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"The Solution"

The Paca Plan

humbly given by
The Christian Solution

A great plan is  The Paca Plan  This plan lay out a strategy for implementing the Christian Solution, while obtaining all the same results as in this article.

The steps outlined below are lengthy, but needed to address any argument against them.

Fortunately, the basics are fairly simple for most Americans:



Pray America Great Again

    Step 1)

    Restoration of the former Christian greatness of America can only happen with the blessings of our local churches - at the bottom - recognizing Christian leadership - at the top - has been supplanted by Satan.

        The Tea Party did not fail you for being a bad idea. It failed because it was hijacked by the same establishment elements it was created to oppose. It was splintered into Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, Tea Party Nation, National Tea Party Federation, Freedom Works and Americans for Prosperity.  Talk Radio is failing. Not because local AM stations became liberal, but because mass-media national radio syndicates went around the country paying exorbitant prices buying up all the AM stations they had previously written off in the past as irrelevant. They now control the former opposition of Talk Radio and are supplying a fake opposition.  The Internet is quickly becoming an instrument of liberal censorship and liberal spying. At the level of President, despite our best efforts to closely pay attention and earnestly select the best candidate for the most visible campaign of the any election season the world over, we still have a miserable record of voting in traitor after traitor after traitor to  this country; such as, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and now Donald Trump. IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! Christians do not own the mass-media, so when the mass-media proclaimed anything-but-Christian Barack Obama their Black Messiah, many voters could not resist the temptation, and did not question any aspect of his previous life, nor did the mass-media allow any real investigation of Obama's past conduct as a measure of future conduct. When anything-but-Christian Donald Trump was presented by the mass-media as Obama-in-reverse, a Neanderthal-driventweeter one-of-us, the mass-media "said" they could not stop him, yet with his 24/7 mass-media coverage freely given by the mass media saying they could not stop him, you bought into the "If the mass media is against him then I'm for him" reverse psychology. All guaranteed to drown out any real coverage of Rand Paul or Ted Cruz, being the two real and viable choices for Republicans. (And we suspect Ted also a Manchurian Candidate, complete with Goldman Sachs wife and Goldman Sachs million dollar campaign loan. And most eye-opening, his "I will not stand by you if you don't stand by Israel!!!!)  Instead, once in office, Trump flipped on every meaningful conservative position in what the mass-media love to call "maturing in office", after of course suckering the voters once again, and now Trump looks just like Obama, who himself in office looked just like George W, who after it was all said and done, came to look a lot like his father. This should not be a surprise as Trump was a Hillary-loving liberal his entire life -- had the mass-media spent any time reminding voters of that too. To really succeed, to succeed long-term, a movement must have rock solid roots -- that of your local church. Just remember, Freedom of Speech naturally follows Freedom of Religious Thought; both freedoms contained in the same First Amendment for a very good reason.

    Step 2)

    For a full ground-to-top Christian restoration to be possible, each church in a state congressional district must select a representative from among their church members, contribute to a Pay-Unto-Caesar donation to support the ultimate candidate --- and then pray. Job well done until election time! Their various church representatives will then appoint a leading representative from among themselves, who will enroll in either the Democrat or Republican primary of whichever political party normally wins that state congressional district. Come primary day, all Christians show up to vote for the designated Christian candidate and that person should be a shoe-in for the general election.
The general election is almost ALWAYS won or lost at the primary.  The dirty little secret is that very few voters actually ever vote in the primary in the first place, and many of those few voters don't even have a clue whom they are voting for at any position below the President, United States Senator, or Governor. This dirty secret has always allowed dedicated groups, such teacher unions or lawyer unions to put their own dedicated candidate into office. We are just advocating for a dedicated candidate with a far more universal self-interest than teaching or lawyering to be the group who wins; that is, someone with Christian morality and integrity. Besides that, because of the constitutional principle of separation of powers, lawyers from the judicial branch should forever be forbidden to run for a legislative branch position. And for ethical reasons, public teachers unions, being government workers already, should also not be deciding whom the government official should be who will preside over laws for their schools. Christians are the best and I believe, only hope for this country.  The next dirty little secret the national mass media does not want you to know is that no one pays any attention to these very low State positions, and they know their national MSM has little influence in who wins or loses out in greater Kansas, or West Texas, the middle of California. or anywhere in Illinois outside of Chicago based on local issues.

    Step 3)

    With a Christian-ran State legislature, have each State select and fund its own State candidate for the United State Senate to run against the candidate of the Republican and Democrat parties.

Is there any reason why the States cannot run their own candidate for the United States Senate? Do not the States have a greater interest in the running of the federal government when it comes to their rights expressed in the Constitution?  Absolutely!  And so thought the Founding Fathers when they originally allowed the States to appoint their Senators. The  State's candidate would be a far better choice than anything the Democrats or Republicans would ever present, so would have little chance of losing.

    Step 4)

    Once a majority of State "appointed" senators are in place, have them present a repeal to the 17th Amendment.  (Recognizing our Constitution, Article 5, expressly FORBID a constitutional amendment to forcibly take away the right of THEIR State to VOTE in the United States Senate.)

Before the 17th Amendment was enacted in 1913, the original Constitution had a Separation of Powers, with a State power in a Federal Senate and a People power in a House of Representatives.  As well, there was an additional built-in vertical Separation of Power, with a Federal Executive power and a Federal Judiciary power, balanced against a 50-State power running the Federal Senate. A great imbalance was created when both were destroyed with the 17th Amendment, where the States were thrown out of the US Senate. The "State Veto" of the United States Senate can and should be restored for an additional review of the enactment of all federal laws, the enactment of all federal judicial appointments, the enactment of all international treaties, and ESPECIALLY, deciding all impeachments of federal officeholders which was always the threat which kept them honest in the past.

    Step 5)

The 17th Amendment repeal is the BETTER route as an Amendment to repeal can never be questioned later; and better yet, a repeal MUST strengthen the maintenance of a National Republic, not a National Democracy, by NOT allowing State legislators to ever again delegate their job of appointing U.S. Senators to a "democratic vote of the People" or to the whim of a single governor.
A hundred years ago, State legislatures found they were getting their arms twisted by the mass media to  give up their Constitutional right to appoint Senators to the U.S. Senate. The States were being libeled as corrupt and their appointed Senators were said by the mass media as being just as corrupt. Furthermore, the propaganda from the mass media was that a democratic vote of the people was guaranteed to rid the Senate of corruption. As many mass media campaigns go, this one also worked and one State after another States wrote laws allowing the voters of the State to select the Senatorial candidate. The mass media plays for the long game. The mass media went out of their way to select nothing but saints to run in these "democratically elected" Senatorial elections, to "prove the point" that voters do select far better candidates than States ever appoint. This was calculated to cause a ground swell of support across the country for the 17th Amendment to FORCE all the remaining States into complete submission.  OK, we now know that was pure propaganda on the part of the mass media, as once the 17th Amendment was passed, the mass media started fronting their own Satanic Senatorial candidates to run and the Senate has never been more corrupt than it is today. 

    Step 6)

    By Constitutional Amendment, create an independent-of-the-federal-government "media and investigatory Congress", ran only by the States, whose dual purpose is to regulate the "Fourth Branch of Government" -- the mass media -- and to act as independent investigators of federal agencies for purposes of impeachment.

The mass media is monopolistic in speech, thought, word and deed; therefore, it is un-American and unconstitutional. Its evil presence hampers, and shapes out of all recognition, the freedom of speech and freedom of the press of the common man, upon which all freedom depends. Let's be perfectly clear here. One man sitting in front of a camera in New York City, having his thoughts electronically broadcast across the entire nation of 400 million Americans, across every State line, where his digital image can enter through the closed doors of the strongest homes and project his image onto a television or computer screen is NOT FREE SPEECH, but a national MONOPOLY on free speech; which the Founding Fathers would have been aghast to have supported. The First Amendment "Congress shall make no law..." prohibitions shall continue to prohibit the Federal government from becoming a tyrant suppressing free speech and freedom of the press for American citizens individually; but, a ruling media oligarchy, as we have now, is not in the best interests of Christians and deadly to this country.  We broke up steel and oil cartels for far less Constitutional reasons. The FCC and all related functions should be moved outside the federal government into a state-controlled entity, least we end up with a federal thought police.

    Step 7)

    With your prayers, stand back and watch the newly empowered States, ran by patriotic American Christians, dismantle the Satanic Federal Leviathan - piece by piece - using a vertical Checks and Balances, restoring our country to its former Christian greatness.  #PACA - Pray America Great Again.
The Paca Plan

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  • 1. Christians unite for battle

  • 2. Christians to Restore the State Veto


    3. Destroy the Media Monopoly

  • 4. Beef up Impeachment Powers

  • 5. Destroy the Federal Reserve

  • 6. Restore the concept of Family

  • 7. Repeal the 16th Amendment

  • 8. Restrict Lawyers to Judicial Branch

  • 9. Celebrate with a Christian Jubilee

  • 10. Impose a huge Smoot-Hawley Tariff

  • 11. State legislators appoint
    President of the United States

  • 12. Elect Real Christians

  • 13. Constitutionality Veto

  • 14. Destroy the concept of
    "Representation without Taxation"

  • 15. Institute Real Campaign Reform

  • 16. Second Amendment
    --The Ultimate Checks and Balances

  • 17. Separation of "Synagogue" and State

  • 18. Separation of "Church" and State

  • 19. Supreme Court determines Constitutionality

  • 20. Devolve power back to the States

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    1. Christians unite for battle

    Please note:
    Nothing in these writings are a call for any form of a Christian theocracy,
    but are indeed a call to overthrow our Jewish-led atheist theocracy.

    Before we can counter-attack the evil that abounds around us, we must stop our internal Christian Civil Wars.

    You all know the old saying,
      "If we don't hang together, we will surely hang separately.
  • Mexican Roman Catholic Christians, being allowed by the Jewish Pharisees to enter the US to help destabilize the economy, should be asked to return home, but they are not our enemy.

  • Russian Orthodox Christians, under the thumb of the Judeo-Communist terror of Jewish Commissars for far too long, should be ashamed of themselves for allowing their country to have been taken over, but they are not the enemy.

  • German Lutheran Christians, defending themselves from the same Judeo-Communist terror the Russians fell for, by falling for a guy mean enough to take on the much meaner Jewish puppet Stalin and the deceptively and treasonous pro-Jewish Churchill, were never the enemy.

  • English Anglican Christians forced us to fight them twice when we were a young country, and then got us involved in fighting two huge World Wars for them once we were a grown country, this time under the influence of Jewish puppet Churchill, but again, they are not the enemy.

  • The American Mormon Christians may not be the best example of Christianity, because they add extra theology to the perfect sacred message of Jesus, but at least they do not reject Jesus, so they are not really our enemy.

  • Evangelical Protestant Christians, under the Satan-like influence of the Pharisees, having sold their souls to Israel First organizations such as the "Christians United for Israel", are truly ignorant, but they also are not the enemy.

  • We must identify both radical Muslims and especially Jewish Pharisees as the enemy. The former we all know are bloodthirsty, their evil work is evident for all the see; while the latter are even worst, for their devious, deceitful ways are not seen and unknowing to Christians, they agitate Christians to slaughter their fellow Christians.

    The enemy will fight us with words, for their Jewish words have indeed been mightier than the sword.

    Our enemy will accuse us of wanting a theocracy, but we know that we just want our country and families back in a Christian culture and morality.

    Our enemy will cause suspicion among and within the thousand denominations they have created as they have pulled us far apart, but we will unite again under our Savior Jesus Christ.

    Our enemy will plant agent provocateurs among us, such as "White Supremacists", and "Christians United for Israel", but we Christians will no longer follow false Gods, so we will rat them out.

    Our enemy will give us false leaders to lead us astray, but we will rid ourselves of these traitors.

    After we take control, there will be punishments for crimes committed, but we are not a mob, we are not Nazis -- we are patriotic Americans and devout Christians!

    In the end, we may need to have our States form Mossad-like militias to fight fire with fire. See : "The Mossad Arm of the Texas Rangers"

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    2. Christians to Restore the State Veto

  • The 17th Amendment castrated all power States had in the Senate of the Federal government.

    No longer would  States have the power to appoint US Senators, but now mass-media would fill voter's minds with fake news to vote in Senators they loved and to not vote in Senators they hated.

    Making each senator once again directly responsible to a sitting legislative body from their own State would virtually destroy the hold of national special-interest groups.

    No experimentation here.

    We tried this State-ran Senate policy for our first 124 years of existence and IT WORKED!!!!

    How can you bribe a senator if they are not running for re-election every 6 years?  

    "If ever this vast country is brought under a single government, it will be one of the most extensive corruption, indifferent and incapable of a wholesome care, over so wide a spread of surface.

    -- Thomas Jefferson to William T. Bary in 1822
    -- What Thomas Jefferson would say about the United States today(or United Nations)

    The Founding Fathers understood government corruption over a large spread of surface -- The power of Great Britain spread all over the world was their example.

    They believed in local rule and wanted the central government in London to agree to allow local rule of the colonies.

    In that spirit following the American Revolution, they conceived of local State rule, united with a central government only for external protection and a uniform free-trade zone between the States.

    In the spirit of the American Revolution, our States may be forced to form Mossad-like militias to fight fire with fire. See : "The Mossad Arm of the Texas Rangers"

    Central to this theme of decentralized local control, was the U.S. Senate, formed in the image of the Roman Senate, ran not by aristocrats but by the State legislatures.

  • The Senate was to confirm and give their blessings to what all other branches did. The States had a State-based veto of everything the federal government did by way of...
      1) Approval of cabinet appointments of the President;
      2) Approval of international treaties of the President;
      3) Approval of judicial appointments of the President;
      4) Approval of laws created in the House; and
      5) If they ever needed to remove their approval, by impeachment of federal officeholders.

    In 1913, the 17th Amendment to the United States Constitution passed which mandated that State legislators no longer had the power to APPOINT their own U.S. Senators. Instead, the people of the State would ELECT their U.S. Senators.

    Over the next 20 years, the Senate was thus transformed from
      a State-ran club
      a rich man's club

    with elections being nothing more than popularity contests and beauty contests, funded by rich special interests and orchestrated by mass media.

    No longer would America be guided by the local rule of their State, but instead America would be "ruled by the most extensive corruption of a federal government indifferent and incapable of a wholesome care over so wide a spread of surface."

    For the reason why this BROKE all the "checks and balances" carefully crafted into the Constitution, and why the States no longer have a "Veto" over Federal power, read the next section.

  • Dangers of "Continuing the Course"

    Some say that we can simply write our Congressmen to tell them how we want them to vote. If we are forced to do that instead of running our everyday lives, then we have lost already, because it is a perfect indictation that we voted in the wrong candidate.

  • A Republican government DEPENDS upon having elected officials who know what is right and then do what is right, WITHOUT HAVING TO BE TOLD.

    Some others say that a small handful of patriotic citizens can "educate" 350 million Americans to "elect" enough of the right kind of Senators in enough multi-million-dollar Senate campaigns, to obtain the 2/3rd Senator votes needed to propose a repeal of the very Constitutional Amendment which allowed them to get their job in the first place.

    The Christian Solution believes both of these suggestions are NAIVE "solutions" to the federal problem.

    In fact, these proposed solutions are DANGEROUS SOLUTIONS, in that, first, they will NEVER happen with a hostile media, and second, this country will be done for, long before 350 million Americans wake up from their slumbers.

    Dangers of a Con-Con (Constitutional Convention)

    Let's face it, a Constitutional Convention is a dangerous way to repeal the 17th Amendment, because it opens the entire Constitution to modification or even total repeal and replacement.

  • In fact, a Con-Con could make things worst, for a Con-Con could actually make the 17th Amendment constitutional. At the moment, you would never know it from the elitists running this country, but Article 5 of the Constitution does not allow States to involuntarily lose their vote in the US Senate.

    While a Con-Con is a very small danger, as NOTHING takes effect without 3/4th of the State legislatures agreeing to any change, I cannot deny there are dangers involved as long as real constitutionalists are not in control of the State legislatures.

  • We must never have a Con-con until Christians once again control state legislatures.

    A Practical,
    Workable Method
    to Restore
    the State Veto

    STEP 1)
    States provide public service announcements to educate the public.

    The easiest, fastest, safest, and most practical way to restore "checks and balances" in America is to have our State legislators fund a non-partisan educational series of "public service" announcements for the purpose of explaining :

      Public Service Announcement
      Why the Founding Fathers
        thought it wise to
          split power
              "The People" in The House
              "The States" in The Senate.

        While the States controled the Senate:
      • States had Veto Power over Presidential Cabinet Appointments
      • States had Veto Power over Presidential Judicial Appointments
      • States had Veto Power over Presidential International Treaties
      • States had Veto Power over Federal laws
      • States had Impeachment Power over Federal Officials

      Prior to the States losing their veto power in 1913,
      • America was never in a World War
      • America never had a Great Depression
      • America won every war it fought
      • America had a gold standard to keep everyone financially honest
      • America was economically and politically independent
      • America became a world power
      • America was thought a better place to live by millions of White European Christians than their own countries

    STEP 2)
    States place on the ballot for U.S. Senator, their choice for Senator

    This should be followed up by having our State legislators propose "their candidate" for Senate races -- a candidate committed to repealing the 17th Amendment.


    The amount of money spent on the educational "public service" announcements would be a small investment in restoring our American Republic to pre-Progressive days.

    For instance, the most expensive Senate race ever was the 1994 California race between Democrat Dianne Feinstein and Michael Huffington. That race cost $44.3 million, much of it from Huffington's personal fortune.

    In 2004, the Democrat Barbara Boxer and Republican Bill Jones race cost a total of $19.1 million. So, 30 million dollars seems to be a conservative price for a Senate race in a state like California having a population of about 30 million people in 2004 (You can see why I picked this number).

    In other words, it cost about a dollar per citizen. Approximately 50 cents spent by the Republicans and 50 cents spent by the Democrats.

    If the State of California were to spend, say 5 times the amount spent by private campaigns in total, say $5 per citizen, then their public service announcements would cost the State of California $150 million dollars.

    Granted, California's government is currently experiencing a $43.0 billion dollar deficit, so spending another $0.150 Billion WILL be criticized by the powers who do not want to repeal the 17th Amendment and thus restore the State "Veto".

    But it MUST be done nevertheless!

    Consider this -- "Gov. Schwarzenegger says his 2005 budget will increase school spending by almost $3 billion."

    The sum of $3 billion dollars is the same as saying $3,000 million dollars.

    If the State of California can spend an additional $3,000 million dollars "educating" the children of California, then a one-time election-year sum of $150 million spent to "educate" the adults of California about the proper role of government, should be money well spent.

    One caveat is that the State's candidate cannot take any money from any source during the campaign, not even from the State. He will thus be deemed to be beholden to no one. If the State "hires him for the job", he will move straight from whatever job he currently has right into his Senate job, doing just as any employee does who is hired by an employer.

    Reasons for State Educational Funding and State proposed Senator:
    • It still allows "the people", come election day, the final say in who will represent their State.

    • It will allow for the people to select a Senator who the State knows will really represent their State.

    • It will take a lot of the politics out of the Senate, with Senators meeting to represent their State, not their political party.

    • These State-supported Senators could be counted on to repeal the 17th Amendment, since they will refuse campaign contributions from any source.

    There is NOTHING immoral about the State having an interest in who represents their interests in the federal government. In fact, that was the way the Founding Fathers established this country, which worked wonderfully until FDR could count on special-interest-elected Senators elected by mass-media.

    There is little the mass-media could do to stop it.

  • Whatever resources the mass-media puts into defeating the State's own candidate, the State has the resources to counter-balance their overwhelming power. Besides, it would make the mass-media look to be anti-State and anti-Constitution. (as they are)

  • History of 17th Amendment

  • The Colonial States created the federal government and those States of the United States used to have "veto" power to:
    • Veto any and all federal laws from the House,
    • Veto any and all federal cabinet appointments of the President,
    • Veto any and all federal judicial appointments of the President,
    • Veto any and all international treaties negotiated by the President, and,
    • Decide all impeachments for federal office holders, President included.

    The States had this awesome power beginning after the Constitution was ratified in 1789, and they used it well for the next 124 years.

    For 124 years, the States were the "checks and balances" that kept the federal government small and kept its powers contained.

    Prior to the States losing their veto power,
    • America was never in a World War
    • America never had a Great Depression
    • America won every war it fought
    • America had a gold standard to keep everyone financially honest
    • America was economically and politically independent
    • America became a world power
    • America was thought a better place to live by millions of White European Christians than their own countries

    But all that changed in 1913, when the States were cunningly talked into cutting themselves completely out of the Federal government.

    The States completely abrogated their responsibilities to watchdog the federal monster they had created, when they agreed to hand over the United States Senate to the people.

    The States gave away their veto power over the government.

    As we do many times today, no one thought through what in the heck they were doing.

    Nothing changed much at first, but by the middle of the FDR administration, the full effects were starting to be felt.

    For the last 96 years, this is the America we now live in:

    • America has been in three World Wars, if you include the Cold War
    • America has had two Great Depressions, if the include the one we are entering
    • America lost every non-World War we fought, lost every war in the last 50 years, if you define winning as "they stop shooting at you"
    • America has no standard for money, other than what is printed from out of thin air
    • America is economically and politically dependant upon other countries
    • America has allowed too many of her own people to become dependant upon their own government for basic food and shelter
    • America has become a colony of the UN, and is being reverse colonized by the peoples of former colonies.
    • America has become a laughing stock world power
    • America is only a better place to live in the eyes of the world's worst countries

    How did this happen?

    Some say that the power grab from the States was the 14th Amendment which brought the 1st Amendment down to the level of the States, with the Federal government being the authority to tell the States that they could no longer establish Christian principles and morality upon the citizens of their State.

    Some say again that the power grab from the States was the same 14th Amendment which also brought "Freedom of the Press" to the State level for the first time. Once again, the Federal government became the guide as to what was free speech and what was not free speech, establishing a FCC bureaucracy to insure the federal government got to regulate the regulators.

    Some say that the 16th Amendment allowed the Federal government to "feed itself". The Income Tax Amendment bypassed the States, allowing it to impose a tax directly on the People -- The power of the purse.

    But it was the 17th Amendment, which removed the State "Veto", which allowed these two amendments to breath life into the Federal Frankenstein's monster, making it  "C-o-m-e__A-l-i-v-e--!.

    With no State agreement in a State-controlled U.S. Senate to tax and spend at the federal level, there would be no resulting loss of State sovereignty.

    The 17th MUST not only be repealed, but the repeal of the 17th MUST strengthen the checks and balances in our government.

    Soon after the Progressive [Communist] Movement began in America around the turn of the last century, many States started passing laws giving their people the right to vote for their State Senator, in addition to the right they already enjoyed in voting for their House of Representative. Senators became a "super-representative."

    Eventually, enough States agreed to relieve themselves of their Constitutional responsibility that it was made into a Constitutional 17th Amendment stating that no State legislature would be allowed to decide who would represent their State at the federal level.

    In a repeal of the 17th Amendment, the replacement should state that State legislatures SHALL appoint U.S. Senators to represent their State and that States CANNOT delegate their decision to the people, as is the practice now under the 17th Amendment and was the practice in many States after the Progressive Movement got under way and before the 17th Amendment was passed.

    Informal Analysis
    for repeal of
    the 17th Amendment

    The reason our Constitution is broken is because the enactment of the 17th Amendment broke it.

    Before passage of the 17th Amendment, U.S. Senators were appointed by the State legislators of the State they represented.

    This created a vertical checks and balances against excessive federal power, where the States could jealously guard their power from a power hungry federal government.

    The majority of the States could "veto" anything they did not like in the Senate, just as the People could veto anything they do not like in the House of Representatives.

    After passage of the 17th Amendment in 1913, U.S. Senators were elected by the citizens of the State they represented.

    The problem is that the Judeo-MSM could talk the People into forcing their State legislatures into relinquishing all their State power to the people, OR ELSE BE TARGETED TO BE THROWN OUT OF OFFICE.  For a Judeo-MSM who could talk citizens into electing an Obama or a McCain or a Trump as President, could easily influence the selection of State Senators as well.

    There no longer were checks and balances. Everything depended upon what the mass-media told us.

  • OR, perhaps the creation of mass-media in the same 1913 time-frame is a part of the equation.  For the first time in the history of the world, a small group could communicate with the entire nation through the newly invented instruments of radio and television. We will discuss how to correct and restore a real checks and balances of a free press later.

    Nevertheless, U.S. Senators simply became nothing more than super House members.

    As we will prove, the Jewish media-Scribes have gained almost infinite power with the passage of this Amendment.

    After passage of the 17th Amendment, starting in 1916, one third of Senators became elected, instead of appointed. -- In 1918, another one third. -- And finally, the last third were elected in 1920.

    Therefore, starting in 1920, the entire legislative and executive branches of government were now elected by the same brainwashed People.

    Now for the first Senatorial votes after 1913, the People were still voting for leading citizens they already knew -- Leading citizens who were still honest, still upright Christians.

    But throughout the 1920's, as the leading citizens were retiring or dying off, the Jewish media-Scribes were introducing Obama-type or McCain-type or Trump-type men as the "new and improved" leading "Progressive" citizens of the States. (Progressive is a shorthand way of saying "progress towards socialism")

    The judicial branch of government was still appointed for life though, and prior to the 1918 or 1920 time-span, all judicial appointments were still being confirmed by a State-dominated Senate.

    These State-biased judges still provided a vital horizontal "Checks and Balances" at the federal level against elected officers violating Constitutional principles, even though the vital vertical "Checks and Balances" between the Federal and the States was already demolished.

    They also stayed in office for life; replaced only upon death.

    This balance of power all changed by FDR's time, with FDR famously telling the remaining State-appointed Supreme Court judges to get in line or else.

    Hence, up until FDR came to power, we still had Supreme Court Justices, confirmed by pre-17th Amendment Senators, who would insure that the Constitution was obeyed.

    After these last SCOTUS justices retired, there were no longer any horizontal "Checks and Balances", to protect us from the loss of the vertical "Checks and Balances" we had already lost with the passing of the 17th.

    There was no longer any checks and balances against the Federal government imposing their control over the States, or even taking the power away from the States which was reserved to the States.

    The tyranny of the 14th Amendment, the 16th Amendment, the all encompassing commerce clause was upon us, all laid bare when the States lost control of the federal reigns.

    Here is a list of benefits that
    Americans enjoyed prior to the 17th Amendment.

    On selecting Senators

  • No mass media media-Scribe manipulation fraud and bias in selecting Senators (No Al Franken Senators, as there were no Hollywood media-Scribes from the State of California and Saturday Night Live media-Scribes from the State of New York campaigning to represent the people of the State of Minnesota)

  • No foreign campaign contribution frauds and bribes in selecting Senators (Bill Clinton bribed by the Chinese. Bush bribed by the Saudis. All candidates bribed by the Israelis.)

  • No Governor selection frauds and bribes (No Illinois Rod Blagojevich types of fraud -- Why are governors appointing Senators anyway?)

  • No California Hollywood starlets buying representations from a third U.S. Senator from Minnesota (Al Franken)

  • No New York affirmative action for selecting female Senators (Hillary Clinton and Caroline Kennedy)

  • No Illinois affirmative action for selecting black Senators (Roland Burris)

  • No ACORN voter FRAUD

    With State legislatures selecting Senators

  • No activist anti-Constitutional judges confirmed

  • Checks and Balances between "The States" in the Senate and "The People" in the House

  • Checks and Balances between "The States" and "The Federal Government"

  • Checks and Balances, the ultimate checks and balances, between "The guns of The People" and "The guns of The Government" not needed

  • Decentralized government

  • Decentralized banking and finance

  • Decentralized schooling

  • Decentralized regulations

  • Decentralized United Nations government (OK, NO United Nations!)

  • Corruption would leave now powerless Washington and return to the newly-powerful States, where it can be watched and controlled better.

  • Federal government would return to a non-corrupt type of monitoring State corruption. -- Separation of watch dog and watched

  • Best of all, 50 State governments will start competing for people, jobs and businesses once again, giving us the best "capitalistic" government anyone could ever hope for (What we used to have)

    Formal Analysis
    for repeal of
    the 17th Amendment

    The reason our Constitution is broken is because the enactment of the 17th Amendment broke it.

    Bright lights attracts moths, just as power and money attracts thieves, greed, corruption and graft.

    Until 1913, the bright light of American governmental power and money had traditionally been almost wholly contained within our state governments. Hence, it would not be a surprise to expect a certain amount of thieves characterized by greed, corruption and graft to be associated with state governments at the time. It is my contention that our Founding Fathers wisely constructed our system in this manner in order to decentralize and minimize this unwanted but uncontrollable greed, corruption and graft.

    To be sure, the federal government was seen as virtuous, for it had little "light" to attract "moths".

    The principle of Federalism kept the federal government weak and poor, outside those areas it was explicitly granted power by the Constitution. And its virtue was seen by all Americans when it would investigate and prosecute state officials for corruption and bribery in order to "guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican form of government", as stipulated in the Constitution.

    There was competition among states.

    For employers, if one State government became too stifling to free enterprise, there were 49 other States in which to move your business. For workers, if your State did not protect you from unscrupulous business practices, you were free to chose any of 49 other states in which to live. For the religious or atheist, if your State government did not respect your religion or lack of religion, you had 49 other choices to move to. For citizens in general, if your State government did not balance "law and order" against "liberty and freedom", again, there were 49 other choices. We used to call this choice in government -- freedom.

    Freedom is a delicate balancing act that cannot be centrally controlled. For freedom to occur, it has to be distributed as many different ways as possible. Ideally, freedom is distributed as far down to the State, family and finally to the individual as possible.

    A Federal Reserve Central Bank and a centralized national police force in a Department of Homeland Security are the enemies of freedom.

    Power at the State level served to distribute the maximum amount of freedom and the minimal amount of corruption. So far, so good.

    Now the Propaganda Begins

    The question the Jewish media-Scribes started getting people to ask after the turn of the last century was, "If the State governments are the source of all the corruption, and graft in America, then we should take away its power and money.

    Likewise, if the federal government is the source of all freedom and virtue in America, why not then give it all the power and money?"

    Any idiot can see through this faulty logic.

    They might as well have said, "I, the State, am rich and I have a problem with thieves who keep breaking into my house to steal my gold, therefore let's move my gold to your home, because you, the Federal government, are poor and they never break into your house.

  • That will fool them and put a stop to their thievery!"

    And so, with this faulty logic, the biggest question of the Jewish media-Scribe "Progressives" was one of what to do about the Senate being appointed by the State legislatures.

    The Jewish media-Scribes would say, "There was no doubt that the corrupt State-appointed Senate was a corrupting influence upon the all but otherwise saintly federal government."

    Of course, it had to be, because the state legislatures had all the greed and corruption at the time. It could not be helped -- a necessary evil.

    Or could it?

    The Jewish media-Scribe "Progressives" started agitating for the 17th Amendment which would trust the "saintly people" to directly elect "saintly Senators".

  • The State legislatures were put into the lime-light by the mass-media, coerced by a mass media talking of corruption, into giving up their responsibility to select qualified Senators to represent their State. Anyone who opposed would be labeled "Corrupt" as fast as someone is today labeled "racist", "homophober", or "Nazi". No State legislator could withstand the direct assault of the mass-media blackmail smf remain in office.

    The propaganda of the mass-media was that if Senators were elected by virtuous and free citizens such as you and me, then the Senate would be just as virtuous and free as the rest of the federal government. And better still, the States would no longer have their corrupt appointed Senators in Congress holding back the federal government from performing a real housecleaning of State corruption.

  • What State legislator could object?

  • To maintain the FRAUD until complete passage of the 17th Amendment, the mass media made a point to be sure to get behind honest leaders for the Senate elections in States that started allowing their people to vote for Senator. This allowed the mass-media to say, "See, I told you so!"  But again, all for optics, to help sell the 17th Amendment to the gullible.

  • Well, we all know how the story turns out, don't we?

    "The People", or as their ilk like to say -- "The Masses", -- are only as "virtuous" and "free" as the information the Jewish media-Scribes fill our tiny little brains with.

  • After passage of the 17th Amendment, the mass-media flipped almost as fast as Donald Trump did after his last campaign rally.

    The same Jewish media-Scribe "Progressives" who were able to talk us into passing the 17th Amendment, were also able to talk us into electing Senators that were many times more corrupt than the Senators we thought we were getting rid of. This time though, the Senators don't even pretend to represent the State they represented.

    In truth, while no longer beholding to their elected state legislatures anymore, our Senators were now beholding to the money interests of the Sadducees who donated tons of money to their campaign, as well as additional corrupt money under the table into their back pocket.

  • Our Senators are more beholding to the foreign nation of Israel than they are to the citizens of their own State of their own country.

    Our Senators are more beholding to the "Progressive" media-Scribes who could make them look like a saint in the mass media, while at the same time make their opponent look like the devil.

  • The "Unintended" Consequences

    After the State legislatures lost their power in the Senate, they also became powerless to stop the newly energized federal government from taking all their power and money away from them.

    Along with all the power and money migrating upward into the one centralized core, went the thieves with their greed, corruption and graft flocking to the new master -- the Federal Government.

    The moths now had a bigger, brighter light to attract them, as the lights from the 50 States started to dim.

    With greed, corruption and graft all concentrated now at the federal level, there is no longer any State a person can move to to escape the corruption.

    All industries are now subject to the exact same stifling regulations across the nation, unless they pay bribe money to Congressmen.

    All labor is now subject to the same unscrupulous business practices, imposed upon them by Pharisee and Sadducee PAC money buying the influence of their Congressmen.

    All religious people are now subject to the same atheism, so as to not offend any person of any other religion.

    In short, "Law and Order" is no longer balanced against "Freedom and Liberty".

    Worst yet, the Jewish media-Scribes, along with the Pharisees and Sadducees, who broke the system in the first place, have yet another solution to all the problems they created.

    As they would say, "The corruption in the federal government can be rooted out simply by giving the now weak - but virtuous - United Nations authority to bring our corrupt federal officials before the World Court and the International Court of Justice."

    "A powerful United Nations would root out all the corruption we are seeing at the Federal Government at the moment", they contend.

    Sorry -- Been there -- Done that!!!

    This of course, would be the opposite solution proposed by "The Christian Solution".

    The Founding Fathers knew of Corruption and Wanted It Managed, Didn't They?

    The nice thing about the Founding Fathers' scheme was that the corruption you could not realistically get rid of at a national level was decentralized closer to home.

    Decentralized power structure? -- What would corruption look like then?
    • Stability -- If one State's corruption became so severe as to pull down the entire State, there were 49 other States left to laugh at their folly. The fallen State was then able to purge itself of the corruption, but most importantly, the entire country was not taken down by the corruption of the one State. No one State government was "too big to fail" among 50 State governments.

    • Self-Correcting
    • If the corruption became so severe in one State, or the morals became too impaired in that State, then companies and people who could not stomach it anymore could move to another State, which was less corrupt and more moral. Utah was founded this way by the Mormons. America itself had its own example of the Pilgrims leaving an immoral and unjust society, in order to found a better one. This was a self-correcting checks and balances on corruption. Sure, it was not perfect. You could not relocate the immovable Erie Canal you owned, nor the oil wells that you were producing with. But it was much better than what we have today. States actually competed with each other for the best place to live in those days.

    • Respectable Oversight
    • The nice thing about corruption leaving the federal government alone was that the Feds were still respectable enough to help regulate some of the State corruption. The FBI is a wonderful tool to help investigate State corruption, so long as the State does the arresting and the prosecuting of the violation of State law.

    • More People Control
    • Another nice thing about corruption at the State level, was that there was more you and I could personally do at the State level to actually take part in helping to prevent any frauds and scandals in the first place and in helping to fix them afterwards. It is logically 50 times more difficult to make changes at the Federal level than at the State level.

    • Less media-Scribe manipulation
    • With States having some control over the Jewish-owned national press, such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox, then Jewish Pharisee and Sadducee corruption in particular at the Federal level would be easier to discover, catch and prosecute.

    • State power is far less scary
    • The Feds have all the tanks, helicopters, fighter jets, machine guns and smart bombs. If the Fed wanted to stop playing with us, they have the power to do so. The Feds are far scarier than the States. Even if the States became dictatorial, the federal government has a responsibility to insure a Republican form of State government. I like it when the Fed is not corrupt and so too the Generals.

    Repeal the 17th? --What would that be like?

    • The Fed? -- A State-appointed Senate would de-centralize banking, by not resting until this powerful corrupt monster was dead and permanently buried.

    • The Income Tax? -- A State-appointed Senate would de-centralize government funding, by demanding that this state-bypassing Amendment was repealed.

    • Federal Judges? -- A State-appointed Senate would de-centralize justice, by never consenting to the appointment of the tyrannical globalist federal judges we now have, let along judges grabbing power from States.

    • International Treaties? -- A State-appointed Senate would not ratify treaties which would relinquish power to a United Nations, a TAA, a NATO, a NAFTA, an IMF, a Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) or any other unconstitutional abrogation of power.

    • Impeachments? -- A State-appointed Senate would actually impeach our corrupt and anti-Constitutional federal politicians and judges for violating the Constitution.

    • States' Rights? -- A State-appointed Senate would re-impose the "vertical" checks and balances that used to stop centralized federal power from hijacking "closer-to-home" State power. They would veto all attempts to deal them out of the power sharing.

    • Balance? -- A State-appointed Senate would re-impose the "legislative" checks and balances between "The People" in the House and "The States" in the Senate.

    • Free Press? -- A State-appointed Senate would de-centralize the so-called "Free Press", because they would realize that the so-called "Free Press" was more like the "Free Trade" we were given by the Feds; that is, a monopoly trade cartel, that "selected" our Senators, as well as our House members, and that almost caused us our total loss of freedom. Realistic control over the one monopolistic microphone having a one way conversation with 350 million Americans is NOT what the Founding Fathers had in mind with the concept of Free Speech and Freedom of the Press. Freedom of the Press CANNOT be a monopoly of one special interest, whether Jewish or otherwise.

    • Government competition? -- A State-appointed Senate, having emasculated an overbearing federal power inside America, would leave 50 decentralized State governments competing with each other to provide the best place to live and raise a family.

    Governmental Golden Rule

    Fifty capitalistic State governments competing for your governmental needs is far better than one monopolistic Federal government dictating to you!

    A Need for Voting Balance for States

    I do not understand the State's stand on an issue when one Senator votes for a bill and the other State senator votes against a bill. I do not understand where my State stands with a deadlock.

    I don't like going with only one Senator per State either. My State could tell me that the Senator's vote was not representative of what they would want, as he is free to vote however he wants.

    My solution would have each state legislature appoint three Senators and require that the majority vote between the three be the single State vote cast in the Senate.

    The States would then appoint one Senator each two years, instead of one each two years and then a skip of 2 years for the missing third Senator.

    That way, any one Senator who was straying from what he was there to represent would be overrode by the other two, until such a time as the State legislature could perform a recall.

    Easier recall of Senators

    One of the hallmarks of our government is lying politicians who immediately show their true colors after getting elected. And their true colors always seem to be against the best interests of this country.

    A recall of a Representative from the House is very difficult logistically, so I would not bother here, and re-elections are every two years anyway.

    But a recall of a state-appointed Senator is easily implemented.

    In addition to repealing the 17th Amendment and making a sole vote per each State from a three Senator majority, I would also add a procedure to allow any State legislature to recall their Senator from his 6 year term, with a simple majority vote, to be replaced at once by another appointee.


    1) A repeal of the 17th Amendment would restore the vertical checks and balances between "the States" and "the Federal Government", so critical for a stable government.

    2) Individual States would not be allowed to "bypass" the removal of the 17th, by allowing their State law to select Senators with State elections. The State legislature cannot and should not be coerced by a mass media talking of corruption, into giving up their responsibility to select qualified Senators to represent their State.

    3) Individual States would not be allowed to violate the Separation of Powers between the Executive and Legislative Branches, by allowing their Governor in the Executive to select their federal Senator in the legislative. That does invite corruption and is the job of the State legislator only. No more selling of Senate seats as was done by Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich with Obama's Senate seat.

    4) The Senate would be increased to three Senators each with each State vote being a majority of the three. No more split votes between two State Senators. Each State's position would be clear and individual Senators would no longer be prima-donnas.

    5) The State legislatures would have immediate impeachment power over their own Senators with a simple recall vote of the State legislature.

    6) The House of Representatives would be expanded to at least the size of modern-day Mega-churches. This would make it more responsive to the will of the People.

    This would restore the checks and balances between "the People" in the House of Representatives and "the States" in the Senate. This repeal and strengthening would go a long way toward returning real law and order, balanced against our freedoms, all which we used to enjoy in this country.

    Again, taking the representation of the state (the Senate) away from the State legislatures and turning it into a popularity contest ran by the mass-media was just plain wrong. Making the senator responsible to a sitting body would destroy the hold of special-interest groups. How can you bribe a senator if they are not running for re-election every 6 years?

    The power of the states can be restored to its proper place as a counter force to federal force is we repeal the 17th.

    ...You may stop reading here if you wish...
    since the repeal of the 17th Amendment would, of itself, rectify most issues.
    However, for the interested reader, you may continue to read.
    It is worth exploring why some of the other changes need to occur.

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    3. Destroy the Media Monopoly
  • Institute a REAL "Fairness Doctrine",

    If nothing else, for national security sake, for protecting the Constitution, shouldn't American news sources at least be American born and American owned, not a Jewish multi-national corporation like Fox, whose son's viewpoints now look just like ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN?  Or Breitbart, founded by a Jew, with offices in Israel.

    We must never forget that both freedom of speech and it predecessor, freedom of religious thought, are both contained within the exact same Amendment.

    What you religiously believe in your mind and what part of those beliefs you express through speech were both protected and intertwined.

    Hence, First Amendment wise, freedom of speech has more to do with religious beliefs than any Jewish media-Scribes would ever admit.

    Frankly, the fact that America was 100% founded by Christians, who left Europe over their Christian religious beliefs, speaks volumes for the fact that the First Amendment is yet another "checks and balances" put in place between
      A) Christian religious leaders, having a freedom of speech to freely speak of morals and to hold government accountable to morals
      B) Government secular leaders, who is to make, enforce and judge the laws we live under.

      "Checks and Balances" between Church and State

    • Freedom of Speech and Conscience of Church

      --- which causes an ethical "checks and balances" ---

    • to restrict the actions of the State

    The idea of the First Amendment was not to be turned on its head.

    That is, a small elite of immoral Jewish media-Scribes were not supposed to control speech which then allowed them to control government, leading in turn, to non-Christian Jews dictating religious policy to all Christians.

    Instead, the moral, religious, Christian leaders of a majority American Christian people were expected to provide the ethical watch-dog function to the government.

    The problem is that anyone with half a brain knows that it is neither the Christian majority, nor Christian religious leaders, who maintain a near monopoly on this Christian nation's electronic microphone.

    Our national microphones are nearly all owned and controlled by a small minority of Jewish Sadducees and Jewish media-Scribes.

    Our American Republic cannot survive on a small Jewish media-Scribe minority hostile to the best interests of the majority Christians.

    Naturally, the Pharisees and Sadducees can have their individual free speech in their home, in their synagogue, standing on top of a soap box, or even in Israel, the country they love more than America.

    But no one has the sole exclusive right to a single microphone which talks, one way and one way only, to 400 million Americans, every night of the week, week after week, month after month, year after year, on one of four nightly news service, who all four seem eerily clones of each other.

    Think that the newspapers are not a part of the electronic media? Think again. One man at a teletype deep in the bowels of the Associated Press dictates newsprint electronically to all newspapers in America.

    Would that be fair and just for the other 400 million Americans who did not have such a microphone or such a teletype?

    Is this a situation the Founding Fathers were faced with in their day? --nationally-connect computers, nationally-connected telephones, national movie theater chains, national television stations, nation radio syndicates, nationally distributed magazines, mass-produced industrial-sized newspaper companies, centralized Internet search engines, centralized Internet social networks like Facebook?

    Is this a situation that the Founding Fathers would have tolerated one second?

    We can sell this "PROGRESSIVE IDEA" of FAIRNESS and JUSTICE, if we point out that the owners of these microphones are GREEDY, SELFISH, MEDIA-PIGS, WHO HOG ALL THE MEDIA FOR THEMSELVES.


    Internet technology has indeed given us a glimmer of our once free speech, where all were equal; however, it has also highlighted how far the Main Stream Media (MSM), or media elites, or as I accurately call them, the media-Scribes have been brainwashing us for these past 9 decades.

    For all time, the Jewish people have been blessed with an exceptional ability in verbal reasoning, while European Christians have been blessed with an exceptional ability in mathematical reasoning. But it has created a master/slave arrangement.

    The verbally gifted Jews tend to get positions requiring superior verbal reasoning in areas such as law, psychology, politics, news reporting, entertainment, financial negotiations, etc.

    Whereas, the mathematically gifted Christians tend to get jobs that "report" to the verbally gifted.

    The Christians obtain jobs in engineering, accounting, manufacturing, etc.

    Unfortunately, being in a position of power allows one to use that power for one's own purpose, and the Sadducees and Pharisees have done so throughout history. (See The Four Diasporas)

  • Traditionally and historically, the Jewish Pharisees have used propaganda from their vast trading networks to spread distortion and lies among different groups of people.

    For instance, radical young Jewish men, expelled from or fleeing from the defeat of the communist revolution of 1848 in Europe, landing on our shores, almost immediately become back-woods traders in our West. Most of the farms and small villages out West became very dependant upon the censored, distorted, and utterly false news from the East they received from these Jewish traveling salesmen -- these Jewish peddlers -- these part-time Jewish media-Scribes.

    The seeds of destruction were sown.

    The traveling Jewish peddler sold Jewish-made clothing (made of slave cotton they had bought from slave owners) and sold "pots and pans"  told western farmers of evil plantation owners who mercilessly whip and beat their slaves. They told the western farmer that the Southerners were going to bring slaves into their lands and undercut their prices with cheap slave labor.

    When the traveling Jewish peddlers brought northern manufactured goods and slaves from Africa to be sold in the South, they told the Southerners how much the Northerners and Westerners hated them and wanted to free their slaves without any just compensation. Great Britain and France had already freed their slaves without a Civil War by giving the slave owner fair and just compensation, but somehow, the rest of the country hated them too much for such a deal.

    Could it be that these European Christians were more ethical than Northern American Christians?

    From the reports Southerners received from the Jewish slave traders, the Northerners could not be trusted.

    Upon returning to the North with the slave cotton they had bought from the slave owner, to deliver to the New York City Jewish-owned tailor and Jewish-owned clothing sweat shops owners, that would later be sold to the Westerner, the Jewish peddlers would also tell the Northerners of the atrocities of the South.

    Instead of a peaceful settlement, as all other slave owning countries had arranged, the Jewish peddler and part time media-Scribe, had instituted a complete breakup of America. The Jewish terrorists agitated for a "War Between the States", so that the Federal Government, with its' equal protection clauses for the Jews, could be made more powerful in order to rule over the States.

    From this Jewish propaganda, the Western states promoted and helped elect Abraham Lincoln, a very controversial man for the times.

    From this Jewish propaganda sprung Bloody Kansas, with two of John Brown's closest advisers being these radical European Jewish communists, fresh from the 1848 Communist Revolutions in Europe.

    From this Jewish propaganda sprung the equality movement for the blacks -- and the subsequent equality of Jews. A democracy that would over time replace our Republic.

    A means must be devised to counteract the superior persuasion skills of the Jewish media-Scribes so that they cannot destroy America further.

    Historically, Jews have been segregated in European countries (for their own safety).

    Perhaps, we need to ask our Pharisees if they wish to segregate themselves from the Christians who persecute them so many times in Holocausts and Pogroms.

    I know segregation is an ugly word.

    Whites segregated themselves from blacks and we are told that was bad for our country, so we stopped.

    But is it good for our country to have a treasonous people live among us who care for Israel more than they care for America?

    I may not have the exact answer to the problem, as the media-Scribes seductive ways have worked well for them throughout history, even without control over an electronic mass-market media.

    However, I will make an attempt to propose a solution to the "unbalanced and unchecked" power of the Jewish media-Scribes.

    Suggestion for Journalistic "Checks and Balances"

    First off, there should never be any regulation or censorship of communications made face-to-face, one-on-one, cell phone-to-cell phone, computer-to-computer, email-to-email, or one person making a speech to a free assembly of people assembled to listen to him.

    But when communications occur which unfairly and unjustly places the majority unequal to a small minority; unfairly and unjustly allows some minority, a greater and more privileged level than others; where one side cannot be heard; where the majority cannot be heard; then, we indeed need government regulation.

    Only, we should not have the type of unfair and unjust government regulation we have had in the past.

    The talk radio had been described by LBJ as unfair. And so, LBJ imposed a "Fairness" Doctrine upon talk radio. Interestingly, all his critics were thereafter muzzled.

    Who complained about the loss of freedom of speech? - Not ABC, NBC, CBS, The Associated Press, The New York Times, Times or Newsweek. They were not muzzled. They could still say anything they wanted to say over the air waves. And they were all part of the small minority violating EVERYONE's freedom of speech.

    By not using their freedom of speech to protect the freedom of speech rights of Father Coughlin and others, I accuse these Jewish media-Scribes of being Constitutional criminals, who have forfeited their Constitutional rights of free speech.

    Same as a bank robber, a murderer or a rapist loses his freedom of movement outside an 8 by 8 prison cell, so too, have the Jewish media-Scribes forfeited their freedom to tell us the news.

    These are "public airwaves" we are told, so why were they exempted from any "Fairness Doctrine"?

    There has to be a way to insure that competition in free speech remains.

    There has to be a way to prevent One-World, multi-national mass-media from taking over and ignoring American concerns and issues.

    There has to be a way that all sides are really heard.

    There has to be a way people get the truth.

    STEP 1

    The existing federal government should COMPLETELY get out of regulating the mass-media. We need a Constitutional fix to the problem and that fix cannot have the operational part of the federal government controlling any speech EVER!!!!

    The fix cannot come from our regular government, because they WILL tend toward insuring that reports on their own corruption are censored. They will eventually get a mass-media who becomes their choir, singing their praises.

    STEP 2

    What we need to have is a regulatory government of State-appointed representatives, whose ONLY job is to regulate all mass-communications and the fairness of all elections.

    Their chief responsibility would be to insure the truth of the speech, NOT the content. -- The fairness of the speech, NOT the political correctness of it -- The truth and fairness of elections, not the winners.

    In sum, their chief responsibility would be to insure that truth and justice was spoken and that truth and justice was not suppressed.

    A Republic, being dependant upon elected representatives, must have truth for the electors to make informed decisions.

    Truth is a very Christian concept.

    We regulate out x-rated movies from national prime-time broadcasts for moral reasons, and we can regulate truth for moral reasons as well.

    If God gives us a commandment to tell the truth, then we should see to it that the truth is told. Indeed, we MUST allow truth to be told.

    Federal Communications Commission moved over to new Regulatory Government

    The duties and responsibilities of the Federal Communications Commission would be stripped from the operational federal government and placed under the regulatory government.

    This would create another "checks and balances" to protect us from a monopolistic electronic media, which our Founders never had to contend with.

    A new "Truth in Speech and Voting" Congress would "check and balance" our existing regular Congress.

    Federal Elections Commission moved over to new Congress

    I envision this regulatory body to regulate political speech ONLY when it comes to truth. No longer would it be acceptable for an political candidate to win his election by being a better liar about calling his opponent a liar.

    True information in an election is vital to our free elections.

    Thus the federal elections commission would be pulled from the existing federal government and brought under the new regulatory government.

    Bush saying he is a devout Christian was a lie.

    Impeachment after the fact to get rid of this liar is one Constitutional way to handle this.

    But how could you pre-regulate that before an election without suppressing a representative Republic? I don't know. But we have to try and with all our brains put to the task, we can agree upon a way.

    Federal Oligarchy and Monopoly on information broken up

    I envision this regulatory body would insure that a minority oligarchy like the Jews no longer dominate the mass market to all Americans.

    And I envision this regulatory body to impose moral standards once again, as we once had.

    Of course, this would have to be a Constitutional Amendment so it would not be gutted by the Supreme Court.


    I would repeal pretty much every Amendment past the 13th Amendment; but indeed, electronic communications, where one man can control a microphone that 300 million Americans listen to every single night for their news, is one area our Founding Fathers never envisioned in their wildest dreams when they drafted the Constitution.

    This is one constitutional Amendment which is crying to be passed.

    And it gets worst -- we are well on our way to where one single microphone, in some other part of the world, will be delivering the news to the entire 6 billion people on the Globe, including us, without any regard to our Constitution or our faith.

    It is well past time that this critical issue be addressed in the Constitution with a new Constitutional Amendment.

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    4. Beef up Impeachment Powers

    Impeachment was created in the Constitution to remove officials who violate their oath of office by abusing the Constitution.

    Prior to the enactment of the 17th Amendment, the State-appointed Senate convicted federal officials. The States then were the watchdogs of the Feds.

    But no more.

    It is almost never used, even prior to the 17th. Perhaps that threat is what kept the Federal government so relatively honest before the 17th.

    Even so impeachment is crying out these days to be used, because the requirement of having a two thirds vote in favor of impeachment conviction in the Senate has proven to be too high a hurdle.

    And so, even from the beginning of this country, federal Judges have imposed unchecked power to declare any law they want to have enacted to be Constitutional even if no law was never made, and any law they don't want to have enacted to be un-Constitutional, all done without fear of impeachment.

    Federal Judges have become an unanswerable, unelected, Super-Legislature.

  • A judge requires a jury of citizens to be unaminous to judge a single drunken driver, but a simple majority of judges declare abortion a constitutional right for all, for all time.

    Although the House of Representatives have indicted a few judges and even a few Presidents, to send to the Senate for an impeachment trial, the two thirds rule in the Senate has proven to be a much too high a hurdle for the Senators to convict and remove the offending criminal.

    As originally established, the people, as represented in the House of Representatives, would represent the federal government in bringing impeachment charges against the accused government official. In the old days before the 17th Amendment, the State's appointed representative would try the federal government official in the Senate.

    If this tactic does not work, what will then?

    It is of the upmost importance that the States concur that the federal leaders are of the upmost quality.

    It would be nice if each and every State agreed that we had Constitutional leaders.

    And then there is reality.

    In the real world, there are politics and political factions who will abuse the powers of impeachment in order to have a Democratic Senate remove a Republican President, or a Republican Senate remove a Democratic President.

    To prevent this from happening, we need to insure that the indictment from the People's House of Representatives is STILL by way of a two thirds vote, for rarely does one party hold greater than 66% of the House and if abused, not for long. Abusing officials would still have to have members of his own party vote to impeach him in order to pass the 66% barrier, so I believe that this will keep politics out of the equation.

    To repeat, it would STILL take a two thirds vote of the House of Representatives to hold the trial in the Senate, thus keeping most Judicial and Executive leaders safe to perform the duties they were elected or appointed to do, but once the House has indicted them upon due process, then the only hurdle the States should need would a simple majority based upon the facts presented.

  • The People must really want him to be taken out of office, but establisment leaders should not obstruct.

  • While we are ramping up the impeachment rates, we should also clear up what is meant by "High Crimes and Misdemeaners".

    High Crimes and Misdemeanors will be explicitly defined simply as any corruption of a high office in government or a violation of any of the terms of the Constitution -- basically, a violation of one's Oath of Office.

    An much better alternative for the House impeachment and Senate conviction route, since federal employees seem to all be "birds of a feather", would be to establish an independent States-appointed watchdog agency, whose only job and only power was the impeachment of federal officials who have violated their Oaths of Office.

    This would insure that the States were calling the shots, not the other way around.

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    5. Destroy the Federal Reserve

    Once the federal government had to live again without the income tax, it could simply print all the money it ever needed through the Federal Reserve. In fact, theoretically, there is no need for a tax whatsoever. The only side affect of constantly printing more money is a constant devaluation in the existing dollars, causing an inflation in the price of goods obtained with those less-valuable dollars. Politically, this form of taxing has proven to be less noticeable.

    Every percent of dollars printed by the Fed causes a 1/100th percent drop in the value of the existing money. What would you notice more? --An extra dollar taken out of your check for withholding, or a 1/100th drop in everything you own. OK, you don't own anything, so you don't care. But the companies who manufacture your goods, the farmer who has to buy land to grow your food on and the home you will buy, all see their expenses grow and adjust the price to you in proportion so that you eventually see the full 1% "hidden tax".

    And so the Federal government whips up $800,000,000,000 dollars as if it were growing on trees (pun intended), and gives it to rich bankers who have bankrupted their bank.

    In The Christian Solution, the Federal Reserve would have to be eliminated and the United States placed onto a gold standard again. This will require a Constitutional Amendment to keep our legislators from becoming as weak kneed in the future as they are now.

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    6. Restore the concept of Family

    The stable family has traditionally been the foundation of all free societies.

    The family was counted on to take care of and provide for the baby, the child, the wife and the elderly grandparents.

    Today, a socialist government is on the verge of replacing the family.

    In far too many cases, the baby's formula was bought with food stamps; the young child was sent to government pre-school and then later to government school; the wife got her no-fault divorce and was protected by 911 government police services from her own husband; the grandparents are receiving their social security and Medicare payments; all are soon to get their medical treatment courtesy of the government.

    Church hospitals selected by families to check their family memebers into, have become government-authorized corporate hospitals and if a later Obama down the road gets his way, soon we will have outright forced-tax government hospitals for which we have no option.

    Church schools and universities whose families voluntarily paid their money to support have become forced taxed public schools and State universities, which we have little choice to attend since we have nothing left after taxes.

    We marry in our Church and yet allow government courts to break up our families, with the children being at the mercy of a merciless court.

    We have government child protective services because government is thought to be better stewards of children than their own families.

    We condone sex of all kinds outside of marriage and settle into marriage only after we believe the fun times are over, knowing full well that we can count on government divorce if marriage is as half as drab as we expected it to be.

    Karl Marx predicted all this.

    In fact, for a communist government to exist, Karl Marx proposed that marriage had to be destroyed.

    Government cannot be all powerful with strong families.

    Laws that separate family and state need to be implemented.

    The old saying needs to ring true again -- "A man's home is his Castle"

    Allow no ruler storm his castle and carry off his wife and children.

    Divorce should be outlawed, outside Biblical exceptions. What God has joined together, let God put asunder.

    Steps to Restore Marriage

  • A baby is part of a family, it is not to be aborted.

  • A child is to be guided by the family. Government schools will be replaced by schools which the family choose.

  • Newly-weds will reject government marriage LICENSE of their marriage, obtaining marriage CERTIFICATES from their church instead.

  • Newly-weds will enter their marriages with Marriage Arbitration Clauses attached, requiring any party wanting a divorce to agree to arbitration in the same Church they married in.

  • With Separation of Church and State marriage CERTIFICATES, Child Protective Services will be all but outlawed. No nanny government bureaucrats breathing down your neck.

  • With Marriage Arbitration, a husband and wife will contract for life to create a family when they marry -- No excuses -- No no-fault divorce. Sort of like citizenship in that once given it is permanent and cannot be taken away.

  • With Marriage Arbitration, government cannot legally break up a family -- they cannot divorce a freely married man and woman.

  • With Marriage Arbitration, voluntary Church Courts will replace cooercive Family Courts. Only in cases involving real harm, real criminal conduct, will  Constitutional courts having juries and established for real crimes, still be allowed; certainly not a arbitrary family court judge with a clearly established bias toward the wife.

  • With Marriage Arbitration, the reward of sex will become a marriage monopoly once again. -- Strict pornography, prostitution and shacking up laws enforced.

  • Grandparents will no longer be supported by a government Social Security program, but will have it replaced by a Family Security program. -- Use your imagination on how that will be structured.

  • If there is an absolute need for any government aid whatsoever, it will be dispensed through the Christian head of the family, not bypassed around him to proud "single moms".

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    7. Repeal the 16th Amendment

    Besides the 17th sapping power from the States, the 16th Amendment, giving us the dreaded Income Tax has also empowered the federal government, at the expense of the States, more than was deemed proper.

    It will never be repealed until "we the people" stand up and demand it.

    Even the Fair Tax and the Flat Tax people will need the 16th Amendment, which allows the federal government to tax individuals.

    We must instead return to an Article I, Section 2 type taxation.

    It would strengthen the power of the states to control government spending.

    Prior to the passage of the 16th Amendment, the federal government made most of its money on "duties, imposts and excises". Tariffs on trade between America and her trading partners were a huge source of income for the federal government. This was fitting, as the federal government was the entity given the responsibility of protecting these traded goods in international waters. In times of dire emergency, the Constitution gave the federal government authority to direct the States to directly and uniformly collect money for its needs from each citizen.

    The 16th Amendment, passed the same time as the 17th Amendment. The federal government was allowed to have the power to bypass the State governments completely in order to obtain funds directly from the citizens. This ability to shake down the citizens for tax money was as monstrous as the 17th Amendment. Before both of these Amendments, only States could directly tax a citizen. And again, if a State became abusive of its taxing authority, the citizens were then free to choose any of another 49 States in which to live. This fact alone was suffice to keep State governments lean and mean.

    State governments are no longer under the same need to justify spending in a State-by-State competition for tax dollars. Today, if they need money they can get all they want from federal revenue-sharing. Often, that money comes with strings attached, further diluting their State power and responsibility, but they always take the money, just as heroin addicts can be made to do anything for a fix.

    A repeal of the 16th Amendment would remove a lot of corruption from the Federal Government that is caused by the Feds taxing State citizens just to turn around and give that money back to the State with their federal demands attached. It would also impose a tax competition upon the States again, causing them to shrink to an absolute necessity as demanded by the citizens that have to pay for the government services.

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    8. Restrict Lawyers to Judicial Branch

    This has been a two-fer for the Pharisees. Not only do they dominate the ranks of lawyers, but with a law degree they can work in all three branches of government. This has created a Jewish lawyer ruling caste in our government and made a mockery of our jealousy-based principle of checks and balances.

    Based upon the principles of checks and balances, if a judge is only deemed competent if he has a law degree, then a legislator or executive shall only be deemed competent if he does NOT have a law degree.

    This will require a Constitutional Amendment, as I can assure you that, lawyers will deem anything else unconstitutional.

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    9. Celebrate with a Christian Jubilee

      And thou shalt sanctify the fiftieth year, and shalt proclaim remission to all the inhabitants of thy land: for it is the year of jubilee.

      --Leviticus 25:10

    It has been 50 years since we have labored under the yoke of the Jewish media-Scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees and their helpers, the Herodians. Long enough for two or three jubilees actually, but not to nearly the manitude of pain.

    For each of 100 million Christian households in America, each home shall be given $500,000 from the Federal Treasury as a Jubilee Stimulus.

    Total cost? -- 5 trillion dollars.

    Each household would be required to pay off all outstanding debt they have incurred, buy a home if they don't already have one at pre-jubilee prices, and with the remaining money, will be required to place the remaining money into a Roth IRA to replace their Social Security.

    Most likely, the Federal government would then be financially insolvent, bankrupt. Fine! As Gold and Silver will then absolutely replace Federal Reserve Notes as legal tender.

    Neither a lender nor a borrower we will be as a society. All of us will work for a living as free men.

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    10. Impose a Huge Smoot-Hawley Tariff

    American Multi-national companies are no longer patriotic American nor devout Christian. Who needs them!

    Meanwhile, the money we send overseas when we import goods from another country, does not translate into more exports of our manufactured goods to their country. Often the money returns to buy up the remaining American competition, or in the case of Mexico's Carlos Slim, to buy up the New York Times, so that this Mexican national can editorialize in "American" newspapers for the need to allow more Mexicans to enter America.

    The Smoot-Hawley Tariff of 1930 did indeed do much damage. At the time, America was a huge exporting country. We shot ourselves in the foot by stopping imports because the retaliation inflicted by other coutries was to stop much more exports than we stopped imports.

    Today, we have the opposite problem and the solution of 1930 would greatly help us now. Sure it would wipe out our tiny, tiny amount of exports, but it would devastate the vast amounts of imports.

    American companies would have to be created or expanded to accomadate the loss of imports, employing Americans, all competing to take care of the needs of Americans.

    All companies would compete using the exact same of moral and political laws. No longer would an American raising a family compete with an underaged boy working in a dangerous poluting factory

    And the best part? -- America would regain her economic freedom.

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    11. State legislators appoint President of the United States

    Once the federal government is tamed, then selecting an administer to this weak and powerless position of President of the United States should once again be appointed by the legislatures of the States, instead of by direct election.

    This would not require any change in the Constitution, as the Constitution allows for each State to "appoint, in such manner as the legislature thereto may direct, a number of electors, equal to the number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress."

    Just because all the legislatures have directed the manner of appointment to be based upon a popular election does not mean they have to.

    I understand that this may be the most controversial "solution" presented, as most of us would not relish giving up control. The problem though is exactly too many of us have given up control over our vote to the misguiding and distorted propaganda of the Jewish media-Scribe. Many of us just do not have the time nor inclination to follow a two year Presidential election and still have enough accurate facts upon which to make a decision.

    Evidence for Exhibit A: Our choice being McCain or Obama.

  • Evidence for Exhibit B: Our choice being Hillary or Trump

    Therefore, State legislators need to get a backbone and appoint the electors themselves for President and Vice-President

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    12. Elect Real Christians

      "Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers – and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation – to select and prefer Christians for their rulers"

      -- John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and an author of the landmark "Federalist Papers"

      "Our lives and our institutions must necessarily be based upon and embody the teachings of the Redeemer of mankind. It is impossible that it should be otherwise; and in this sense and to this extent our civilization and our institutions are emphatically Christian."

      -- Supreme Court 1892

    It goes to show that you should only elect individuals who represent your moral, ethical and religious sentiments.

    No longer allow yourself to be seduced into a "what is good for America is to have the first "black, woman, lesbian, or Muslim President".

    If you are Christian, then by golly, insure he is a Christian and supports Christian beliefs.

    If you are a Minnesotan, then by golly, make sure your next Senator is from Minnesota and is not being elected with outside Jewish money from Hollywood, California and New York City.

    If your candidate tells you that Jesus-denying Jews are the Chosen People and that Christians are not God's Chosen People for Salvation, then dump him or her for the fraud they are.

    If your candidate supports other countries such as Israel or the anti-Christian UN more than his own, then dump him.

    Help insure that we maintain a "Separation of Synagogue and State".

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    13. Constitutionality Veto

    We need to know if a law is lawful when they are enacted.

    For instance, laws against abortion were (unlawfully) declared unconstitutional centuries after abortion laws were passed. 

  • Abortion was not deemed constitutional by a universal vote of a jury of our peers as would be required in a constitutional court, or by a super majority as would be constitutionally required to make an amendment, but by a mere 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court that itself was not explicitly given the responsibility to determine the constitutionality of anything.

    Supreme Court Justices saying that the Federal government has the right and duty to protect the life of baby Sea turtles, but the Constitution bars them completely from protecting the life of baby humans reeks of evil and corrupt politics, not judicial wisdom.

    Times change and laws can change, but the Constitution does not change, unless there is a Constitutional Amendment.

    We need a constitutional amendment giving the Judicial Branch a short time-frame after a law has been passed in which to declare a law unconstitutional. This "judicial veto" can be handled the same way a "presidential veto" is handled. That is, once either the POTUS or SCOTUS vetos a law, the veto of the law can be overridden by the same majority it would take to enact a constitutional amendment to override the Constitution anyway.

    Right now, you have to actively break a law which you believe is unconstitutional, endure countless exhaustive months exhausting your administrative remedies, in order to see if it is a valid law. This is ridiculous! Especially if you are declared wrong and are punished for the wrong you were only testing for Constitutionality.

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    14. Destroy the concept of "Representation without Taxation"

    I don't care much for anyone pointing out the exceptions of the women who pay close and careful attention to politics or the exceptions of men who in reverse, never pay any attention to politics. Same with young and old.

    Facts are that neither the 19th Amendment nor the 26th Amendment promote a good-governance type of democracy.

    Democracy is rule by the majority. If the majority of our women are not paying attention and the majority of our young are too immature to understand the implications of what they do, then our society will not benefit by having them included in the voting booths. Both of them can be easily swayed by the propaganda of the media-Scribes.

    Knowing this, the media-Scribes were the ones pushing for passage of these amendments.

    The 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920, with accolades of adding level-headed motherhood and apple pie women's votes to the voting booth.

    With all the talk of improving our government, you tell me from the list below if we have made improvements since passage in 1920:

    • the fiscal irresponsible roaring 20's,
    • the "party hangover" Great Depression of the 30's,
    • the bloody and unnecessary World War II of the 40's,
    • the costly and un-won Korean and Cold War of the 50's,
    • the nation-destroying un-won Vietnam War of the 60's,
    • the family-destroying war on poverty of the 60's,
    • the family-destroying feminism of the 70's,
    • the Ronald Reagan era of the 80's, won largely with male voters,
    • the immoral Clinton "stud", sell-off to the Chinese era of the 90's,
    • the un-won Islamic War and debt-ridden bailouts of the 2000's,
    • the continued moral decline of the 2010's

    The solution is to only allow citizens to vote who have earned the right to vote.

    Wives traditionally have taken care of the home. They know their children very well, but they don't usually know much about their politicians.

    On the other hand, the husband may not know his children as well, but he usually knows his politicians.

  • Wives then should be appointing her beloved husband to represent her interests in politics.

  • Fathers take care of their children, not the other way around. If you are raising children, you have a right to vote. If you are still a child, you do not have a right to vote.

  • The father will represent the interest of his children at the voting booth.

    But the 19th and 20th Amendment were nothing compared to the enactment of the 24th Amendment. The enactment of the 24th Amendment in 1964 was the worst of all the sins ever concocted by the Jewish media-Scribes. This 24th Amendment, deleted the requirement of a Poll Tax and thus created the "Representation without Taxation" class of voter who can be counted on to constantly vote for more and more taxes for the ones paying taxes while voting for more and more benefits to be given to themselves. This abomination was the most nefarious crime the media-Scribes have concocted upon America since the 16th and 17th Amendments.

    No one who has not paid his fair share in taxes should be allowed to vote.

    And I mean "FAIR TAXES". Fair being that everyone helps pay for the aircraft carriers that take our sons into combat, and only they get to decide to put the expensive ships and citizens in harms way by voting.

    People on welfare or "earned income" should be removed from the voting rolls until they return to being productive members of society.

    If "Taxation without Representation" was a rallying cry, then "Representation without Taxation" should just as well be a call to arms.

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    15. Institute Real Campaign Reform

    The real problem is that there is a huge disconnect between the rich who pay for most campaigns and the people whom they are elected to represent.

    This site has several time pointed out how Al Franken's campaign was financed by out-of-state money.

    Al Franken, a Jew, was richly financed by his Jewish friends in Hollywood and his Jewish friends in New York City, to represent majority Christian Minnesota.

    A bare-bones simple rule for campaigns should state that all campaign funds should only come from voting constituents.

    Corporations are "people" according to the Supreme Court, but the Supreme Court has not said they can vote, so they would be disqualified from giving campaing contributions. Same for labor unions, teacher unions, especially public teacher unions, etc.

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    16. Second Amendment : The Ultimate Checks and Balances

    Lets modify the Second Amendment so that even people "who cannot read" understands the true meaning the self-defense.
      "All citizens shall have the right to keep and bear arms, without restriction, for the defense of their selves or family, in any private or public place.

      Restrictions on the manufacture, storage, sale, advertising, transportation, use, or other means of commerce in arms to be used for a citizen's defense shall be prohibited, nor shall any records be noted or maintained traceable to the citizen."

    Let's fact it. If a person cannot be trusted with a gun, then why is he on the streets in the first place?

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    17. Separation of "Synagogue" and State

      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion..."
  • --First Amendment to the US Constitution.

  • A state religion is prohibited at the Federal level.

  • (But not at the State level, as Congress cannot make laws for State legislatures)

    America must not be ran by one religion, the Jewish religion, to the demise of all others. Today, we are allowing that in violation of the wishes of our Founding Fathers.

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    18. Separation of "Church" and State

  • Congress shall make no law...prohibiting the practice of religion"
  • --First Amendment to the US Constitution

  • The Judaic State Religion controls their Herodian Atheistic State Religion, which then pummels all Christian religions.

    This violates the second part of the First Amendment religious freedom -- prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

    The Jewish media-Scribe definition of Separation of "Church" and State means that "government has to treat you as if you do not have any Christain religious beliefs. The government has to treat your Christian church as if it is any other entity. And lastly, you and your Christian church cannot tell us what to do."

    The Christian Solution interpretation of Separation of Church and State is completely opposite of the meaning given by the media-Scribes. In my definition, I can exercise my religion in my church anyway I want, without the government interfering, and furthermore, Christians can do anything they want to insure that they are being represented in our government as well as the Jewish or Muslim religion is.

    The First Amendment with both "Freedom of the Press" and "Freedom of Speech" contained in the same Amendment, were mostly intended for religious freedom of speech. The Church is intended to dictate to the State, not the other way around.

    Just as the peaceful civilian President dictates to the war-making generals and not the other way around, so too, do the peaceful and moral religious leaders, whom we voluntarily follow, should dictate to the war-making President, whom we used to call "our Public SERVANT", and not the other way around.

    This is a religious vs government "Checks and Balances".

    And a Christian majority should be able to overturn laws which restrict their expressing of their religion and their exercising of their religion.

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    19. Supreme Court determines Constitutionality

    OK, you say the SCOTUS already determines constitutionality today, but I would argue that they do not, but instead, act as the "Final Legislature."

    Anytime the nation's nine most highly trained legal minds get together to determine if a law is constitutional or not, and the result is that five of the members of the SCOTUS say it is constitutional, while the other four say it is not constitutional, then you know that the SCOTUS is casting a political vote and not a legal vote.

    If nine experts cannot agree as to what the Constitution says, then they should not be saying anything.

    When one is being tried for murder or rape, their jury of 12 have to come to a unanimous decision before you are given the death penalty. Off hand, one would expect that 12 random people could never agree 100% that anyone was guilty and would therefore never impose the death penalty. Yet they do everyday.

    The gotcha is that if all 12 cannot agree you are guilty, then they have to all 12 agree that you are innocent.

    To do otherwise would result in a hung jury, allowing another jury the opportunity to see justice done, either for innocence or for guilt.

    Surely if 12 untrained random citizens can come to an agreement about the law, then certainly our nine brightest legal minds could come to an agreement!

    We need a Constitutional Amendment which would require an unanimous decision of the Supreme Court.

    What would be the practical result?

    The practical result would be the selection of legal minds instead of partisan minds.

    If both partisan sides to an argument knew that their selection of a partisan on the Supreme Court, put there to squelch each and every Supreme Court decision they did not like, would be met with the opposition doing the same to them, then they both would know that the Supreme Court would become utterly useless.

    As a result, practicality would rule the day. Only the most Constitutionally minded legal scholars would be trusted to render a decision and appointed to be a Supreme Court justice.

    Legislative decisions would be forced back upon the Legislatures, instead of allowing the unelectable Supreme Court to make the really hard decisions our legislatures do not want to make.

    And if any Supreme Court justice should decide to become a real thorn in the side of justice, there is always the remedy of impeachment.

    Only with this constitutional amendment can Americans regain a trust in Supreme Court decisions.

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    20. Devolve power back to the States

    We need to finally modify the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to give the States authority to implement the Amendments, and not the federal government

    The horrific legacy of slavery is over. The Constitution no longer allows slavery. Citizens cannot be enslaved. It is now time to move this authority to the States as the 10th Amendment envisioned.

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