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Summed together, we have:

Harmonious Union
Church and State

Rude Introductions:

You American Christians are anti-American, anti-Christian bigots!

Did I get your attention?

You cannot help the fact that you are anti-Christian -- whenever the subject of Jews come up.

You cannot help the fact that you are anti-American -- whenever the subject of Israel comes up.

You cannot help the fact that you have been brainwashed by the Jewish media-Scribe-owned-and-controlled TV, Radio, newspapers, and movies all your life!

The Jewish media-Scribes have you programmed into automatically being offended against any action taken by Christians against Jews, while being automatically protective of any actions by the Jews against Christians.

This automatically makes you anti-Christian and anti-American, doesn't it?

Whether you like it or not,
Truth is what is offered
on this website

Truth is that this website is neither anti-Semitic nor religiously fanatical. This website is merely reporting what is not being reporting. It is re-slanting, in the opposite direction, that which has already been slanted away from the Jews by the media-Scribe monopoly.

Society says
that it is OK
to criticize everyone
except the Jews

For decades and decades, the Jewish media-Scribes have been denigrating Christians, conservatives, men, married men, straight men, white men, women who wanted to be mothers, Western Civilization, Muslims, Frenchmen, plenty of Germans, priests, and so on.

But in each case, the Jewish media-Scribes have allowed some member of each group being attacked to have an opposing political forum to give the illusion of "fair and honest" debate and "free speech".

For instance, Rush Limbaugh has defended 'macho' men from macho women like Gloria Steinem, 'racist' whites from racist men like Louis Farrakhan, 'abusive' husbands from abusive wives like Lorena Bobbitt. Rush has defended 'supremacist' Western Civilization from Hollywood types such as Supremacist pro-Israel Barbara Streisand, as he has defended 'homophobic' straights from the hetereophobic homosexual group Act-up.

Notice again, that each scare quote I give actually identifies the characteristics of real ones doing the attacks. Gloria was the one who was really macho; Farrakhan was the one who was really the racist; Lorena was the cruelly abusive one; Streisand was really the one who was the supremacist and Act-Up is in fact, hetero-phobic.

But Rush will not defend America from Israel nor defend Christians from Jews.

In like fashion, Sean Hannity is allowed to speak on Fox News in defense of Republicans and Conservatives, even as Fox is part owned by a Muslim price of another country, and majority owned and directed by a Jewish immigrant from Australia named Murdock.

But Sean Hannity will not defend America from Israel or defend Christians from Jews.

Dr. James Dobson was allowed to defend Christianity through his Focus on the Family, even though he is not that much of a Christian. A Zionist Christian is the term. He called himself an evangelical.

Recently, Tom Tancredo has been allowed to defend Americans from Muslims and Mexican immigrants, while he is in fact pro-immigration.

Sarah Palin is presented as a Moose-killing, honest-to-goodness, tea party leader, yet she did not endorse the tea party candidate for Texas Governor, Debra Medina, but instead endorsed establishment insider politician Rick Perry, who establishment insider politician George W. Bush hand-picked to replace him as governor of Texas when he won election as President of the United States.

And on and on.

Every group has a defender of their particular group. Each is allowed a voice in a country that prides itself on free speech. But they are all controlled.

In fact, there is literally no one of any consequence attacking Jews, but Jews are defended well nevertheless.

Rush NEVER mentions anything bad in context to Jews. Neither does Hannity, Dobson, Tancredo, Ann Coulter, Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, nor any other national figure. But still, just in case, the Jews as a group are well defended from any verbal attack.

They have their myriad of defenders in the media-Scribe-infested Hollywood, the media-Scribe-infested press, the media-Scribe-infested nightly news, CEOs and CFOs of companies, AIPAC political action committee, Congress itself, and so on.

For icing on the cake, they have a myriad of Christian defenders as well who like to call themselves Judeo-Christians and whom I like to call Herodians.

But who is missing here?

In searching around for answers to all our bitter fighting between our "opposing teams", it occurred to me that there was that one group who has never been seriously attacked -- ever -- by anybody in America. -- Jews!

And if they and they alone are never attacked, seems to be air-tight proof to the fact that they are in total control of all the mass media messages we all receive.

And if they control all the political discussion in America, then it only follows, in reverse, that they and they alone are responsible for all the bitter divides between Americans. The Jewish media-Scribes are the ones in power who promote the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, give a voice to Islam, anti-Christian Farrakhan, a platform to CAIR, defends ACORN, allows Maya Angelou to spill her poetic racist venom, created the Messiah of Obama, and his side-kick McCain.

Thinking deeper, you have to ask if Christians have ever been attacked by Jews in America. You betcha!
  • . Jewish media-Scribes constantly attack German Christians for the Holocaust.
  • . They constantly attack Catholic Christians for the Crusades, the Inquisition and priest molestations.
  • . They constantly attack Protestant Christians for Slavery in the South, southern inbreeding jokes, Tele-Evangelical frauds.
  • . They constantly attack our Christian heritage of Christmas and Easter.
  • . And the strongest attack, one that silences everything said against them, is the attack that labels anyone and everyone who criticizes them as anti-Semitic.
Playing the anti-Semitic card instantly squelches any serious discussion of Jewish power, control and influence in America.

And that made me think more.

Who exactly would be the polar opposite of Jews in America, like rich to poor; women to men; old to young; straights to homos; black to whites; husbands to wives; etc? If you get ahead of me to answer atheists, you would be wrong. America started falling apart long before any of us were aware that atheists even existed in America. Atheists would be a good polar opposite to Christians, instead of Jews, and this atheist bent is currently being played out that way, but truth is that they are not.

Our Polar Opposites

Well of course. the polar opposite of Jew in America is -- Christian.

So I was thinking, every time the Jews did something for themselves, it has to be at the expense of Christians. If they did anything to others, then it had to have been done to the Christians.

Remember though, Jews cannot directly attack Christianity, because there would be such a tremendous backlash against Jews, so atheists are made prominent in order to be a proxy for them to torment Christians. Christians have to believe at all costs that it is atheists who are the cause of their woes.

And that is now old-fashioned as Muslims are now taking the place of atheists as the de-facto tormentors of Christians.

In a polar world where we all cannot get along, where we are in a constant cultural war with each other, Christians are entitled to speak out in defense of Christianity whenever non-Christians attack.

Self Defense

I am far from being a fervent Christian, for I am a sinner, but I can defend Christians. I am far from being a fervent anti-Semitic, but I can attack Jews who abuse their power for their own ends.

They can call me anti-Semitic. Fair enough. And, I will call most of their leaders Satanic Pharisees, Sadducees, Herodians and media-Scribes. I will call them anti-Christian and Jesus-deniers.

You see, I think the average Jew is neither a Neo-con Jew nor an ultra-communist leftist Jew. I think they are just average people like anyone else. Same as not all black men are Louis Farrakhans and not all black women are Maya Angelous. And if you get my drift, not all Germans were like Hitler.

I was recently in a correspondence with Brad Greenberg from "The Jewish Journal" of Los Angeles. He claims to be a "God-fearing Christian" not taking bribes from Jews, but he is ethnically three-quarters Jewish and is financially totally dependent upon receiving his paycheck from "The Jewish Journal" where he writes basically anti-Christian and pro-Jewish pieces. On his face, he does not seem menacing. But that just got me thinking.

I can tolerate a person who follows the Ten Commandments, but who can not see to follow Jesus. Hence, a devout Jew will not cheat me, nor will he lie to me, nor covet either my wife or goods. He will be a good guest in my Christian country.

However, is it wise to have even a devout Jewish-controlled political block running a Christian country -- No! No more than Israel would want good devout Christians running their country.

If only "devout" Jews were in control of this country, our problems would not be so bad.

Or would they?

Per the Koran, a devout Muslim will kill any Christian who does not convert to Islam.

Per the Old Testament, a devout Jew is commanded to slaughter any man, woman or child in defiance against Judaism.

Only the New Testament abolishes the horrid inhumanity of Judaism and Islam.

In fact, Judaism and Islam have far more in common than either have in common to Christianity.

  • . Both follow Abraham
  • . Both say that Jerusalem is holy
  • . Both reject Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
  • . Both proscribe an ear for an ear.
  • . Both condone ruthless mass slaughter of one's enemy.
  • . And, when you get around to it, ethnically, both are Semitic.

In fact, Muslims and Jews got along just dandy for the 800-years after Mohammad created Islam. Jews were very happy that the Muslims "freed" Jerusalem from Christian control. In fact, they rose up in defiance against their Christian rulers -- Not once, but twice -- once with the Persian invasion of 618AD and again with the Muslim invasion of 638AD.

Note well that when the Christians came to free the Holy Lands from the Muslims, that the Jews did not rise up against the Muslims, but stood side-by-side with the Muslims in fighting the Christians. Their Muslim hero Saliman overpowered the Crusaders, making it a fourth time that the Jews sided with an enemy against Christians.

One fact is sure,we are not better off having our country ran by non-devout Jews.

Note well that we are ran by non-devout Jewish media-Scribes in Hollywood who make x-rated pornography and get their Jewish mainstream media-Scribes to label it as free speech.

Our non-devout Jewish media-Scribe Hollywood makes anti-Christian movies like "The Last Templar", as they work on the 254th Holocaust movie that is a complete known fraud.

Our non-devout Jewish media-Scribes use their freedom of speech, to silence Bishop Williamson's right to speak over discussing the facts of the Holocaust.

Our non-devout Madoff-type Sadducees create elaborate Ponzi schemes to steal our money from us.

Our non-devout Pharisee and former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, dual citizen of Israel, plotted to disarm American Christians from their Second Amendment rights, as he dismantles what remains of our Constitution.

Our former Herodian President George Bush protected and defended the Jewish state of Israel with Christian treasure and blood, as all American Presidents have done since 1948.

It has now become acceptable again for someone like me to attack a Maya or a Farrakhan without being labeled racist. The blacks have served their purpose and they are no longer protected by the media-Scribes as they once were, for that baton has been passed now to homosexuals and Muslims.

I just don't see why I cannot attack Samuel Cohen for putting Maya's story of 'Graduation' or Malcolm X's story of 'How I learned to Read' into his book '50 essays' which is then taught to my son in his AP English course.

In Maya's work "Graduation", she daydreams about her racist hatred toward whites and her desire for white genocide at the hands of blacks; whereas, Malcolm X discovers Farrakhan and the Muslim faith while in prison, and then trashes whites as devils and Christianity as the devil's religion, all while white Christians were teaching him to read and write in prison. Both Maya and Malcolm are trash in offending Christians and would not see daylight in a civilized society; however, Samuel Cohen, a Jewish media-Scribe, has no scruples in giving them a nationwide voice in his "50 Essays" book read by susceptible teenagers. Am I anti-Semitic for pointing this out? I don't think so.

What is
"The Christian Solution"?

The Christian Solution is a Christian-based, but politically-oriented, solution to America's problems.

For instance, restoring the "vertical" checks and balances America enjoyed in our government prior to the enactment of the 17th Amendment in 1913, will keep America free. Repealing this Amendment, allowing States legislatures to vote for U.S. Senators once again, instead of ignorant citizens, will correct much of what is wrong with our government and restore Constitutional rule.

Repeal the 17th?
What would that be like?

  • . The Fed? -- The State's Senate would not rest until this highly-centralized, powerful monster, sapping them of their power, was dead.

  • . The Income Tax? -- The State's Senate would demand that the federal government could not bypass the States in obtaining money to operate.

  • . Federal Judges? -- The State's Senate would NEVER ratify the appointment of the tyrannical federal judges ruling against States as we now have.

  • . Impeachments? -- The State's Senate would actually impeach all our corrupt and anti-Constitutional federal politicians and judges.

  • . International Treaties? -- The State's Senate would throw out the United Nations as sapping power from them.

  • . States' Rights? -- The State's Senate could be assured to jealously guard State power.

Governmental Golden Rule

  • . Once done, you would now have 50 decentralized State governments competing to provide the best government they can offer.
Fifty capitalistic State governments competing for your governmental needs is far better than one monopolistic Federal government dictating to you!

Christian Constitutionalist

First and foremost, this web site and The Christian Solution book is about anti-Christian power destroying our country, our society, as it painstakingly details all the Who, What, Where, When and Why elements playing one part of American society off another part. In that sense, The Christian Solution has a conspiracy bent; however, unlike most conspiracy theories that wrongly tell us what is wrong with America, leading us in the wrong direction, and offers no solutions anyway, or solutions that only deepen the problem, this book specifically targets the main culprit, not their mischievous cronies or their misdirections, and offers real long-lasting solutions that would be much harder for this powerful evil to dismantle.

On a philosophical level, this is a book about Patriotic Christian Constitutionalism, as opposed to the prevalent Globalist Christian Socialism we have seen, for example, in the government's trillions dollar "War on Poverty" played out as Christian charity, or of a Christian Fascism some would want akin to the Muslim Fascism we are witnessing in places of the Middle East which makes Salem Witch Hunts look quaint, and certainly as opposed to the growing Atheist Socialism of global warming or the Atheist Fascism in all aspects of the "Separation of Church and State" fraud.

The Christian perspective, with a Libertarian bent, is due to God's intent that each of us have a "free will" for which we can either perform good deeds or for which we can perform evil deeds. This God-given "free will", of individual liberty and responsibility, cannot be dictated by government. You cannot earn your way to heaven because government is making you do right -- YOU have to do it yourself, through both belief in Jesus and acting on those beliefs!

Likewise, Christians all know that they are demanded themselves, by God,to do onto others as they would want done onto them. This demand cannot be delegated to government, like we do when we hire Mexicans to mow our lawn. God demands we give charity from out own hands, not from government money forcibly taken from the wallets and purses of others.

Christianity cannot be forced on Christians at the end of a police gun, with a court order, in obedience of a legislative law. Government indeed has a rightful place as part of God's plan, but our government has become such a nanny that it even dictates common courtesy, such as telling us not to puff smoke into a non-smoker's face.

The Libertarian perspective, with a Christian bent, on the other hand, recognizes that "free will" is nothing more than the liberty and responsibility our Founding Fathers insisted that all citizens in a Christian nation required.

Free-will goes hand-in-hand with Free-dom.


Ten percent of the population actively pursuing the Christian Solution would be enough to achieve the measurable result of getting the ball rolling. That would be 30 million people.

Fifty percent of all Christians working together, could win every election in this country, from the lowest city official to the President of the United States.

But, we have to first stop listening to the piped pipers of the mass media, for they are only leading us off the cliff. Instead, we must follow the words God gave us. -- There is more power in the Golden Rule than you may realize. And we must follow the real path Jesus laid out for us, where good triumphs over evil.

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