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April 3, 2008

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The Four Diasporas

You may need some help interpreting The Four Diasporas, so here it is.

Reference: The Christian Solution

Whether it be the thousand-year-old Babylonian Empire or the thousand-year-old Greco-Roman Empire, or the thousand-year-old Medeival Christian European Empire, or our own short lived American Empire, the same basic events have preceeded each demise.

The first involves angering the Jews.

The Babylonians and Romans did so by destroying their first and second Temple and then enslaving their people.

The Europeans did so in 1492 AD, by upsetting their 800-year-old Golden Era where they were comfortably situated with the Moorish Judeo-Muslims of Spain.

America stands alone in not provoking the wrath of the Jews, yet we are currently witnessing their wrath for a reason only known to them.

Perhaps, their reason is associated with their common motto of "Never Again" after WW2. If the "Never Again" scenario is to be realized, then Christians must be kept disorganized and at each other's throats, instead of being focused on what NT Jews are doing within our society.

Perhaps, their reason is that they have their own country back now for the first time since the Roman Diaspora and they plan on using the United Nations to be their guardians, instead of the United States. Thus, they realize that they have to destroy the overwhelming power of the United States for the United Nations to be able to control the world.

So, how does this all play out?

What happens when you stomp on a fire ant colony? -- You get multiple painful stings.

That the fire ant stings of the Jews do not happen immediately is one of the elements hiding the identity of the ones causing the pain. Not that they are so devious as to plan it that way. In truth, it takes time for them to get back into a position of power to inflict the pain after their fire ant colony has been stomped upon.

How long? -- Around 40-years.

Even after 40-years, they are not so powerful that they can let on that it is them who is doing the stinging.

How long before the pain of the multiple ant bites become unbearable? -- About another 30-years. (70-years total)

What happens at first is the Jews (Old Testament Jews or OT Jews in Bablylon or New Testament Jew or NT Jews for all others), are at first enslaved or severely impoverished. They are dispersed (hence Diaspera) throughout the civilization as slaves in the first two instances or as dirt-poor peddlers in the second two instances.

Again, at first, they have no power; they do not know the language; they do not know the culture; and they are treated with suspicion as outsiders. Hence no observable damage is being done.

Over the first 20-year time period, the now meek Jews have their children and raise those children in their new surroundings. In the 20-year period following that, those children begin their assent into the top branches of finance, entertainment, marketing, sales, and media of the civilization who had thought they mastered. No longer meek, these children are now arrogant master salesmen and market themselves very well.

Meanwhile, over all this time, the peddler Jewish fathers of these children have been going farmhouse door to farmhouse door. They are bringing the goods from the city, to be sure, but more importantly, they are bringing the news from the big city as well. Of course, the one telling the news gets the opportunity of telling the news the way he wants it heard. I call this "Heroic Henry" vs "Tragic Timmy" storytelling.

Upon entering the village of Heroic Henry, the Jewish peddler tells a tale of Heroic Henry valiently trying to save the life of his very best and dear friend who had fallen into a rain-swollen raging river, but sadly failing.

While upon entering Tragic Timmy's village, the same Jewish peddler tells the tale of poor Tragic Timmy, the Eagle Scout, alter boy and honor role student, with the wonderful potential, who was mindlessly shoved into the raging river by Henry as a cruel prank.

Both sides of the story are absolutely true, but set to cause a Civil War between the two villages.

Speaking of Civil Wars

Perhaps a view of the mini-Diaspora in America just before our Civil War would be enlightening. Every other civilized country in the world freed their slaves without bloodshed. Why did America have to have a bloody Civil War to free our slaves?

Everyone knows our Civil War started in 1860 and can quote many major battlefields, such as Gettysburg or Fredericksburg. Many though have not considered what was happening in America just 40-years prior to the start of the Civil War. In 1820, European aristocracy was just finishing up putting down the years of turmoil caused by the Judeo-French Revolution.

As the 1789 Judeo-French Revolution of the moderate middle to upper class Gironists deterioated toward the more radical Jacobins, who themselves gave way to the even more radical san-cullottes, there was panic in the other European capitals. Hence a Counter revolution was started. Napoleon also came and went several times in this turbulent period, until his final defeat in 1815.

With the Congress of Vienna agreement on June 9, 1815, Europe slowly re-established control and imposed harsh measures on radicals. Many of these radicals, mostly NT Jews, would be forced to immigrate to America. Peaking around 1820, 40-years exactly before the start of the American Civil War, many of these radicals became peddlers walking the back woods of America. These NT Jewish peddlers would bring news from New York City to the plantations of the South which they supplied. They would tell the Southerners of the harshness of the views (of a few) Northerners to their Plantation way of life. Upon returning to the North, the NT Jewish peddlers would tell of horrible conditions of (a few) blacks in the South. To the farmers of the West, the NT Jews would tell of Southern designs to bring slaves into their territories, demolishing their labors. Could a Civil War have been avoided under these circumstances, as was peacefully done in every other single slave country in the world -- NO WAY!

Adding to the 1820 NT Jewish radicals were the NT Jewish communist radicals of the European 1848 Counter-counter-Revolutions, which were also put down, thus causing yet another wave of radical NT Jews to arrive on the shores of America. Five years later, Bloody Kansas was in flames with John Brown and his three NT Jewish radical sidekicks leading the parade into the Civil War. These radical immigrants were Azkenazi Jews, and they would be opposed by the Sephardic Jews of the Confederacy, such as Judah Benjamin, who first brought slavery to America from Dutch Brazil plantations when 23 NT Jewish slave traders landed in New Amsterdam in 1654 from the French sailing ship, the Sainte Catherine.

Thus the mini-Diaspora into America would rip America apart. Likewise, the Babylonians, Romans, Christian Europeans and now Americans, 40-years after the European World Wars made Europe inhabitable to NT Jews, would be ripped apart with even greater fury.
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