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"If ever this vast country is brought under a single government,
it will be one of the most extensive corruption,
indifferent and incapable of a wholesome care,
over so wide a spread of surface.

Thomas Jefferson to William T. Bary in 1822 (Believed small State governments would care more)
If he were alive today, what Thomas Jefferson would say about the United Nations

"Give me control over a nation's currency and I care not who makes its laws."
Jewish financial Sadducee Baron Mayer Amschel Rothschild

"If I can tell a nation's stories, then I care not who makes it's laws."
Jewish media-Scribe reporter or Pharisee editor for The New York Times?

"The Jews became jealous and recruited some worthless men loitering in the public square,
formed a mob, and set the city in turmoil."

"When the Jews in Thessalonica learned that Paul was preaching the word of God at Berea,
they went there too, agitating the crowds and stirring them up."

Judas-bought Herodians agitating against one of the first Christians (Acts 17:5-13)

"If God were your Father, you would love me, for I am from God."
"I know the slander of those who claim to be Jews and are not, but rather are members of the assembly of Satan."
Jesus speaking to Jesus-deniers whom today follow the Talmud and whom we call Jews (John 8:39-44/Revelations 2:9)

"The Kingdom of Heaven will be taken away from you and given to a people that will produce its fruit."
"It is not the children of the flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise."

Jesus, the Promise fulfilled, proclaims Christians to be the true Chosen People (Matthew 21:33-43; Romans 9:6-8 )

2019 CE (Christian Era)

December 2019 AD

Greatest Con of the Century - Who Trump Helps

How could the Constitution have missed this? With President Trump having all Jewish grandchildren who could claim their future allegiance toward the nation of Israel instead of their nation of birth, America, is Trump really working toward Making the future of America Great Again (MAGA), or is Trump working to make the future of Israel Great Again (MIGA)? This is as dangerous to our country's security as when all the last Democrat Presidents since JFK nominated nothing but Jewish Supreme Court justices. Hard to have a solid Christian moral base in your law by having your government ran by non-Christians. Forces Americans to Appeal to God for a redress of grievances.

November 2019 AD

Brother Nathaniel finally calls for the expulsion of all Jews

Even a cradle Jew converted to Christianity cannot stand what Jews have become. If they wanted Israel, then let them have Israel and bid them farewell to our nation, allowing our nation to flourish once again as a Christian nation. There has been 109 countries who have expelled Jews, but America is the one who lets them run wild in our country, only to have Jews call America anti-Semitic day in and day out. America is  full of hate Jews say. "Fine, Israel is waiting for you!"

The Satirical Christian Wisdom of Babylon Bee

If you have not heard of Babylon Bee, here is a good sampler to wet your whistle.
Bernie Sanders arrives in Hong Kong to lecture people how good they have it under communism
Motorcyclist who identifies as a cyclist  sets world cycling record
Donald Trump. " I got impeached because I embarrased Hillary"
Slick Willy, "#Me Too"
Cow meat is pure vegan  - Innovative process turns raw vegetables into meat
Who knew the Democrats were far more conservative  than the Republicans, since Dems all voted to make Mike Pence the next President of the US
Little girl races to top of Democrat polls, "Give everything away free".
Republicans will de-fund PP next time they run every branch of gov.
Let's face it, "Jews are the cause of Antisemitism."
Bill Clinton thinks Mike Pence's marital vows to his wife go too far.
Ron Paul appointed to Federal Reserve. Promises shake up.
Google algorithm mistake, tells Conservatives, "Don't Vote , you bigot!"
Kavanaugh caught feeding the homeless thus violating Church and State
Democrats think the Constitution unduly influences SCOTUS
Iran challenges US by moving its country next to our aircraft carrier
Atheist uses Biblical quotes he doesn't believe in to prove his point
Planned Parenthood, under RICO charges, is sentenced to 60 million consecutive life sentences for murder
Ocasio-Cortez promises free school for everyone between ages 5-18
First Amendment was never intended to be for people I disagree with
Beto cites Nazi firing squads as reason for banning guns
Bernie says, "OK to be Christian, but no Christian beliefs allowed"
Democrats speak of equality, but in truth, the worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal

Gone - Impeachment by the States

Much has been made of a coup by a Deep State establishment controlled federal bureaucracy by way of an impeachment. Lost in the argument is the fact that this coup started with the enactment of the 17th Amendment which removed the States from their rightful oversight responsibilities in the Senate. This means that the States will not decide if we can or should remove our President, leaving that decision now in the hands of Deep State federal bureaucrats; and thus, allowing this coup to be attempted.

Missing - Separation of Speech and State

Forget the Judeo-MSM warning of a fake news "Separation of Church and State", or a fake Separation of Military and State, aka "The Military-Industrial Complex", the real problem always has been the Judeo-MSM itself, which is literally and incestuously Married into the State. What is needed for the survival of our nation is a complete Separation of Speech and State, monitored not by the parties involved, that is, neither the world-spanning Judeo-media nor the federal government under Deep State UN-control, but by our independent States. Most likely by way of a Constitutional Amendment.

October 2019 AD

China forces Abortions - No right to choose

American women have been said to have a "Right to Choose" to abort their own baby. Chinese women have NO right to choose to keep the child. God fearing Americans will be looking for a Jewish-produced version of "A Handmaid's Tale" about Communist Chinese governmental tyrannical goons forcing brutal violent abortions on a woman, spreading a drugged up woman's legs open to thrust a knife up her vagina, which makes any run of the town rapist (or Gideon leader) look like a teddy bear in comparison.

Trump continues to sell out America

Someone has to say it. Trump is finally a well respectful politician. He has mastered the game of identity politics. He panders in front of 50,000 cheering Indians from India, to the Indian Identity theme, promising to welcome into our country more Indian families of Jesus-deniers from an economic disaster area who vote the book on  "Democratic" Socialism.

Democratic Racism, not Democratic Socialism, is the key

The hilarious but dead on satire of Christian website Babylon Bee is hard for me to beat, so I'm once again forced to share another deeply-cutting satire on Democratic Socialism. That the Socialism of Nazi Socialism, Soviet Socialist Republics, or Mao Red Socialism has resulted in over 500 million deaths (400 million force-aborted Chinese babies alone), doesn't mean that Democratic Socialism cannot be given a new face. And why not then Democratic Racism?  The Democrat Party was responsible for slavery and the KKK, so why not revamp the dusty image by making racism democratic as well? Let's have "Democratic Racism"! Where the majority of women and minorities decide to be racist against the minority of White Men. Especially, white men with money.

Ashkenazum: Sex Slave Model for Jeffery Epstein

Jewish Wall Street and Jewish banks were too corrupt to fail in 2008 because they would have taken down the entire country. Jeffery Epstein was likewise too dirty to fall today, because he would have taken everyone down with him. But before the sexual slavery of Jeffery Epstein, there was the Jewish Ashkenazim, who enjoyed a monopoly on the sex slave trade in countries like Argentina and across four continents. By historical Jewish standards, in our mind, Epstein was a cog in a bigger wheel. Was he really Mossad running their honey traps?

September 2019 AD

American Factory: How China became Fascist

Ronald Reagan was wise enough to know the Soviet Union was only defeated for good if the people turned on their communist leaders and set up alternative governments. Richard Nixon was not that smart. He saw the Mao experiment in total ruin, on verge of collapse, with 60 million dead and the entire nation nothing but dirt poor peasants. But Nixon, led by Jew Henry Kissinger, rebuilt Communist China into the Fascist state it is today, by moving our industries to China, where, 400 million abortions later, the Chinese fascist leaders have taken all the applause for the job well done.  President Obama funded a Netflix documentary called  American Factory documenting the results.

Jewish Magic Trick of the Disappeared 6 million

Even genius Mark Levin cannot figure out how his own people's magic tricks work. The New York Times held up a "veil of silence" while the 6 million Jews "disappeared" by exiting through the "trap door" of the Holodomor-cleared Ukraine region, waiting until the magic trick of war was complete, where these Jews reappeared as "Russian" Jews to emigrate into America and Israel.

Civilization before guns

Babylon Bee asks the question, "Where has our civilization gone now that the gun has been invented? For in better days, we never had people die of gun shot as during the Roman Empire's Pax Romana or the times of people safely hiding behind strong castles in the Dark Ages.

A Handmaid's Tale fails the morality test

This Hulu show, A Handmaid's Tale, roughly parallels the belief among its femi-Nazi creators that Christian men who make laws against abortion, thereby "forcing" the woman to birth a child she created herself, are akin to their fictional Non-Christian but Jewish Old-Testament-led Gilead Commander taking a handmaid, impregnating her, and forcing her to deliver his wife a baby. Just ignore the ironic drama that the feminist Handmaids, who in the previous life were aborting their children, in this life are crying for the children. It's all about the children you see, and we femi-Nazi will not allow Christians to take the moral high road on this, for we claim it all for ourselves.

August 2019 AD

The World's Greatest Heresy: Judaism

There is no Christian sect or belief who can hold a finger up against the heresy of Judaism. Jews hold no religious belief whatsoever in the birth, life, death, resurrection or divinity of Jesus Christ. No baptism, no Easter, no Christmas, no taking of the body and blood of Christ as required at the Last Supper. But what I think is the greatest heresy I have ever seen among any Christian is the extraordinary heresy they espouse when Christians say that today's Jews have obtained Christ's Salvation simply as God's Chosen People without ever worshiping Christ. Any Christian who espouses such a belief is truly an honorary member of the heretical Synagogue of Satan.

The World's World-Class Jews

After suffering centuries listening to the Jews blather about not having a home, they sure don't seem to want to go home now that they have a home. In fact, to protect Israel, they have taken it on themselves to become World Citizens and have taken us along with them as they UN-ify the world.

True Moses Story - Jews were never really slaves - for long

The Moses Story should be treated as a good Christian story, and as such, should never be allowed to be hijacked and owned by woe-is-me Jesus-denying Jews as a means for Jews to get their way and be treated special. Besides, the way Jews tell the story is mostly FAKE HISTORY. Do you celebrate Passover as a Christian?  I don't.

Rosenstein's Munster

All fingers point to the Pit Bull, Robert Mueller, for taking a dump on the White House lawn and crapping on the Constitution, but the one who should be held responsible is dirty cop Mueller's dog handler, the one blowing the dog whistle, Jew Rod Rosenstein, who handed Mueller's leash off to a Judeo-ran Congress for a Hindenburg Disaster hearing before the Jewish head of the House Intelligence committee, Adam Schiff and the Jewish head of the House judiciary committee, Jerry Nadler, with Jewish head of the Senate Democratic Caucus Chuch Schumer looking on in envy, waiting to be handed the impeachment documents.  All egged on by Jewish Hollywood and presented by the Jewish MSM.

Megan Rapinoe, the evil Womens' Soccer Segregationist

Kamala Harris is deadly against SEPARATE BUT EQUAL, as we found when she browbeat Biden into submission during the 2nd Democratic Debate for not being an advocate of Integration. So any day now, Harris can be counted on to browbeat that woman shrew Megan Rapinoe for advocating SEPARATE, BUT EQUAL, for women's soccer. Rapinoe is an utter embarrassment to all Woke women in America. Women and Men should compete EQUALLY in Soccer for only then can you have equal pay.

The Only Remaining White Liberals are Jews

When critical support for immigration control was at 65% among white liberals back in 1994, that was long before 9/11 and other terror attacks. Long before Nafta and long before out-sourcing and its evil twin H1B and illegal alien in-sourcing.  Only in 2016, when America elected a President who promised immigration as a top priority, did support for controlling immigration drop to 16% among white Democrats. Why still 16%?  What happened is that the immigrants came in as Democrats and the white Christian liberals became Republicans. The only remaining white liberals are Jews, and Jews are what caused the entire problem in the first place.

Democrat Suicide Squad darkens America: Women of No color

Whenever Judeo-Democrats talk about inclusion and color, they fail to bring light to the truth and thus darkens this country. The Squad who savagely oppose Trump are the Princesses of Darkness. Black is the exclusion of all color; white is the inclusion of all color and yet they want to exclude all color. Ask any scientist this fundamental scientific fact, but carefully pick your scientist. Pick one whose smart enough to know or honest and courageous enough to state that Climate Warming is also Fake Science.

July 2019 AD

Crimes in Gallipoli

As soon as Benjamin Disraeli became Prime Minister, he sent the future face of WW1, Herbert Kitchener, to the Ottoman Empire to survey out the future Israel. Seems that England was embedded in the Ottoman Empire, Brits allowed into the empire as a pay-off for saving their lousy tails in the Crimean War. Kitchener never served in Europe's armies, never set foot on a British naval ship, but was an officer in the Ottoman Empire, and yet would lead England's entire fight against European Germany in WW1, most infamously by invading the non-European Ottoman's Gallipoli, and failing so badly that it appears on purpose, perhaps even appearing as a diversionary tactic with the ultimate goal of weakening, not the Germans, but the Turks and the Jews negotiating the Balfour Declaration promising them Jerusalem carved out of the Ottoman Empire.

Repeat: Jews and Arabs against Christians and Persians again

Mohammad united Jewish and Arab tribes in 639 AD, giving each their own sacred place within Islam, Jerusalem and Mecca, by defeating their common enemies, the Byzantine Christians and the Persians,  Today, nothing has changed. The remains of the Byzantine Christians have been wiped out by Saudi State sponsored Sunni terrorists since the Gulf Wars, while Israel leads America's bribed leaders into a new war against the remains of the Persian Empire, Iran.

June 2019 AD

Turkey's Genocide against Christians facilitated by Jews

Israeli researchers explain the genocide of Christians in Turkey but never dug down to the real cause of that Armenian massacre and more importantly, never dared to touch who facilitated their demise by removing their protectors and defenders in Christian Czarist Russia.

In total numbers, Jews are not as smart as they appear

There is a major fallacy the new Internet sensation Jordan Peterson promotes where he posits there is no Jewish conspiracy but that IQ explains the success of Jews in American society. Facts are that, in raw total numbers, there are about 15 times as many super IQ individuals who are not Jews as there are super gifted Jews. Arguing percentages means little when Jews are only a tiny fraction of the population, so why are they running every operation in this country if not for a conspiracy?  Peterson inadvertently eventually comes around with the correct answer: smart Jews can be soulless conspiratorial SOBS.

City of Dallas makes Hilter blush

The City of Dallas has made itself the Pope over the Roman Catholic Church. It crossed the line by invading the First Amendment Sovereign Immunity and sanctity of Church property, ransacking the place like Viking barbarians, then abusing the Fourth Amendment by carting off all its official private Church records, alleging a search of sins which it would never attempt to uncover in its own public schools who abuse children 157 times as often. We dare the City of Dallas to be as "fair" and also invade the central authority of Synagogues to carry off all its rabbinical records in the same manner looking for Rabbi abuse. Rabbis are obviously better at hiding Rabbi abuse than Catholics are and hence are even more in need of a swat team invasion and peering into its private matters.

May 2019 AD

Enemy at the Poway Chabad Gates

In the mix, an unarmed Federal border control official and an illegally armed Jewish worshipper at a synagogue. What in the hell is going on in LaLa Land? Thought they had all their problems with guns fixed by now. OK, obviously they have implemented the part about disarming Border Control Agents, but why was both the shooter and the Jewish shootee armed to the teeth?

Jewish Leadership in the World

Jews proudly point they are leaders in the field of science and medicine, winning the lions share of Nobel Prizes, so why are people so agast when the New York Times points out the Jews also lead with all the most powerful men in the Christian world?  This is not anti-Semitic, this is praise from the Jewish-owned NYT.

The NFL shows how the UN rules

Did you watch your Super Bowl this year, courtesy of the NFL? Your favorite teams battling it up. Well on the world stage, it's no different. The UN's NATO team goes up against the UN's Warsaw Pact team in Korea and Vietnam and Kosovo. It's all for fun and entertainment.

Inverted Justice - Guilty after not proved innocent

The Rosenstein-led Mueller Report will go down in history as failing to achieve its  one single objective, to either recommend prosecution or recommend declination on the charges it was given. Instead, Jewish commissar Rosenstein attempted an anti-American, Russian Judeo-Commissar style "Find me a man and I will find the crime" judgment against Trump of "Guilty" for reasons that I could not find him innocent. Our President was never innocent until proved guilty. Jewish Rosentein's Mueller Report was all a sham.

April 2019 AD

CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS - Republicans show no backbone to Schiff !!!!

Every single Republican demanded dual-citizen Adam Schiff step down as head of the House Intelligence Committee and he refused. The Jewish Commissar Rosentein's Mueller Report put all testimony of Clapper, Brenham and Schiff's assertions into question, and yet, every single RINO Republican on the committee kept taking and placing more questionable testimony into the public record, as if there is not a Constitutional Crisis on our hands

Lessons from Christchurch, not learned from Hebron!!

A massacre of a Mosque in Christchurch led to the entire Christian population having to fork over their only self-defense weapons. Why was this lesson not learned in Israel when a Jew used his Israeli government-issued assault army rifle to massacre a Mosque in Hebron?  Our Jewish masters only trust their fellow Jews with rifles and not us Christians, now in our time of need?


The Deep State coup d'etah had to have been orchestrated from the Obama White House on behalf of his appointed Democrat successor Hillary Clinton. So far, justice is not prevailing and if not, then we have finally arrived at the Constitutional Crisis so spoken of where Constitutional Checks and Balances are falling to work any longer.

If Jussie Smollett is "Innocent", So then is Kamala Harris?

Now that Jussie has received nothing more than a hand slap of a $10,000 fine for being completely "innocent" of a hate hoax, and attention is subsequently misdirected away from Kamala Harris desire to be placed into the history books at any cost for passing a historic anti-lynching law, Chicago detectives are back on the hunt for the two "white guys" who tried to lynch Jussie during a snow storm. (/sarc)

Trump cleared of colluding with Russia, but not with Israel

The most interesting press conference happened. Our President was proudly telling how he was vindicated in his assertions that he never colluded with the Russians, while sitting right next to the Prime Minister of Israel. I cannot think of a single symbolic act which could more rub our nose in the fact and highlight that Trump colludes with Netayahu, than no reporter daring to ask if he colludes with Israel

Israel blackmails Syria into giving up Golan Heights

On one day, President Trump is seen patting himself on the back for totally eliminating Obama's fiendish plan of Sunni minority Muslim ISIS controlling Shiite Muslim majority Syrian territory. The very next day however, the very next day mind you, Trump is announcing that the Syrian territory which Israel controls will be recognized as belonging to Israel. What happened here? What happened is that Israel and her protector America, both gave President Assad a sinister mafia deal he could not refuse. We had previously agreed America would stop supporting ISIS, if Assad were to agree to let Israel keep the Golan Heights. Now we see the completion of the deal.  Others lose, but Jews win again.

Jack the Ripper is still found to be Jewish

The beloved Czar of Russia was assassinated by a terrorist gang of Jews in 1881 causing the Russian People to have a "pogrom" wherein they not-so-politely invited the Jews to leave Russia. By 1888, London was filled with Jewish Immigrants. With history repeating itself, as London downplays Muslim terrorists today, they also downplayed Jewish terrorists then. Hence, Scotland Yard never identified Jack the Ripper as Jewish. At best, same as in the CBS and Breitbart story today, Aaron Kosminski was deliberately misidentified as Polish, implying "Catholic".  Hiding the fact that Jack the Ripper was and is Jewish.

Israeli PM son called Istanbul as Constantinople

The son of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called the capital of Turkey its rightful name of Constantinople, home of the Byzantine Empire and the Christian Orthodox Church. Wonder if he would also agree that Jerusalem was also a beautiful Byzantine Christian city captured by the Muslims in 639 AD?

Lock up the FBI

Caught in the middle between the lower class minorities cheating to get into the best universities through Affirmative Action programs and the upper class cheating to get their kids into the elite schools the old fashioned way, through bribes, it would be a wonder if the Middle Class white kids are still allowed to go to college at all. But the FBI focus on this is in question. Where was the FBI on Mueller, Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Obama, the Indian degree mills for our elites? Never could find a crime among the federal governmental elites, but for a few nobody citizens, they can make a federal case out of a private individual applying for a private college admission to a  private university not involving any federal money.

Captain Marvel

For a movie that is actually dedicated to Stan Lee, a DEAD WHITE MAN, this movie is one man-hating flick. But then Stan Lee was Jewish, which according to our Jewish elite curators, does not qualify him as a hateful white man. One thing we know for sure after reading the comic books and watching the movie, our Captain Marvel is really a Skrull Shape-changing Reptilian.

We All have to Pledge Allegiance to Israel Now

In response to a Muslim lady saying that Congress has to pledge allegiance to Israel, Congress proved her right and passed a resolution saying the all Americans are now Dual Citizens of Israel and we all owe a Pledge of Allegiance toward Israel. Oh, and you're an white antisemitic racist if you object, BTW.

Pushed to the Breaking Point !!!!

Once Jewish Fascists techniques have finally caused white Christian men to rise up using Fascist techniques to fight Fascist techniques (fight fire with fire), the Fascist label will have been finally placed around our necks and Jews will feel justified in treating us much as they have treated Amalekites throughout the ages. Now we finally know how Hitler felt.

March 2019 AD

Kamala Harris / Jussie Smollett Lynching Scandal

The case of the lynching of Jussie Smollett appears to have been solved. U.S. Senator Kamala Harris introduced an anti-lynching bill in the Senate where it passed back in December, but died in the House. Determined to resurrect it as campaign highlight to her run for President in 2020, it appears she coordinates with TV Empire star Jussie Smollett to fake a lynching two days after her presidential bid announcement. Sadly for this criminal Senator, on the same day her reintroduced anti-lynching bill again passed the Senate, we discover that the men who were to have lynched Jussie worked with him on Empire, they were not MAGA supporters, were not even white and were not even Americans at all, but from Nigeria.

Social Darwisn Failures Explained

Judeo-post-modernists are doomed to the same utter failure to invent a better civilization than the current civilization we have which has survived thousands of years of societal evolution. Sadly, we failed to learn this twice already. Once, after the Industrial Revolution of 100 years ago falsely gave hope to our presumption we could create new 'isms of socialism, totalitarianism, fascism, and communism which could survive the fate of Social Darwinism. The results were millions upon millions of dead, and not at all the imagined utipias. We also failed to learn in the 1960's that "the pill" would not alter societal Darwin dictates on hazards relating to reproduction.

The Infinitely Unique Individual by Jordan Peterson

The Individual is the end result to layers upon layers of groupings. That was the wisdom of the Founding Fathers. That was the wisdom of God the Father treating us all as equal sinners. As the identity politics of grouping people become more and more refined, to the point of representing a black, young, lesbian, woman, who identifies as a man, then they too are finally reaching the point of recognizing her for what she really is, a unique individual.

The Israel Lobby investigation Project Veritas should have done

The Israel Lobby and all its tentacles investigation by Al-Jazerra

Soviet 5-year Green New Deal

Judeo-Soviet styled 5-year plan central planning has been repackaged as environmentally friendly. Neglecting the ironic fact that the environment of the Soviet Union was devastated by the disaster of Soviet Judeo-Communist central planning.

February 2019 AD

Finally we have a Commander in Chief?

Without building a wall, President Trump will not be performing his duty to faithfully execute our immigration laws which prohibit invasion of our country by foreigners. Does enforcing immigration laws, written by Congress, make him a dictator against Congress? No possible way. To see what a real dictator looks like, witness the string of dictatorial Presidents since WW1 who have taken us into undeclared wars which violates not just Congress when they do not declare war, but the Constitution as well, which requires a Declaration of War.

The People's Gun Rights

Look closely at the Bill of rights when it talks about the phrase "the people".  It's meaning is perfectly clear, well regulated militia not withstanding.  You could even substitute the word "individual" for "people"
The People have a right to peacefully assemble...
The People have a right to be secure in their persons, houses...
The People have all rights not enumerated in the Constitution.
The People have all rights not delegated to the United States.
Last but not least...
The People have a right to keep and bear arms.

American role model for manhood, Covington's Nick Sandmann

Covington Catholic High School Student Nick Sandmann is the new face of proud American boys ready to stand up for what is right in this great country. Even in the face of unjust Judeo-MSM accusations of the fake sins of being patriotic, of being pro-Trump, of being White, of being a man, of being pro-life, of being a Catholic Christian, and of being religiously schooled. All while being lied to about being disrespectful toward native Indians, and being supposedly anti-Black. 

Inquisition by Mueller?

Lead House investigator Jew and Democrat Adam Schiff was willing to throw the President of the United States under the bus for a known fake new Buzzfeed article, proven false by the Mueller Inquisition. An inquisition Democrats cannot question per their own made up Inquisition rules. This patent disregard of the truth by Hollywood's representative in the House, Jew Adam Schiff, is seditious and traitorous.

If Obamacare is Unconstitutional, then what else?

Judge Reed O'Connor made my list to replace Ginsburg on the Supreme Court when he declared Obamacare unconstitutional. Chief Justice Roberts famously said Obamacare was constitutional merely because it was a mere tax, a task for which the federal government has been given authority. Not questioned was if the purpose of the tax was to be applied to a constitutional purpose, which of course it was not, as proved later. For once the Republican Congress removed the tax, federal judge Reed O'Connor in Texas struck down the Affordable Care Act as unconstitutional. Just as Justice Roberts should have decided beforehand. Well then, what about the constitutionality of Social Security?  Is the FICA tax the only part saving forced Social Security contributions from being declared unconstitutional?

January 2019 AD

Evangelicals are traitors to God and Country

Evangelicals, Judeo-Evangelicals really, are the most venomous traitors of God and Country, for they profess to be the most loyal to God and Country among us, and yet are the ones who are most guaranteed to reject God's Christ and Christian America over Jew's God and Jew's Israel.

NYC succeeded from the Union

The Jewish inspired Gangs of New York were the center of everything slavery and actually succeeded from the Union at the same time the South did. NYC Jews positioned themselves at both ends of slavery. They made a fortune shipping the slaves to the South in their slave ships on one end and on the other end, with no bother to their conscience, they enriched themselves again using the blood cotton of slavery to make fine ladies dresses and gentleman's suits, themselves being the dandys of town lionized in all the society rags.

Social Democrat

There is a new socialist buzz word, Social Democracy. Jews are in a race to convince the poor in America that their own Jewish authority needs overthrown so they can rule as Soviet Socialists, while they say Trump is racing against them to overthrow their Jewish rule to create a National Socialism, as Hitler did in Germany, even as Trump is all about getting along with Jews and protecting Israel. The third rail Jews would never allow is for Christian Americans to overthrow Jewish hegemony and recreate their ancestral Christian home with a Rand Paul or Pat Buchanan as President.

Israel's Christmas Day War Crime

Israel accused their enemies of an unfair fight when innocent civilians are used as human shields, accusing their enemy of war crimes. Yet, this Christmas, Israeli jets followed commercial jets into Beirut and Damascus, knowing full well the horrors should Syria launch the new Russian SAM missiles against these poor passengers. Israel knew they could have laid their war crime at the feet of Assad. Assad's hands were tied prevented from shooting down Jewish Jets invading his airspace and Israel got away with a double war crime.

US Pro-Israel Oath of Allegiance

Marco Rubio introduced a mandated pledge of allegiance to Israel to secure their safety, at the same time Congress is failing to deliver America to safety with a wall. Even Jews Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer realize the bad optics of this anti-American AIPAC pushed bill at this time.

How Israel exports Muslims to Europe

Barbara Lerner Spectre helps us understand how Jews are instrumental in swamping Christian Europe with Muslims and Africans immigrants, while Dov Maimon, author of The Absorption Plan advocates for more Jews to enter Israel to keep Jewish dominance for Jews. My view? As Europe enters into Civil War between Christianity and Islam, Israel will use that as an excuse to ethnically cleanse their own house of Muslims and invite the scared escaping European Jews to replace them.

Texas requirement for an Oath of Allegiance to Israel

This may be the test case at the Supreme Court which finally strikes down all our anti-discrimination laws which clearly unconstitutionally force American citizens to discriminate in favor of blacks, women,  Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, homosexuals, etc, etc, etc., in violation of our constitutional right to free association and free speech. The Texas Legislature  now has passed an anti-discrimination law requiring Texas citizens to discriminate in favor of the foreign nation of Israel.
If this loyalty requirement to Israel can stand though, I propose an alternate loyalty oath. This one would be a loyalty to the United States, which dual-citizen Jews will absolutely perjury themselves on, allowing us to finally deport all these foreign agents from this country.

Trump Explained

     Blessed by the Jews (maybe) if you bless the Jews.
     Cursed by the Jews (certainly) if you curse the Jews.
     Bottom line is what helps the Jews.
Fred Trump, father of our President, was such a blessed man. He blessed the homeless Jews with homes as they were escaping war-torn Europe after WW2. His son whose children intermarried with Jews was blessed by Jews with massive building contracts in Manhattan as Jewish financiers replaced the former WASP establishment to become the new Wall Street establishment in town. The Donald was given his own TV show, The Apprentice, where is was mentored by the Jews in NYC''s NBC into a household word across the country. Once running as president, the NYC media reported on The Donald 24/7 constantly saying "We can't stop him", which they knew only made us want him that much more.  Truth is that Ron Paul and Rand Paul were both stopped dead in their tracks by absolutely no Judeo-MSM coverage, never therefor to become President.  And that is the short answer of the scam of how we got President Trump.

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