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"If ever this vast country is brought under a single government,
it will be one of the most extensive corruption,
indifferent and incapable of a wholesome care,
over so wide a spread of surface.

Thomas Jefferson to William T. Bary in 1822 (Believed small State governments would care more)
If he were alive today, what Thomas Jefferson would say about the United Nations

"Give me control over a nation's currency and I care not who makes its laws."
Jewish financial Sadducee Baron Mayer Amschel Rothschild

"If I can tell a nation's stories, then I care not who makes it's laws."
Jewish media-Scribe reporter or Pharisee editor for The New York Times?

"The Jews became jealous and recruited some worthless men loitering in the public square,
formed a mob, and set the city in turmoil."

"When the Jews in Thessalonica learned that Paul was preaching the word of God at Berea,
they went there too, agitating the crowds and stirring them up."

Judas-bought Herodians agitating against one of the first Christians (Acts 17:5-13)

"If God were your Father, you would love me, for I am from God."
"I know the slander of those who claim to be Jews and are not, but rather are members of the assembly of Satan."
Jesus speaking to Jesus-deniers whom today follow the Talmud and whom we call Jews (John 8:39-44/Revelations 2:9)

"The Kingdom of Heaven will be taken away from you and given to a people that will produce its fruit."
"It is not the children of the flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise."

Jesus, the Promise fulfilled, proclaims Christians to be the true Chosen People (Matthew 21:33-43; Romans 9:6-8 )

2016 CE (Christian Era)

December 2016 AD

Who Really Influenced President-elect Trump's Election?

Democrats and their Judeo-MSM handlers are disregarding all their own anti-Democratic manipulations of our elections and looking for outside scapegoats to blame. Conclusion? The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!  In reality, the only ones totally manipulating our elections are Jews trying to keep America as Israel's big brother protector and defender. In this regards, our election choices were, A) Hillary - defender of Israel, or B) Trump - defender of Israel.

Letter to President-elect Trump

The Judeo-MSM can sleep well tonight. Here is proof positive that President-elect Trump is not anti-Semitic, as he completely ignored our suggestions to Drain the Swamp of Jewish Alligators feasting on the not-yet-dead carcass of America. Trump is placing Jews greatest alligators in all the swampy locals of his cabinet.

Democracy - Taiwan vs Israel

Trump did it again!  He infuriated the Judeo-MSM. This time by taking a call from the democratically elected leader of the foreign country of Taiwan, threatening our good relations with the bloody tyrannical  Communist Chinese. While Obama was praised by the Judeo-MSM in taking a call from the cut-throat bloody tyrant of Cuba, not worried about upsetting our Cuban citizens.  Wow!  Imagine the uproar if President Trump refused to take a call from the foreign leader of Israel, because it might upset millions of Arabs displaced when Jews immigrated there.

Crony Capitalism, Part 2

Kelloggs has a boycott in place by not-so-bright Breitbart. But punishing the good people who work at Kelloggs for the hideous actions of the Jewish 401k fund managers who bought controlling interest of the company, placed their Jewish buds on the Board of Directors, and proceeded to run it into the ground, is of no help. It is not addressing the right problem -- the real crony capitalism is having a Jewish Board of Directors having none of their own money in the corporation, while reaping the profits at the same time they push a Jewish agenda having nothing to do with making breakfast cereal.

Crony Capitalism, Part 1

Carrier air conditioning was going to Mexico because of a crony capitalist government plan called NAFTA, and yet Jewish blow-hard Mark Levin thinks Trump is the crony capitalist for reducing taxes to entice them to stay in America. "Free and fair trade" in the feeble mind of Judeo-pseudo-intellectual Mark Levin is allowing an American company to leave the United States to a tyrannical country who does not engage in free and fair trade.

Fake News vs Kosher News, Part 2

Science should be the one thing we all agree on. Logical thinking and no agendas. But Kosher News wanting to politicize everything, could not resist and all of a sudden, "The Sky is Falling In!!!!"

Fake News vs Kosher News, Part 1

Here is the only thing you need to know, "If it is not kosher certified, then it will be labeled as fake news".  Until the Internet arrived, the news was totally Kosher. In fact, after the arrival of the Internet, the news is still pretty much totally Kosher. Fox News was welcomed as a breath of fresh air but yet Rupert Murdock is 100% Kosher. Breitbart News was celebrated by patriots, yet again Breitbart was a Kosher dude. Drudge is kosher. Google and Facebook could not get more Kosher. Indeed, the censorship soon to entail regarding "fake news" from Putin's Russia represents a reverse McCarthyism, enforced by the same MSM who cried wolf when censorship was directed their way during the McCarthy era.

Steve Bannon is so Politically Correct

Steven Bannon is being roundly called an antisemite. Is that because he called out the Jewish head of Fox News as a globalist, worst even than many of the Jewish heads of the other news stations? But Bannon insured not one word came out of his mouth would start with the letter "J". So even Steve Bannon has to keep intact the last PC censor of antisemite, or risk political death.

Hitler gave Jews a Safe Place

In 1938, Hitler delivered Herschel Greenspan and his Jewish family safely back to their home country of Poland, out of harms way from the evil Nazi. "In gratitude", Herschel murdered high ranking German Diplomat Ernst Vom Rath, which naturally caused the Germans to retaliate with the Kristallnacht, which then again led to Jews convincing Americans to fire-bomb Dresden.

Jewish Game of Thrones

The throne at the DNC, having recently been vacated by the corrupt Jewish lady Deborah Wasserman Schultz, is now being decided by the Jewish mafia, and so, with the agony of Muslim terror in our mists, the absolute best candidate Jews can find throughout America to replace this Jewish corruption is, and actually from fly-over country, but you guessed it, a radical Muslim.

Father, Forgive Them

When Jesus on the cross begged "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do", critical to that blessing, Christians must understand whom Christ was asking forgiveness for.  It was certainly not for anyone to which forgiveness could not be given, and instead was entirely directed toward those who could be forgiven. Meaning, Jesus, while on the cross, did not ask his Father for forgiveness of any Jews.

Liberal Jewish Rules of Etiquette

Liberal Jews have always had two sets of rules. None of those rules apply to them and all apply toward their political enemies - Christians.  Trump will have the full force of this Jewish mafia smashed against him, even as he proclaims his love and admiration toward Jews and Israel.

November 2016 AD

Hillary for Firing Squad

We have arrived at a dangerous crossroads in this country. We have seen too much of our country sold to foreign countries who mean to harm us. Seen too much Jew Privilege while America burns. Seen too much of the Judeo-liberal tactics of manipulation. There is no going back at this point. The genie has flown out of the bottle and she cannot get back in. Hillary and her Jewish enablers have to be put to a firing squad to satisfy American citizens that there is any real justice left in this great country. Majority wins as setup per the Constitution does not work if the winner has won with bribe money taken from foreign states in violation of the same Constitution.

No White Privilege, only Jew Privilege

Often talked about is white privilege, but real white privilege requires Jewish genetic DNA. Only Judaic DNA gives you real standing in the world. Any other posers are dealt with appropriately by the self-defined Judeo-Mainstream.

Crooked Hillary's America

FBI Director James Comey has re-opened the investigation into the Clinton Crime scene. Hopefully the investigation will be broad enough to bring to justice the enablers and plotters who have, behind the scenes, orchestrated the conspiracy coup d'etat to turn Constitutional America into Crooked Hillary's America. Right now, corruption pays and the Jewish RICO mafia behind Hillary believe they have purchased her pay-to-play prostitution to gain access to the position of President of the United States.

Nazi Self Defense?

If you are Jewish, the knee flex response to what constitutes war criminals are Nazi. But what if the Nazi had a deeply felt concern for the safety of their families against assault of Jewish bankers on the English/French side causing Germany's hyperinflation and Jewish Commissars on the Soviet side causing political communist uprisings like the Spartacus Uprising and the Bavarian Socialist Republic, all topped  off with a Jewish-controlled Wiemar Republic. These questions of "Why?" were asked of the Nazi "war criminals" at Nuremberg. Their answers are surprising.

No Apologies to Catholics

Hillary Clinton, Jewish puppet extraordinaire, has pledged to help women who abort, help unaborted children, help blacks who confront police, help gays who confront Christians, help Muslims who kill Christians, help illegal immigrants who are supported by Christians in jobs and welfare, help Jewish global trade leaders, help Jewish Wall Street bankers, help Israel for sure, but where and when has Hillary ever pledged to help Catholics in particular or to help Christians in general? Total indifference toward Christianity is her public face. More truthfully, through Wikileaks, we have discovered her private face showing her and her campaign actually harboring a hostility toward Catholic Christians and their Church in particular. Oft times when a politician is caught red-handed insulting a large voting segment, there are profuse apologies forthcoming, for to do otherwise, implies consent to that viewpoint. Apologies are also not required by Cafeteria Catholics of the Hillary camp. Not even from her "Cafeteria-Catholic" Vice Presidential running mate, who when asked, stated "there is no need for an apology, as everyone has an opinion". Well, Catholics should not apologize as well for their opinion of not voting for Hillary. After all, she was given two chances to apologize to her Catholic base, once at the last debate and another the very next day, at the Al Smith Charity Dinner where she was the invited guest of honor at this highly Catholic event, seated right beside Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

Injustice at Nuremberg

A Jew who had burned Christians in gas chambers (yes, you read right), was appointed to be the Chief Prosecutor to the 9th Nuremberg Trial on German war crimes. Benjamin Ferencz is still alive today at the age of 97. He helped prosecute war criminals, but by his own words, is himself a war criminal. This Jew admits to participating in placing tortured Christians alive into gas chambers until dead. He admits to torture and threats of torture to entire towns to obtain forced confessions. He was a Jew who was the "detective" obtaining evidence to be used in trial against people who disliked his own Jewish people, as well as the "prosecutor" who used that "evidence" he had gathered against Germans accused of hating Jews.  He was a mere sergeant in the army during WW2, with absolutely no prosecutorial experience, when selected to prosecute Germany's top generals in the Greatest Trial Mankind has ever had. Why was Benjamin Ferencz selected? Did America not have anyone who had any real military command experience, who had tons of experience in criminal prosecutions, who was not inherently biased in the case, and who had not committed the exact same war crimes he was to prosecute?

Jews in Government plot Catholic Spring

Jews insist upon, indeed DEMAND, a strict Separation of Church and State when the Catholic Church is against their government decreed programs of abortion, homosexual marriage, and other immoralities, but clearly Jews do not expect the opposite from the State. This is clearly turning the 1st Amendment completely in its head. Thanks to Wikileaks, we now know Jews working in the State, such as Sandy Newman, dream of creating a "Catholic Spring" of Progressive Revolution among the more ignorant members of the Catholic faithful in an attempt at a religious coup d'etah.  They literally want to overthrow the religious head of the Catholic Church. In a great example of nothing is good enough, we had thought Jews liked this Progressive Pope of post Vatican II vintage. And we also thought before Wikileaks, all those guy talking about conspiracies were "nuts" wearing "tin foil hats".

Hillary: Your Nagging Mother-In-Law

The second Presidential debate has come and gone, where once again Trump has pummeled Hillary for being in government over 30 years with nothing to show for it. In her defense, she points over and over to her accomplishments for women and children. The problem is that the federal government is the last place, outside the United Nations, where you would want the warmth of family to be nourished. So even her sad defense is a negative for this country. Plus, she is not really for women and children, that is all part of her "private face/public face" persona.

Hillary commits Treason

Wikileaks releases information about an agreement between Hillary Clinton and the nation of Israel. The Wikileaks article states that Hillary signed the agreement with only minor changes. An agreement between the President of the United States and a foreign country has a constitutional name -- It is called a treaty! And, per the Constitution, a treaty is required to have concurrence from 2/3rds of the United States Senate. Without concurrence of the Senate, Hillary's secretly negotiated treaty, highly favorable to the nation of Israel and highly unfavorable at all to the United States, can only be properly called treason. Her Treason in exchange for a Jewish bribe of campaign contributions and favorable Judeo-MSM media treatment. 

Push back: Scolded no More

In the first Presidential debate, Hillary was the scolding mother while Trump was the errant disobedient child. Hillary was washing Trump's mouth out with soap for talking Politically In-Correct. Feminist Mother-Hen Hillary bitches to us that only she can guide our nation in the world. According to Hillary, Trump would have America's economy gleefully swinging from tree limbs, where it may fall and break it's legs. Trump is the school yard bully to Muslims and illegal immigrants, but for Hillary who would send Trump to detention for his mean acts, as she picks up and dusts off the poor, misunderstood Muslims and illegal immigrants. Hillary is on eternal guard to Trump pulling the hair of the little girl down the street. On blacks, Hillary does not want Trump to encourage the police force to treat a  black thug covered with tattoos and gang paraphernalia any different than the white alter boy dressed in a buttoned down white shirt and carrying a book, because we are all the same under the skin. (and under the tattoos and gang paraphernalia) 

Israel: The OTHER Immigrant Country

Word from the Judeo-MSM, "America is a nation of immigrants, so we must accept immigrants from all countries, all religions, all ethnicities and all manners of attitude, favorable or unfavorable, toward our country." Well, there is another nation of immigrants besides the United States; Israel is also a nation of immigrants. Yet, Israel can decide for itself to only immigrate ethnic and religious Jews. Israel is not beating itself up for not allowing Syrian refugees who are Muslim into their country; they do not allow black refugees who are Christian from Sudan; and they will not allow YOU to immigrate to Israel.  Should we emulate the greatest nation on Earth and only allow in European Christians?  Well, not if you don't want a Jew to call you a racist, un-Christian Xenophobe.

Anti-Semitism Czar: Religious Violation of the First Amendment

The United States government established the Judaic Religion as the state religion of America by establishing an Anti-Semitism Czar. Or at least that is the part of the instituted Judaic state religion which, along with unparalleled defense and support of the single Judaic Nation of Israel, anyone with a pair of eyes can clearly see. And of course it violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. But heaven forbid the government allow Christians to send their kids to the Christian schools of their choice with the taxes forced upon them for education.

For the Creation of Israel: Jews Blackmail the Entire World

What better time to create something new, than when everything else is utterly destroyed. Following World Wars 1 and 2, Europe's cities once again lay in utter destruction and waste. What people survived, wished they hadn't, as they were homeless and starving. The Jewish Commissars of the Soviet Union had a thug's vise grip on the necks of half of Europe. The rest of Europe was split into control by Britain and the United States with a mere symbolic control by France. Churchill was already a devout Christian Zionist from a long time back. Only President Truman had to be convinced to back the creation of Israel, and therefore, all the immense powers of the Jewish machine can to bear on blackmailing Truman's reelection campaign and whatever other forms of blackmail, bribes and threats they typically muster. Why? So that President Truman could blackmail the rest of the world with the withholding of the Marshall Plan for any country not supporting the partition of Palestine, which would create Israel.

October 2016 AD

How Trump lost the Jewish Republican Neo-Cons

Jews slowly started abandoning the Democrat Party with the campaign of trusted fellow Hollywood actor Ronald Reagan. Everyone referred to these former Democrat Jews with the politically correct word Neo-Cons. They were Jews who were strong on the defense of Israel, after the weak defense of Israel by Democrat Jimmy Carter. (Neither really caring a whit for the defense of the United States) Today, when Republicans (and indeed Americans) are in need of Republican unity around a fiercely proud American, Donald Trump, these neo-cons are returning to their Democrat roots and sabotaging the Republican Party from within. Why?

Hungarian Agent Provocateur discovered to be Jewish

Cnasad Szegedi was the perfect neo-Nazi. Founder of the "nationalistic" Hungarian Guard, founder of the "nationalistic" political party Jobbik, member of the anti-nationalistic European Parliament, all roundly condemned as antisemitic and racist don't you know, since "nationalistic" equates to antisemitism in the mind of a Jew.  Well, except for the fact that Szegedi was Jewish the entire time. We count five frauds this Jewish agent provocateur committed upon the poor, unsuspecting Christians of Hungary and Europe.

Knesset calls Europe a 50 nation Basket of Deplorables

If this is the way Jews make friends, no wonder everyone hates them so much.  The nation of Israel's Knesset sent Yuli Edelstein as an honorary speaker to the 50 European nations of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and basically called them a 50 nation basket of deplorables. Bashing Christians for not assimilating millions of Muslims into their Christian nations the way Jews have assimilated millions of Jews into their Jewish nation.


September 2016 AD

Who destroyed the Jewish Second Temple?

The Romans for their day were extremely tolerant. For almost 120 years, the Jewish Temple was allowed to stand after coming under Roman rule. So why in 66 AD, did the Romans decide that the Jewish Temple had to be demolished?  Well, it turns out the deed was caused by Jewish terrorists.  

Jewish terrorist fire-bombs Mosque

Almost impossible to find any stories in the Judeo-MSM about the Jew who fire-bombed the Mosque that the Pulse nightclub killer attended. And that is exactly why this web site exists.

August 2016 AD

Israel's War Against Great Britain

After 34 years, newly declassified documents reveal that  "The only Democracy in the Middle East", supplied deadly arms to the military dictatorship junta of Argentina to fight the modern founder of Democracy, England.  So much for Democracies never fight each other, when the so-called Democracy is Israel

Israel First, America Last

When it comes to America's issues, filthy rich "conservative" and "American" Jew Sheldon Adelson wants nothing to do to help Donald Trump with Black Lives Matter attacking the police, a wall to keep out a flood of economic opportunists, a block to Muslim immigration, or have anything to do with making America First.  However, when it comes to Israel, this Neocon Jew is trying his best to disparage "American" citizen's free speech on "American" campuses about Palestinian Lives Matter in Israel, Israel's own wall already built to keep out the riff-raff, the wall being a segregationist's dream of Muslim blockage into Jewish sectors, while only caring greatly about Israel FIRST, with America LAST.

Olympic Civil War

The cultural wars hit the Olympics when the Jewish-media and Hillary totally ignore an icon of American feminism, a gold medal winning sharpshooter of guns, and instead fawn over a Muslim hijab girl who is evidently NOT an expert at slicing and dicing people with a sword in Olympic fencing competition. (Hijab girl lost in the first round)

Twittering away our Constitution

Twitter has opened itself up to a massive lawsuit by censoring the free speech of their users. No longer can someone like Donald Trump bypass the evil Jewish MSM gatekeepers of  the nation's free speech by tweeting out his message, since now, Twitter has started also blocking and shaping his speech, while at the same time, promoting the speech of Hillary. Jewish Censorship in this country should never be allowed and Trump as a result should sue and own Twitter.

Hillary's Khan Job

Hillary took the con job to the next level by presenting a Muslim as a protector and defender of this country and its Constitution.  After all the heartfelt words are dissected, the message of this so-called grieved father was anything but patriotic to our ideals as a country. Of course, Jews were on the side of the Muslim.

  July 2016 AD

The Spanish Civil War

A puzzle: "Total no-government" anarchists fighting side-by-side with "total government" communists.  "Devout Muslims" fighting side-by-side with "devout Catholics". Christians fighting against Democracy. Jews amassing in Spain from all ends of the Earth to defend the atheist "democratic" government. And a richly Catholic country destroying its heritage by burning churches built with great love and pride by their fathers and grandfathers and killing priests and nuns. A puzzle we shall attempt to decipher.


June 2016 AD

What would Mohammad Do?

Jews love to tell Christians what Jesus would do, twisting his words to suit their anti-Christian purpose. And they do the same with Mohammad. This time making him appear less threatening.  As in the words of Jesus, you also must go straight to the words and deeds of Mohammad to know what he would really do if alive today.


May 2016 AD

Yes sir, Hitler was a Zionist

Zionists want Jews to leave all other countries and reunite in their own country. Hitler wanted all Jews to leave his country of Germany. Together, they made a pact known as the Ha'avarah, or The Transfer Agreement. This undeniably makes Hitler a Zionist, and yet panties get stretched into an anti-semitic bind if politicians even hint at such an idea, as happened in England as of late.  For if that idea were allowed to fester, then Hitler is proved to be a man who could have been reasoned with, meaning that the death and destruction of World War II could have been totally avoided and unnecessary.

Brexit - Break Britain or Save Britain?

All within the next month, English largely-Christian voters will get to decide for themselves between having an "extremely rich" Jewish mayor of London, or a "human rights advocate" Muslim mayor of London, with both candidates uniting in condemning the former Christian mayor of London. As well, as these British largely-Christian voters will be voting to exit themselves as a member of the largely-Christian EU family (hence Brexit), while not being allowed to decide upon exiting the much bigger union, the largely-non-Christian UN. Who knew that the novel Londonstan would come into reality so quickly?


April 2016 AD

Obama's "White Man" for the Supreme Court is really a Jew

Politically correct to silently support Jews on the Supreme Court, but not politically correct to brag that you support Jews on the Supreme Court.  Or else, Obama would not be saying that his nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court is just the nomination of "a white guy" . He would instead be patting himself on the back that he had nominated yet another minority Jew. With no Protestants on the Supreme Court anymore, this means there are no possible descendants of Valley Forge, nor of the shores of Tripoli, nor of the Alamo, nor of San Juan Hill, nor of Gettysburg. Can America say it has a representative government anymore?  With Merrick Garland's confirmation, all 5 Jews and all 5 Roman Catholics on the Supreme Court would be descended from people who only came to America after America was fully created. (Sotomayer is a lapsed Catholic with Jewish ancestors)

Spotlight -- The Jewish Inquisition

We recommend you watch the 2016 "Best Picture of the Year", Spotlight. This is the #HollywoodSoJewish produced, directed and nominated for best picture film about the Jewish Inquisition of the Catholic Church. A real eye-opener!

Queen Isabella's discovery that Jews were not her friend

Hard to know when Queen Isabella finally understood Jews were not her friend.  In preparing for her role as devout Christian leader, she would have been educated on the role Jews played with Persians in the Jewish betrayal and subsequent slaughter of Christians at Jerusalem's Mamilla Pool in 614 AD. She would know that Jews betrayed Christians again in 638 AD, this time with Muslims to take Christian Jerusalem. She would know that her predecessors to the throne of Spain worried about the expansion of Islam across Africa by 700 AD, such that in 702 AD, her predecessor was  taking measures to prevent  Spain's huge Jewish populations from doing to Spain what they had done to Jerusalem.  She would have been taught that Jews had helped sabotage Spain so much that Muslims had trusted the Fifth Column Sephardi Jews to run the Spanish cities after they had massacred the Christians living in them. Isabella of course saw in her own lifetime, horrendous current events of Muslims landing in Italy, murdering and raping ans pillaging, a few days march from Rome and knew this was the same Muslims took had taken over the Eastern Orthodox capital of Constantinople in 1453 AD. Finally, Isabella saw first hand how Jews could live among the Moors of Granada she was in bitter war easier than they lived among Christians. Sometime in there, Queen Isabella awoke and expelled all Jews in 1492 AD.

March 2016 AD

There's Bernie, FINALLY!

Who has Hitlerite tactics?  The Jewish Bernie Sanders insult brigade has finally arrived in Chicago -- not against the Gulag Concentration camp for Blacks ran by fellow Jew Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago -- but against the Presidential campaign of Donald Trump coming to the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). They threatened violence and to shut it down. Cannot tolerate an opponent's Constitutional right to  free speech and right to assembly.  But heh, Rahm Emanuel is violating Constitutional rights of habeas corpus, right to counsel, right to remain silent, and numerous other rights, so perhaps Bernie is really just against the Constitution in all its protections. 

Mehmed the Jewish Conquerer of Constantinople

The man who made the entire Christian world tremble when Constantinople fell to him in 1453 AD, who landed Muslim invaders on the Italian Peninsula on a thankfully unsuccessful campaign to conquer Rome, and who had Muslim invaders at the gates of Vienna, was born to a Jewish mother and raised by this Jewish mother. With Jewish help, after slaughtering the male population of Constantinople and enslaving their girls and women, Mehmed rewarded the Jewish betrayal of Christians, by repopulating the empty homes of Constantinople with Jewish families.

A Tale of Two Cities : Ferguson vs Chicago

In the eyes of the Jewish media, a single police shooting in Ferguson was used to tar an entire city of Ferguson as racist. However, for another city, Chicago, currently ran by a fellow Jew named Rahm Emanuel, the Jewish press is in denial of years of constitutional violations in Rahm Emanuel's Jewish-styled gulag at a place called Homan Square. 

What Women Want

Feminists Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem are confused about why young women Democrats voted for Bernie Sanders by a 84% margin but only voted for Hillary by a 14% margin. The nature of women tells us why. Women are greedy, having and expecting men such as fathers, boyfriends and husbands to pamper them, support them and protect them. Since women gained the right to vote, politicians played on this built in greed of women by pampering them and pretending to protect and support them. Only married women who see their husband's money taxed away finally change to become Republican. And Hillary is an old married woman who is running on her husbands coattails. Young women see where the real power is.

Bernie Sander's Chicago Gulag

Hours before black Democrats went to the polls to vote in the South Carolina Democrat primary, an story surfaces of Bernie Sanders being arrested 53 years ago in a Civil Rights protest in Chicago over what was then Constitutional "Separate but Equal" education. Good for him. Defender of the black man. Now, fast forward to today, where Jews are running Chicago as a fascist police state with its own Gulag concentration camp, which may I unconstitutional...and Jewish Bernie Sanders is nowhere to be seen. Chicago's own Gulag, Homan Square, mostly violates the constitutional rights of blacks and the poor, but the self-proclaimed Jewish defender of the poor black man has not been seen protesting and being arrested by Jewish mayor Rahm Emanuel in today's America. Bernie is a communist and as a communist, he cannot help but create gulags to violate the rights and dignity of the dirty unwashed and that is why you will not see Bernie lift a finger to protect anyone but his own tribe.

February 2016 AD

Christians must organize to select their State Representatives

Forget a direct frontal assault on the status quo at the national level. If you had not noticed, that power is all locked up by special interests and a hostile national MSM. You must organize your churches to coordinate a plan on selecting a patriotic Christian for the lowest of the lowest State officials -- your State Representative -- same goes for your State Senator. For that is the springboard for the nullification of the 17th Amendment where the States regain their vote in the United States Senate which was illegally and unconstitutionally stolen from them by an Amendment which violates Article V of the Constitution, because regaining control over the most powerful part of government is the key to restoring America's greatness.

Nullify the 17th Amendment to the Constitution

The Founding Fathers were really just representatives of their States. The States would never had ratified the Constitution if the Constitution did not have in Article V a provision that the only Amendment not allowed is an Amendment to remove their voice in the Senate. If the 17th Amendment is not allowed in the Constitution, then it is unconstitutional. Hence, it can and should be nullified by the States. The State should appoint their Senators exactly as prescribed in Article I of the Constitution.  Then the States can begin to correct all the ills to the country created since 1913.

Rand Paul does not lie to you

Rand Paul, like his father, has correctly and honestly predicted the destruction wrought by out-of-control politicians, by out-of-control wars and by out-of-control failed Federal Reserve economic policies. Politicians are still selected by the Jewish-owned MSM, whom select the likes of Donald Trump to blast on the airwaves. So how about letting someone run the country for a while who is not a shrill for the Jewish-owned MSM? Can they do any worst? Or more likely, can they do much better than the MSM-deemed wizards who have always proposed the fixes for all our problems but have always made matters far worst over time?

Donald Trump not Worthy

Trump has been less faithful to his wives than Bill Clinton has been to his one wife, so a good question to ask is if Trump is still faithful to the Democrats he has surrounded himself with all his life, or are Republicans his new trophy wife?  Can we trust the Jewish-owned MSM who hovers on his every word to truthfully inform us of where Trump's heart lies?   Does Ron and Rand Paul styled humble and loving meekness no longer work in America, or are we doomed to dictatorial Presidents and equally dictatorial Supreme Court Justices?  Is a Christian morally-based world view no longer the gold standard for voters to chose a President?  

How Ted Cruz became a Texas Senator

Ted Cruz is now resorting the pulling the birther card, and as a result, a Jewish lawyer, yes one whom he would defend against all Christians, is filing a lawsuit which will be guaranteed to go nowhere. But how Ted Cruz came upon the national stage is a Jewish-told story worth knowing.

Arrest Ted Cruz, Al Franken, Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders

These usurpers of the Constitution need to be rounded up by the State they pretend to represent and placed behind bars.  Per Article V of the Constitution, only the States are allowed to vote in the United State Senate. All else are unappointed tyrants plotting against interests of the American people.

Income Inequality from Silicon Valley to Wall Street

Innovation in California's Silicon Valley is decreasing, meaning they are delivering less value, but salaries are rapidly rising causing the greatest income disparity in the nation as the State that is both richest and at the same time the poorest. Meanwhile, over in Jewish-controlled Wall Street, the electronic trading revolution has not resulted in more efficient and hence cheaper operations; instead, Wall Street salaries are ballooning far more and sucking in the best and brightest talent, whom we really need in Silicon Valley for innovation to compete on the world stage, while they are sucking the life blood out of their clients just hoping to save for retirement.

New York Values - Ted Cruz's Version of Corruption

Indeed, it is true that Donald Trump is a New York City styled Democrat confusing the Republican base by saying what they want to hear. (Little that Rand Paul wasn't already saying with much more truth), so Ted Cruz tried to impugn Trump's character by saying he has "New York Values".  Next step? Pot could react to kettle and inform America that Ted Cruz's Texas Senatorial campaign was bought and paid for by New York City Jewish-owned Goldman Sachs, who had employed his wife. Cruz took an undisclosed and thus illegal bribe loan from Goldman Sachs, which is corrupting outside-the-State money to influence a Texas State election against the interests of the people of the State of Texas.

Jewish Divorce - Rabbi Style

How are Jews any different than Muslims? Observant Jewish men hold their wives as captives until they give their wives a "get" allowing for divorce. Are observant Muslim men any different?  And to get around this, Rabbis can order Rabbinical Decrees to have the husbands violently tortured to get them to grant the get. How different is this to a Muslim Iman's fatwa allowing unspeakable violence?

January 2016 AD

Jonah Goldberg wants to whitewash Neocon word from History

Jewish MSM columnist Jonah Goldberg has had enough of the word Neocon being associated with Jewish super-hawk warmongering. He has told us Christians that it is no longer allowed to credit Jewish neocons with the total mess in the Middle East, which has spread onto the shores of Europe and America. Now we will have PC censorship coming from the right wing of this country.

Texas Greg Abbott proposes Con-Con, but not nullify 17th

A simple solution to most problems in America begins with the States nullifying the 17th Amendment, which violates Article V of the United States Constitution. Article V forbids any Amendment which would deny the right of the States of this country to have a vote in the United States Senate. Instead, Greg Abbott has this complicated Article V Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) proposal to bring us back to 1913 America, which we had before the 17th Amendment was enacted in 1913, which destroyed the vertical Checks and Balances between the States and thus created the Frankenstein's monster which came alive shortly afterward.

Ted Cruz's mother does not make him Natural Born Citizen

Both Cruz and Obama were born in a foreign country to foreign fathers and American mothers. Founding Father facts are that an American mother freely marrying a foreigner and freely moving to his country to live would have been deemed to have voluntarily renounced her citizenship. Baby Cruz would then be a foreigner as well.  Jewish immigration lawyer Joshua Goldstein, to the rescue of the more prominent Christian Zionist candidate,  falsely states Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen.  Fact is that under the Common Law, which the Founding Fathers (emphasis on FATHERS) wrote their Constitution around, they would have looked at Ted Cruz as a Cuban Canadian citizen at birth until he was naturalized a citizen AFTER BIRTH. Therefore, the natural BORN citizenship requirements in the Constitution, although untested in the courts, can only be a tougher standard yet for Cruz to overcome.

Stop the White Man -- Destroy Mt. Rushmore

While admitting he is white, while clearly admitting he does not like whites, Frank Joyce hides the fact that he identifies mainly as Jewish. Part of the modern Jewish class of race riot inciters, he is.  By calling for the destruction of Mt Rushmore due to Washington and Jefferson being slave owners, all of America has now been slandered as southern confederates in need of their slaver's monuments destroyed. In Jewish eyes, there is nothing sacred anymore; not from Father of the country George Washington, nor from the writer of our Declaration of Independence.

America: Axis of Evil

America was built on a federal government who was not allowed to play favorites with either religion or speech. Now the official federal policy is to disfavor Christianity whenever and wherever possible, while favoring the Judaic nationalist religion of Israel, and also favoring the Islamic nationalist Wahabi religion of Saudi Arabia, holder of Islam's holiest shrines and sponsor of ISIS. Sad to say this, but our government has  become the world's Axis of Evil.

Trump's Jewish Family

As we are reminded in the new movie, "The Big Short", we are just recovering from a real estate crash due to mortgage-backed derivatives created in New York City by Jewish financial moguls, whom New York City real estate tycoon Donal Trump loves to hang out with. Trump's daughter married one of these Jews, converted to Judaism and now Trump has a Jewish granddaughter. No wonder the Jewish MSM hangs on his every word.

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