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The Great Sanhedrin

with its


The Jews who refused Jesus Christ and refused to become Christianized Jews, often became non-Christianized Jewish Zealots.

These Jewish Zealots (Jewish terrorists in today's venacular) were well known to have caused the destruction of the Second Jewish Temple in 70 A.D. when they continually and defiantly confronted Rome, thus forcing Rome to invoke the "Carthage" solution to the intransigent Zealots who would not submit to the will of Rome.

From that time till Israel was recreated in 1948, the Zealots would be disgraced and held at bay in their Diaspora.

Today, they have been recreated as Zionists; fiercely fighting for the nation of Israel.

After the failure of their direct confrontation with Rome, a more subtle, less confrontational approach developed that undermined Rome from within, drip-by-drip.

Sweet revenge would take time, but revenge would be had.

Taking advantage of their Roman Diaspora throughout the Roman Empire, and utilizing their superior methods of persuasion, while engaging in barter across the empire and throughout the barbarian frontier, the Pharisees were able to get Rome to divide against itself, and to eventually destroy itself.

Pharisees are the half-political, half-religious leaders who often override the Jewish Rabbi's religious teachings and who complement the Jewish Sadducee who, in the extreme, disregard all Jewish religiousness to become Machiavellian Herodians to outside religions and political power.

Getting the Gentiles on board, for their own destruction, are the always present Scribes whom I call media-Scribes.

The organization to steer all these activities are the Council of the Great Sanhedrin.

And so, we find the way for the modern day Zealots, paved by the centuries of secret and subversive activities of the Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes and Herodians, who may not have agreed in every aspect, but always teamed up against the followers of Jesus Christ, their sworn enemy.
    Pharisees -- New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia

    It is well known that during the great rebellion and the siege of Jerusalem, which ended in the destruction (A.D. 70), the fanaticism of the Zealots made them terrible opponents not only to the Romans, but also to the other factions among their own countrymen. On the other hand, the extreme faction of the Sadducees, known as the Herodians, was in sympathy with the foreign rulers and pagan culture, and even looked forward to a restoration of the national kingdom under one of the descendants of King Herod. Yet we find the Pharisees making common cause with the Herodians in their opposition to the Saviour (Mark 3:6; 12:13, etc.).


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