country in many wars using Sadducee money that was arming both sides. That much happened too many times.


What William did was particularly noteworthy. After the Protestant Dutch helped England in their Glorious Revolution and after the Dutch had provided shelter for the NT Jews for so long in Amsterdam, the Dutch Protestants finally got the shaft themselves. William used Dutch money, not English money, to fight a series of long debilitating battles with the Catholic Sun King of France’s Louis XIV. The Netherlands was left with high national debt, high taxes, European hatred and protectionism, and a weakened sailing fleet that was no longer able to protect Dutch interests. Some things never change.


Like fleas jumping from a dead dog, the Sanhedrin now moved their major operations from Amsterdam to London and the English East India Company replaced the Dutch East India Company as a force to be reckoned with. England has had a Constitutional monarchy ever since. The devastation of the Protestant Dutch left for dead.


Never more would Catholicism hold sway in England; hence, the reason why Judeo-Protestants call this The Glorious Revolution.


It would also mark the beginning of the NT Jews always being in control of England’s affairs; hence the reason why the media-Scribes call it the Glorious Revolution.


Forwarding to the American Revolution of 1776, my instincts tell me that the colonies were trying to distance themselves from the growing grip of the Pharisees in post 1688 Glorious Revolution England. Catholics no longer had representation in England and neither did the American colonists who were to help fund England’s upcoming Judeo-empire.


Bootstrap pulled.



The French Revolution



The next quote will need to be interpreted.


“It was the German philosopher Moses Mendelssohn (1729-1786) who opened the way for Jews to enter modern Europe; however, though at first he had no intention of constructing a specifically Jewish philosophy. In countries like France and Germany, the liberal ideas of the Enlightenment brought emancipation and enabled Jews to enter society. It was not difficult for these maskilim, as the enlightened Jews were called, to accept the religious philosophy of the German Enlightenment. Judaism had never had the same doctrinal obsession as Western Christianity. Its basic tenets were practically identical with the rational religion of the Enlightenment.” – A History of God, Karen Armstrong


Let me translate this wrong interpretation: 


“It is not a coincidence that the Enlightenment exactly matches acceptable Jewish beliefs. Quite the opposite, it is a fact that Jewish media-Scribe influence in Europe created the Enlightenment in order to suit its own selfish purposes.” - David Durbin


In fact, the father of the Enlightenment is known to be Pharisee Baruch Spinoza. Even though he was excommunicated from Judaism in 1656 by a Judaic Writ of Cherem.


Where the American Revolution was fought for men to have the “freedom” to be “different”; the French Revolution was fought for men to have the “equality” to be “the same”. The French Revolution was a communist revolution and an atheist revolution at that. Americans would gain their freedom from the Sanhedrin, while the French were about to lose their freedom to the Sanhedrin.


During the French Revolution of 1789, every aspect of this revolution had Pharisee fingerprints all over it. Just the similarities of the French Revolution to the Pharisee-led, anti-theist, communist, Russian Revolution is remarkable.


A non-remarkable Catholic King of France (or in Russia, a non-remarkable Russian Orthodox Czar) had a media-Scribe frenzy worked up about how poor off “the masses” were and how uncaring the “rich” aristocrats were to their plight. These resulted in both the king and the czar refusing to fire on the mobs that the media-scribes had worked up into riots for fear that the media-scribes would show them as even more uncaring. Naturally, by turning the other Christian cheek, they were not being applauded for their Christian charity, understanding and meekness; they were being paralyzed by weakness. Both monarchs and their family were taken prisoner. In France, poor French Christian Herodians were misguided by being aligned with the anti-theistic Jacobins, but the Jacobins later gained total power and started beheading everyone in a period known as “The Terror”, which we will refer to as the “Anti-theist Inquisition”. Only Napoleon would put a stop to this madness and thus save France. In the Russian Revolution, the media-scribes would do their part to have the White Russian Christian Herodian “masses” misguided and thus align to fight with the anti-theist Red Russian Herodians for the overthrow of the Czar. After the Czar was safely deposed, the anti-theist Red Russian Herodians would turn on the Christian White Russian Herodians, resulting in tens of millions of Christians slain.


Now, in a reversal to no one coming to the aid of an English king, a Judeo-Protestant English King had no interest in coming to the aid of a powerful Catholic King in France or a powerful Catholic Czar of Russia. The Catholic French King and the Catholic Russian Czar along with everyone in his or her family were murdered, neither dynasty to return.


Pull those bootstraps tight.






Napoleon halted the attempted Pharisee murder of Christianity in France. Russia never enjoyed a Napoleon coming to its rescue, and suffered under anti-theistic communism for many decades.


The Pharisees hated Napoleon for thwarting their plans. He brought back Christianity to France and he refused to take loans from Sadducees to finance the wars that the Pharisees were starting against him on every front. The Sadducees were very confident that Napoleon would eventually come begging to them, on his knees, hat in hand, for their blood money, so the Pharisees could obtain their pound of flesh by attaching their strings of control on France. However, Napoleon, a true man of principle, raised funds to fight the Pharisees by negotiating with Thomas Jefferson for the sale of Louisiana Purchase to America instead.


Many will say that the French Revolution was the true will of the people. I have had Frenchmen tell me this very thing. No, the French Revolution was a typical media-scribe propaganda campaign against the Catholic Church and against the Catholic king, beginning with a Sadducee caused depression; resulting in such misery for the brainwashed French people that they revolted. Not so ironically, hunger was far worst after the French Revolution than before. Afterwards, they certainly had a much greater fear for the safety of their families than they did before hand.


Instead, the real history of France cannot be hidden. The French people cheered enthusiastically and fought hard for Napoleon, not once, but twice. Frenchmen were jubilant the first time when Napoleon ridded France of the hated anti-life anti-theist Jacobins and restored pro-life Christianity. The French people were again jubilant after he escaped from St. Helena and they all flocked to his side. The French mourned Napoleon’s loss at Waterloo and being taken to Elba for the rest of his life.


On the other hand, perhaps Napoleon was just a clever Herodian working for a deceitful Sanhedrin playing one party against another.


What about Judaism and other religions? Why did he (Napoleon) allow that in France? It does not make sense, because he had nothing political to gain. However, these unanswered questions were soon revealed in a private conversation Napoleon had with his physician, Barry O'Meara, during his exile in St. Helena. The doctor asked why he was supporting the Jews. And I quote from Napoleon:

"My primary desire was to liberate the Jews and make them full citizens. I wanted to confer upon them all the legal rights of equality, liberty and fraternity as was enjoyed by the Catholics and Protestants. It is my wish that the Jews be treated like brothers as if we were all part of Judaism. As an added benefit, I thought that this would bring to
France many riches because the Jews are numerous and they would come in large numbers to our country where they would enjoy more privileges than in any other nation. Without the events of 1814, most of the Jews of Europe would have come to France where equality, fraternity and liberty awaited them and where they can serve the country like everyone else." (Napoleonic Scholarship: The Journal of the International Napoleonic Society, Volume 1, Number 2, December 1998.) - "Was Napoleon Bonaparte the Savior or the Destroyer of the Ideals of the French Revolution?" 16 Jul 2007


Yes, it would have brought many riches but also the sorrows that accompany the strings that come with the riches. Nevertheless, all this would have come to pass, if Napoleon had NOT interfered. So, the quote above may be a bit of revisionist history. I would have like to have known if the physician was a NT Jew.


Greek War of Independence


America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. - John Quincy Adams


The quote above was written in response to the question of whether America would help Greek Christians throw off 400-years of Muslim rule in their own War of Independence. We ourselves had gotten just a little bit of help from France, but to John Quincy Adams, helping Christians whose ancestors bravely fought off the Judeo-Persians of “300” and “One Night with the King” was not in America’s interest. The Greek Christians, who had held Muslims at bay for one thousand years, while the West was growing up, until it succumbed to Islam in 1453, were only going to be given well-wishing platitudes to their attempts of freedom and independence.


What a tangled web the Pharisee plant. The Egyptians who finally came to the side of the Sultan were French-trained, but only came under the agreement that they would exterminate the Greeks and plant peasant Egyptians in their place. The French, British and Russian navies that eventually came came at the “personal” discretion of the commanders, not at the orders of the countries. Even at that, the English commander almost lost his job because he caused “too much” devastation on the Muslim fleet. In the end, the Greeks were taking as much land as they could until told to stop by the Europeans.


The Eastern Orthodox Church’s equivalent of the Catholic Pope, residing in Constantinople, was hung anyway. Must have offended Allah somehow.


So, why stop? Why not liberate Constantinople and all of Asia-Minor as well? Seems we have that same thinking today. Must be a reason why I am not a leader. I just do not “see the whole picture”.


Again, the Judeo-British were worried to death that Christian Russians would take Muslim lands. With thinking like that, Constantinople is still in Muslim hands and Jerusalem is in NT Jewish hands.



England and the World Wars


The Sanhedrin would come to complete power in England a mere 50 years before WWI. In 1858, Lionel Rothschild, filthy rich from the Napoleonic Wars, would become the first NT Jew elected to Parliament. He was originally rejected several times, before the “persuasion” of the Pharisee lobby persevered, thus exhibiting its real power. Ten years later, in 1868, Pharisee, “but Christian convert”, Benjamin Disraeli became the Prime Minister of England. Soon, England would bankrupt itself in two World Wars fighting a new threat to the Sandedrin power from a resurgent non-Pharisee dominated Germany during the first and second World Wars; Anglican Judeo-Protestant Herodian England fighting Lutheran Judeo-Protestant Germany. Fighting the Second World War with the assistance of anti-theistic, communist Pharisee controlled Judeo-Russia, that is.


Like the utter destruction of the no-longer needed Dutch after the Glorious Revolution moved the Sanhedrin from Amsterdam to London, now the utter destruction of the no-longer needed English would move the Sanhedrin headquarters from London to New York City. Per the script, the way had already been prepared for them at the time of Lionel Rothschild entering England’s Parliament, by the Pharisee Rothschild funding of American Herodian J.P. Morgan.


Europe – Post World Wars


They are now two bootstraps from completing their task.


So far, the absolute right of kings where Pharisees had little influence has given way to an easily brainwashed voting public. Christianity is divided, splintered and confused.


What's next? -- The creation of one-world Sanhedrin-controlled government called the United Nations with its first official act of recognizing the creation of Israel.


The European Union is created under the United Nations to destroy any remaining culture, religion, or national sovereignty of the former European nations. The EU is a totally media-Scribe controllable secular entity that recognizes no religion so that the religion of the NT Jews is untouched.


Now begins the dismantling of the American culture, religion and national sovereignty. As happened to the Dutch and to the English before us, the NT Jews will jump ship once more as America implodes from high national debt, high taxes, European protectionism, and a weakened military that is no longer able to protect its own interests.


The New Testaments Jews will immigrate out of their current headquarters in New York City and Los Angeles, back to the unified European Union, as America implodes and then rebuilds as the North American Union. Tug those bootstraps.


Some will immigrate to the new Israel, which can now protect itself with its own nuclear weapons and Passover viruses. The boots will finally be tied into a neat bow with every nation under the United Nations being controlled by the Sanhedrin, from their new headquarters in Jerusalem.