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"Have I now become your enemy for telling you the TRUTH?
(Galatians 4:16)

Motto of

"If ever this vast country is brought under a single government,
it will be one of the most extensive corruption,
indifferent and incapable of a wholesome care,
over so wide a spread of surface."

Thomas Jefferson to William T. Bary in 1822
Thomas Jefferson talking today about the United Nations

"Give me control over a nation's currency and I care not who makes its laws."
Jewish financial Sadducee Baron Mayer Amschel Rothschild

"If I can tell a nation's stories, then I care not who makes it's laws."
Jewish media-Scribe reporter for The New York Times?

"The truly ignorant are closer to knowing the truth than those who have their minds filled with lies, self delusion, and misinformation"
Inspired by Thomas Jefferson ; a warning about Jewish falsehoods

“Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East.”
John Sheehan, S.J.
(a Jesuit priest)

“Why should they, the Americans, have trusted us? We were a bunch of Russians, socialist Russians.”
Isser Harel, former head of Mossad, speaking of the unlikely union between America and the Marxist state of Israel.

"The Jews became jealous and recruited some worthless men loitering in the public square,
formed a mob, and set the city in turmoil."

"When the Jews in Thessalonica learned that Paul was preaching the word of God at Berea,
they went there too, agitating the crowds and stirring them up."
(Acts 17:5-13)

Social-Media, Saul Alinsky agitation tactics used by rich Rothschild-like Jews, against a Christian Founding Father

"...the disbelieving Jews stirred up and poisoned the minds of the Gentiles..."
(Acts 14:2)

Jewish media-Scribe MSM reporters 2,000 years ago

"If God were your Father, you would love me, for I am from God."
(John 8:39-44)

"I know the slander of those who claim to be Jews and are not, but rather are members of the Synagogue of Satan."
(Revelations 2:9)

Jesus speaking to Jesus-deniers whom today follow the Talmud and whom we call Jews

"Now you, brothers, like Isaac, are children of the promise. But just as then, the child of the flesh persecuted the child of the spirit, it is the same now"
(Galatians 4:28)

Paul speaking in past allegory of the children of Isaac, son of free Sarah -- to the children of Ishmael, son of slave Hagar; compared in Paul's time to unbelieving Jews and believing Christians; and the same Jewish persecution in our modern times.

"The Kingdom of Heaven will be taken away from you and given to a people that will produce its fruit."
(Matthew 21:33-43)

"It is not the children of the flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise."
(Romans 9:6-8)

Jesus, the Promise fulfilled, proclaims Christians to be the true Chosen People

"Do not be yoked with those who are different, with unbelievers"
"For what partnership do righteousness and lawlessness have?
Or what fellowship does light have with darkness?"
(2 Corinthians 6:14)

Paul warns us not to associate with Jews who are unbelievers in Christ

"Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up"
"But he was speaking about the temple of his body"
(John 2:19-21)

Jesus is the new temple, resurrected in three days,
so no need for the old temple

"I am the way and the truth and the life."
"No one comes to the Father except through me"
(John 14:6)

Jesus telling Jews that his is the only salvation

"Who is the liar?"
"Whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ"
"Whoever denies the Father and the Son, this is the Antichrist"
"No one who denies the Son has the Father,"
"But whoever confesses the Son has the Father as well"
(1 John 2:22-23)

Jews who deny Christ are liars
Jews are the Antichrist

"The day of the Lord will come like a thief" in the night and that we are only commanded to be "children of light and children of the day".
(1 Thessalonian 5:2-5)

Proof End-Times Theology is fraudulent

"There is neither Jew nor Greek
...for you are all one in Jesus Christ."
"For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ...And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham's descendants, heirs to the promise."
Galatians 3:27-29

Proof that Jews no longer exist
Proof that Christians are Abraham's true heirs
Proof that Christian Replacement Theology is correct

"And do not think you can say to yourselves,
'We have Abraham as our father.'
I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham."
Matthew 3:9

Proof that Jesus did not consider unbelieving Jews to be the Chosen People

"Do not think that I will accuse you before the Father,
the one who will accuse you is Moses,
in whom you have placed your hope.
For if you had believed Moses,
you would have believed me,
because he wrote about me.
But if you do not believe his writings,
how will you believe my words?"
John 5:45-47

"You search the scriptures
(Old Testament at the time),
because you think you have eternal life through them:
even they testify on my behalf.
But you don't want to come to me to have life."
John 5:39-40

Proof that unbelieving Jews betray Moses and hence betray their own religion.

"Can the liberties of a nation
be thought secure
when we have removed their only firm basis,
a conviction in the minds of the people
that these liberties are the gift of God?
That they are not to be violated
but with His wrath?"
Thomas Jefferson
Notes on Virginia

"The right to expatriation,
like all natural rights
“is not left to the feeble
and sophistical investigations of reason,
but is impressed on the sense of every man.
We do not claim these
under the charters of kings or legislators,
but under the King of kings."
Thomas Jefferson
to John Manners

proof America was not created as a Democracy, but as a Christian nation.

  June 2024 AD

Synagogue of Satan are Satanic

Helps when Jews tell us they are satanic so that others can all agree that Jesus called it right when he characterized the Jews as the Synagogue of Satan.

No Innocent Jews in Israel

All Jews in Israel are illegal immigrants as the Palestinian people never voted to allow them to immigrate.  The British  conquered and  openly alllowed Jews to enter and now they are ethincally cleansing Israel of Palestinians.

British Concentration Camps.

Some interesting highlights about how the victors get to hide their faults and enlarge the faults of their enemies. So we never get to hear of British concentration camps, but German concentration camps are renamed as more sinister extermination or death camps.

The English who were fighting German hatred of Jews, found many refugees from Germany in the runup to Nazism. However, they were unable to distinguish German German refugees from the Jewish German refugees, so they imprisoned both. You have to love the British sensitivity to bunk both Germans and Jews together.

  July 2023 AD

Chrisitans outnumber Jews in geniuses.

So what if Jews average a higher IQ than Christians, there are still 20 times more genius Christians than genius Jews. So, why are Jews in charge everywhere?

  May 2023 AD

Classic Jewish Memes

Enjoy these classical Jewish memes, mostly gotten from Gab

January 2023 AD

The RINO Party

In 15 straight votes, our representatives failed to represent us by voting for Kevin McCarthy 200 times. Only 20 times did out representatives vote for true representation. The Republican Party is filled with RINOS 10:1.

Jewish Influence

Jews should all be judged by Christians as one since they operate as one. Jews all ganged up on Kanye to destroy is life when he insulted them, but they refuse to use that same influence to take down serious clear and present dangers to this country such as their fellow Jews Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and Merrick Garland.

Truth per the Media

"The Press is NOT the Enemy of THE PEOPLE" says retiring journalist Jim Gardner. Then he decides it is now safe to return to his Jewish name of Jim Goldman. Yeh, we can trust the media with our lives.

Let's join the Abortionists

If we Christians would engage in the same morality as your typical "Keep your cruxifix off my twat" women, then we could forget about the "Thou shalt not murder" morality which was holding us back and that she counts on you holding to in regards to her and we could then directly kill the mothers of the unwanted babies. After all, the unwanted baby probably was thinking she had an unwanted mother.

This is Dangerous to our Democracy

The most dangerous thing to a democracy is having an ignorant electorate who has not had a chance to see the pros and cons of all positions so as to make the right choice on election day (month). So, this YouTube is brilliant in showing a monolithic ruler decreeing the exact same message to all the local television stations. And that is the greatest danger to our Democracy.

Wakanda Forever

Jewish Woke Disney has just released Wakanda Forever and boy is it a dousy. We discover there lives a "brown peoples" under the oceans. The leader of the brown people wants to have an alliance with the leader of the "black peoples" of Wakanda to take over the world from the "white peoples". Just to be sure we are not talking about Asian peoples, we are shown white Spaniards enslaving "brown peoples". In the end, the Black Panthers agree to the alliance. White people, you are no longer supreme.

December 2022 AD

How Dave Chappelle turned antisemitism into a joke

E. Michael Jones is a force of the written word I do not stand a chance of surpassing. And here is the SNL Monologue by Dave Chappelle.

Despicable Jew Chuck Schumer wants you to kill your own babies, then use that as an excuse for the Great Replacement, allowing amnesty to illegal aliens. Meanwhile, Despicable Jew Sam Bankman-Fried makes despicable Jew Bernie Madoff look like an amateur in defrauding people of their money. Or as Dave Chapelle so aptly noted, these were Jewish men, so just a coincidence and best to ignore it.

Ken Burns sucks. Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free, said self-serving Jew Emma Lazarus,  wanting more Jews to emigrate to America, and America was hateful for not allowing Jewish citizens of Europe into our country a hundred years ago, because we all knew Hitler was going to kill all the Jews whom we could have saved many of them.  And yet, Israel would not let these Jews come to Palestine either. Not if they were disabled, not if they were sick or not if they were old (i.e. huddled masses). who would be a burden to the State of Israel. Only able bodied young men and women Jews were allowed Ayiyah during Hitler's time. The Jews of Israel are guilty of Holocaust crimes.

November 2022 AD

In 1940, when Jews told us Germany was the worst nation, we teamed up with Russia when Jews ran the Russian country to save them from Christian Germans even though Jewish Russia had wiped out 7 million Christian Ukrainians 10 year prior. In 2022, we are teaming up with Jewish-led Ukrainians under Jew Zelensky to defend them from a Christian Putin. As if Russia is our worst enemy now and not China. Back in 1940, a Christian Germany was deemed our worst enemy, and not a Jewish Russia who became our ally. Who makes these silly foreign policy decisions?  Oh yeh, Jews.

Desantis won by 20% as a woke fighting bastard, showing what clean elections look like. But in Pennsylvania, a corrupt election allowed a brain dead zombie special Olympian to enlist in the real Olympics and miraculously wins in a year when Democrats are actually hated at a 73% rate. Please explain.

Unmarried women overwhelmingly voted Democrat. Time to declare war on these mostly single moms. They are not long suffering heroines. They are shameful destroyers of the young kids they did not abort Time for a Republican House to cut off all welfare and for Republican Governors to kill no-fault divorce. "A woman's body, a woman's choice" works for me. She chooses to marry for life, so let her body stay in that marriage. But no babies killed and all babies born raised in a two parent household.

October 2022 AD

In 1978, the Judeo-MSM was filling the airwaves nightly with mass hysteria about an eminent Ice Age which was bearing down on us. For 30 years, during our most prolific industrial green house production of the 1950s, 1960 and 1970s, our climate was cooling, not warming. Let's face it, nothing the Jews say is true.

OK, I'll play the game. Jewish babies, not yet born, can be killed, and Kentucky MUST recognize their religious right to kill Jewish babies. But I am not playing along that this includes Christian babies being slaughtered. Still not buying what these Jewish harlots are selling. Orthodox Jewish law requires men to keep their "non-human" hair and sperm, so why would it not require the Jewish women to keep the children the sperm was not wasted on?

Our review of Michael Collins Piper's masterpiece book Final Judgment, which details all the who, what, where, when and especially why Israel ordered their Mossad to assassinate our beloved President John F. Kennedy.

How utterly evil and self-serving can Rabbi Shmuley Boteach be? Just read what he has to say about Marjorie Taylor Greene. If this Rabbi is the best that Jews have to offer America, then America would be much better off without any Jews here.

Americans are backed up against the wall by our Jewish masters. This election will make or break this country and the past election fraud must be addressed, with heads rolling to insure such never happens again.

America bad for not giving Jews a God Given Right to emigrate to America. America bad for having policies against native Americans and blacks that Hitler could emulate against Jews (all Democrat policies). America bad that we did not bomb tracks to Auschwitz (even though FDR had enigma intercepts proving there was no Holocaust happening at Auschwitz). America bad that we had a hero Charles Lindbergh who expressed his American free speech belief that Jews are lying duplicitous snakes (which they are) FDR not bad for ignoring the Jewish bankers bankrupting German citizens with outrageous WW1 reparations and hyper inflation. FDR not bad for ignoring the Jewish Spartacus Uprising and the Jewish Bavarian Soviet Republic atrocities. FDR not bad for ignoring the Holodomor, the Soviet invasion of Poland and the inhumane Katyn Forest Massacre. And Ken Burns, why are Jews in Israel NOT bad for NOT allowing Jews into Israel, only if they would be  burden on the new state of Israel?

There is a desolation across the American pride-lands caused by the illegal election of Scar Biden and his Jewish Cabinet of ravenous hyenas, ruling over the Maga Republican Christians.  But Maga Republican Christians are finally remembering the promise of the pride-lands under Trump, the Maga Lion King and the battle to regain control over the pride-lands is just beginning.

The British decyphered the German enigma machine early in the war and besides allowing for the monitoring of the manuevers of German army, navy and air force units, also became a window into what was happening at Auschwitz. In the daily Auschwitz reports back to Berlin about arrivals, departures and deaths due to disease, hangings and firing squads, there is no mention of gassing. THE BIG LIE is the lie Jews propagate among Gentiles about 6 million dead Jews. Jeez, and I just wrote about the Jewish Hitler. But remember, Zionists needed a big story to get Jews in Europe to move  to Israel and they got it. Plan worked like a champ.

Sept 2022 AD

The Jewish Hitler Avengers

Turns out that not only was the Holocaust a modern-day Jewish religious fantasy belief along the line of Moses, with a magical 6 million dead being forecast over and over again to happen a hundred years before Hitler, but Jews we find had a real life Hitler of their own named Abba Kovner, who wanted to slaughter 6 million innocent Germans. Damm devilish hypocrites!

Ukraine and Putin

The Ukraine has been a Jewish playground for a hundred years now. During the Holomodor days of 1932, Jewish Commissars of Russia were busy wiping out 7 million Ukrainians by starving them to death. Fast forward to today and Jews have been running Ukraine as their own special corruption racket. Putin, the modern hero he is, saw through this and is attempting to put an end to it. Well, as Hitler found out, Jews have mobilized the world against him.


No one a few years back believed that a black man of whom no one had ever heard of could become President of the United States. Not even Martin Luther King could be elected President in his day. Yet the Jews talked us into it, didn't they. No one recently believed that nobody Joe Biden could be President, or was honestly elected President, or even  is the one who gives the orders. Who then rules?  Well, take a gander at the cabinets of both Presidents and you tell me who is running this country.

April 2022 AD

Easter at peace

It's Easter and Civil War has not started yet. Pray to God for our salvation.

March 2022 AD

Cancel those who Cancel George Washington

What would you expect a man to do to you if you were to tell him his mother had slept with several men before his father? He would pummel you. Likewise, expect me to pummel you if you even hint at telling me the Founder of my nation was a sinner and not a national hero.

Ukraine's Jewish NAZI

The leader of the Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy is Jewish, backed by American Jews, and allows Neo-Nazis under the Azov Battalion banner to freely operate inside Ukraine. Does that not make this Jewish leader a Nazi?  Is not Putin a hero to denazify the Ukraine? Isn't Putin a hero to overthrow this corrupt evil Jew?

February 2022 AD

Jews are behind the many failures of Biden

Most Americans falsely believe Biden is the cause of his own failures even as they know the fact that he openly admits others are telling him what to say and telling him what to do. Classic puppet, but we just blindly blame the feeble senile Biden instead of blaming the real power behind the throne. From a look at his cabinet it is crystal clear that Jews are the ultimate responsible party for the failure of the Biden Administration. Jews, for poor performance alone, should be fired from any and all source of power in America.

Whoopi Goldberg has a Whoopsi

Whoopi Goldberg, with the appropriated Jewish surname, talks true science, "Jews are white", and the woke universe goes bananas. "Doesn't she know that Nazis looked upon Jews as an inferior Race?", the woke all reply? To which we answer, "Yeah, and you of all people should know that the rules of the universe, which you made up by the way, say anyone who agrees with Nazis, whom we know are always wrong, are themselves the real Nazi" So, please go cancel yourself ABC.

January 2022 AD

Jewish Sayings

Some of the worst intent to commit crimes against humanity, especially white humanity, come straight from the mouth of Jews themselves.

December 2021 AD

The Bad War of WW2 under the Jews

The crime of the century was not what the Germans finally had to do in their own self defense by becoming Nazi and defeating the Judeo-Communists, but in the totality of the criminality of what the Jews were doing to the Germans which caused them to become Nazi. Winston Churchill understood this perfectly and still sided with Stalin's Jews against Hitler's Nazi Germans and in the end admitted to being a Globalist himself. This was never the Good War, but always the Bad War.

Mossad and the Assassination of the Kennedy Brothers

The JFK assassination was not investigated by his brother RFK who was the Attorney General at the time as he would have had that responsibility, but LBJ replaced RFK and the Warren Commission resulted. In the 1968 election, RFK had just won California and was well on his way to being our next President when he was himself assassinated and again LBJ investigated. RFK would never be allowed to reopen the JFK crime of the century, performed by LBJ's best friend, Israel who could not allow anyone to get in their way to develop nuclear bombs for Israel's defense, not even a nuclear non-proliferation president like JFK.

November 2021 AD

The Treason of Merrick Garland

Our Jewish Attorney General can round up hundreds of Americans who assembled on Jan 6 to redress a grievance they had with the stolen election in violation of the First Amendment, he can raid the offices of journalist Project Veritas in violation of the First Amendment, he can raid parents homes who attended school board meetings in violation of the 10th Amendment, but he cannot and does not raid anything to do with Antifa or Black Lives Matter. This man deserves to be hung.

The Treason of Miley

My Texas Representative, Kay Grainger, sent me a defense of Israel letter when I contacted her about General Miley's own admission of his lack of defense of the United States. So, General Miley will not be hanged as he should be.

The Treason of Pelosi

Pelosi: Yes, China's committed “genocide” against the Uighurs; “having said that," the bigger, “overrriding" issue is “working together on climate.” And that is grounds for removing this genocide-loving, abortion-loving death monster from office.

October 2021 AD

White Zionism

The ADL's take on Richard Spencer's idea of White Zionism is a joke. Of course Jews are hateful of the idea that someone would confront the Jewish beliefs that Jews should run both Israel and America, but that Americans may want to run their own country, just as Jews run Israel.

Word War I

The endless Word War has gone on for too long. No, Hispanics are not oppressed. Spain and Portugal  were far more oppressive in Central and South America than England or France ever were. Blacks oppressed today, HA! Women oppressed? Ask any divorced man working for a female affirmative action manager how oppressed women are. Jews who run this country oppressed. Don't make us laugh!!!!

September 2021 AD

Will the true Commander in Chief please step forward?

With the catastrophe of the fall of Afghanistan behind us, it is past time we stop pretending that Donald Trump is not the true and only Commander in Chief of our country and order the military to arrest the Biden imposter, along with his entire Jewish cabal running America into the ground and have them all hung for sedition.


The Castros of Cuba, who have incarcerated more black political prisoners than any other was loved by Jewish-enabled Black racist Charles Rangel; Who lockup up more journalists than anyone in North America was asked for autographs by Judeo-journalists Dan Rather to Mike Wallace; who abolished private property was hounded for a handshake by Jewish mega-property owners David Rockerfellow and Mort Zuckerman; who abolished capitalism under penaties of firing squads and torture chambers was lionized by the Jewish controlled Chamber of Commerce. The people of Cuba rose up in rebellion. We should have helped.

August 2021 AD

Section 230 Fraud

The Federal government wrote a law that allows Jewish controlled social media companies to censor anything they decide is "offensive", whether or not such material is constitutionally protected. And the Federal government issued them immunity from "government" lawsuits over it if done as a "good Samaritan". In other words, the government granted Jewish private businesses the right to censor that that they themselves could not do under the First Amendment protections of free speech. And then they crossed the line of national security by censoring the President of the United States. So, Trump sued.

July 2021 AD

Whose Flag do you salute?

Democrats used to fly the Confederate flag, now Judeo-Democrats fly the pride flag, the BLM flag and the Antifa flag as they kneel or turn away from the American flag. Yes, the Jewish-owned NYTs says it right that flying the American flag is an indicator of your political allegiance. And they think you are on the wrong side.

Chinese Communist Party at 100

It has been 100 years since Russian Jews went to China to start the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party. Has Communism in China been any better for the world than what Jews wrought in Russia? No, just as bad and in many cases, worse.

Jews push for a purge of White Nationalism

Jewish cultists have declared you the enemy even though you never knew it. They consider themselves non-white but you are, so that that makes all white Christians to be white nationalists who require the full force of the federal government to eliminate. And white Democrats are deeply entranced in this Jim Jones Satanic Cult, as blacks and Hispanics are merely bribed with federal handouts of food and shelter.

Why should I care?

I used to actually care about you in the fact that I never cared about your race, your sex, your religion, your ethnicity, until that is, you decided to disrespect my race, my sex, my religion, my ethnicity. Now, I really don't care about you whatsoever, and that is bad for you.

We have no President

How could Pence have declared the Biden/Harris ticket to be valid when the Constitution blatantly declares it illegal?  Harris was not a natural born citizen as neither of her parents had allegiance to the United States by way of citizenship when she was born. The Biden/Harris ticket was therefor Constitutionally defective. Mike Pence illegally certified the election in violation of the Constitution he swore on a Christian Bible which he also swore to God to uphold.

June 2021 AD

White Supremacy - Fighting Words!!!

Jewish-backed Mao had a cultural revolution where all Chinese history was abolished as well as 46 million Chinese citizens. Now we have a puppet of a President and his hand selected Jewish Attorney General who tells us that our Jewish infested intelligence agencies cite white nationalism as America's greatest threat. White Christians are the greatest threat to Jewish tyrannical rule perhaps, but not a threat to America at all. White Christians are America's salvation. As for us, we believe in  Christian supremacy.

May 2021 AD

Racial Truth Hurts

Intelligence as measured by IQ is a great predictor of success, from the success or failure of nations, to the success or failure of races, to the success or failure of individuals. We will report on this taboo subject in the name of real science, not politically correct, cancel culture, pseudo-science pretending to be real science.

The Ritchie Boys

David Rockefeller, former head of the treasonous CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), was a Ritchie Boy and that tells me a lot about the Ritchie Boys highlighted by CBS on 60 minutes. These were German-born Jews who sold out their own country to help America fight against Nazism, only for David Rockefeller to turn also against his newly adopted country of America with a One World Government. And the Jews wonder why they are so despised.

April 2021 AD

Judeo-MSM Propaganda for BLM Violence

If Donald Trump, the duly elected President of the United States, can be censored by the Judeo-MSM for supposedly promoting the Jan 6 occupation of Congress, then why, oh why, can the Judeo-MSM not be totally canceled for promoting all the months of BLM and Antifa violence, rioting and mayhem of 2020?

March 2021 AD

Ultimate Indictment of Islam

Judeo-Democrat's love affair with Islam is exposed as extrenely dangerous to American society.

United States of Socialism

Judeo-Socialism has arrived in America and Dinesh D'Sousa point by point dismantles all the false myths and misleading propaganda which its adherants promote.

February 2021 AD

America's Jewish Politburo

America lost the election due to numerous illegalities and for their Jewish efforts, Jews have given America a Soviet styled Judeo-Politburo. Our money is controlled by Jewess Janet Yellen, Department of Justice is ran by Jew Merrick Garland, who Mitch McConnal bypassed as SCOTUS by Obama. CIA will be ran by Jew David Cohen. National Intelligence will be ran by Jew Avril Haines. Social media will be watched over by the FCC pick of Jewess Jessica Rosenworcel. The State Department will be ran by Jew Antony Blinken. Biden's right hand man as Chief of Staff is Jew Ron Klain. We know who really runs America. Even the VP's husband is a Jew named Douglas Emhoff.

Private business in America

Per the social media, they are a private business who enjoy the freedom to knock anyone off their platforms, from Project Veritas,  to Pro-Life organizations, even to the President of the United States, elected by all of America. Other so-called private businesses, have not enjoyed such freedoms. The mayor of LA just made a rule that restaurants cannot have a TV on in their so-called "private business". Jeff Bezo is having his WAPO promote the canceling of pretty much all conservative media including Fox News, OAN and Newbusters. I think it is time for States like Texas to shut down the social medias.

Why Should we Hate Modern Jews?

Per the Jewish Virtual Library, Modern Judaism is traced directly from the Pharisees. The Pharisees are the very "spiritual fathers" of modern Judaism. So, since everyone knows Jesus hated the Pharisees, why should modern Christians not hate modern Jews as well?

January 2021 AD

Coup against America

Jacob Chansley, aka "Jake Angeli", took over the federal government  with his indefensible 6 foot spear and ferocious pair of horns. For this, America has had its Reichstags  fire and will be placed on Nazi lock down.

Hows that "Bless the Jews" myth working out for you?

The evangelical movement with their fake and never-ending mantra "Christians and Jews are 'both' in this 'together'" have killed this country. God has not blessed this country for blessing Jews, he has instead cursed this country filled with Jews running free who are not in this together with Christians and who deny Christ. Jews who deny the salvation of Christ, son of the father cannot and will not be blessed by God. God's words not mine. The evangelicals were always a total fraud and a disastrous lie.

A Reimagined KKK in Georgia

Georgia went from the center of the KKK movement being  back then anti-Catholic, anti-Jew and anti-black to now having a stolen election of a Catholic President, a black Senator and a Jewish Senator. Explain that one to me.

The Greatest of Jewish Sin is fraud upon Christians

The ultra-Orthodox Hasidim Haredi Jews of New York City are not returning to the Promised Land God gave them and they are not rebuilding the Temple.  You evangelicals have been defrauded by these sinning Jews and our country is being destroyed because of it.

China's NBA

Bablylon Bee hits the mark every time. These NBA players would never dream of taking a knee to the Chinese national anthem.

December 2020 AD

Jewish Elite Priviledge in Hollywood

A young restaurant owner in LA, shut down by harsh Covid restrictions, is learning the hard way what Jewish privilege entails. Jewish Hollywood moguls have set up a dining tent right next to her closed dining tent.

To take the Covid-19 Vaccine or not?

Your company will force you to take this Covid-19 vaccine and cries of "MY BODY, MY CHOICE" will not be allowed. If you take the Covid-19 vaccine, you might not have heard of any of its side-effects because the Jewish MSM will have decided that anything which does not fit their Judeo-narrative is misinformation, and if you get harmed for their censoring of this vital health-care information, too bad, the government have given the Jewish media immunity to lawsuits. But if you do take this vaccine which has been rushed by emergency governmental decree, using dangerous unimaginable consequences of CRISPR gene splicing, then you again cannot sue because the government have given vaccine makers immunity. Of course the government has always gave itself immunity to lawsuits.

November 2020 AD

The Great Reset Apostasy of The Protestant Reformation

What is becoming increasingly clear is that Protestants were the antifa-level mob creating The Great Apostasy in the Christian world where they became useful idiots for the Antichrist. They lied about reading the Bible as actions show they completely missed the entire reason for the New Testament and Christ's relationship under Jewish rule in Biblical Israel; which today, mirrors Christian persecution under Jewish rule in the Jew World Order of today. The Reformation was the first Great Reset of Christian religion. Second Great Reset being the World War destruction of Christian empires. We are now headed to the third and final Great Reset that will firmly establish for all time the Jewish World Order so often talked about.

October 2020 AD

What a pair of Wieners: Chosen People Choose who to Molest

What a pair of Jewish Wieners!  Scott Wiener thought it was unfair for him to be jailed for molesting 14-year-old boys, while Anthony Wiener could escape punishment for molesting 14-year-old girls, so Scott Wiener had the law changed to be "fair". Now all children can be legally molested, so long as these Jewish pedophiles find a suitable Jewish judge who would allow it.

Smoking Hot Gun caught being held by the Judeo-Media

Undeniable proof has leaked of Judeo-MSM conspiracy to provoke a Civil War coming straight from the Jewish mouth of the head of CNN itself. Conspiracy that CNN was helping Trump win the election as it was riling a huge base against him to riot across America.

Nobel Peace Prize nomination for Trump

While the country is on a knife's edge, close to a second bloody Civil War pushed by American Jews whom President Trump cannot convince to get along with their next-door-neighbor Christian fellow citizens, President Trump has however been able to convince Jews in Israel to get along with Muslims in another country. For his moonlighting effort outside of his Constitutionally appointed duties to make America Great Again, our President Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in Making Israel Great Again.  Good for him!!!

September 2020 AD

All American Hero Kyle Rittenhouse

A young courageous and heroic Kyle Rittenhouse took out three Jewish anarchists provoking a Race War. Facebook jumped to censor the entire act. Seems none of this fits the narrative of Facebook. 1) The bad guys would be found out to be Jewish 2) Bad to see the bad guys being stopped dead in their tracks 3) Bad to see that the riots were no longer peaceful as now there were two sides shooting. So Mark Zuckerberg decided that a "Jew killer" had to be a mass murderer, without due process, without innocent until proved guilty, and without anyone having free speech rights other than Mark Zukerberg in the name of all Jews worldwide. 

Defund the Government

We have two situations with local cops. The good ones are cowed into inaction because no one will support them to actually keep the peace, while the bad ones are shutting down Churches and keeping businesses from opening. So yes, Defund the Police!  But do not follow the lead to replace them with federal cops. Instead be your own policeman, by recognizing that the Constitution has deputized all able bodied citizens into the militia. And while we're at it, let's Defund the government public schools, the military, the welfare state, the Federal Reserve and well, Defund the Federal government itself by repealing the 16th Amendment and the absolutely unconstitutional 17th Amendment.

The Promise

Beautifully and lavishly produced movie set in the backdrop of the last days of the Ottoman Empire and the Muslim genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Christian Armenians. One of the few times in history the French did good.

Constitutional Tyranical Dictator Required

If America survives this Civil War and purges the Jewish instigators of the Civil War, what kind of leader should we fall behind to lead us. Our contention is that America would need a second Constitutional Dictator like Revolutionary war hero George Washington was. And lucky for us, we have Politically Correct war hero Rand Paul to be our second Constitutional tyrant, who would heartlessly and tyrannically adhere to the Constitution.

Evil Crony Jewish Capitalism

We have replaced the Rabbi-married words Democracy and Socialism of Jew Bernie Sanders Democratic Socialism with the far more correct name of Jewish Socialism. But why stop there? We will also replace the  Rabbi-married words of  Evil and Capitalism where evil Capitalists used to imply WASP evil Capitalist with the current true situation -- Evil Crony Jewish Capitalists.  Truth is that Christian Capitalism was inherently benevolent and hence far more desirable.

August 2020 AD

Globalist-Born-Citizen Kamala Harris not Qualified

Kamala Harris was born to parents who had not yet pledged allegiance to the United States to become citizens; meaning that, Kamala Harris was not under the jurisdiction of the United States at the time of her birth; hence, under the 14th Amendment, she could not qualify as a citizen. Her citizenship was derived from the naturalization of her parents much later in life. In a word, Kamala Harris does not qualify to be President since she cannot meet the natural born citizen requirement of the Constitution. In fact, the entire globalist anchor baby scam, even of illegal aliens dumping their babies in this country, needs to be addressed by the Supreme Court.

Term Limits for Deep State

The intent of the Founding Fathers was to create a Constitution where no group of people could rule as tyrants over the people, not a King, not an alliance of industry leaders, not a small Jewish sect, not the military, not even the so-called majority, and certainly not a Federal Deep State. One of the Checks and Balances put into place to  help insure that the military would not have dictatorial control was to insure that military leaders were under the control of elected officials and not to have a standing army.  And yet, we have a standing army of deep state bureaucrats.  The military has a policy that you serve your country and then leave to get a real job. We need such a policy for the Deep State. You cannot have a protected-from-firing career in the bureaucracy. After your term limits are up, you are automatically fired. Time to get a real job like the rest of us.

Cancel Judeo-Democrats

For 200 years, the Democrat Party has been against American principles of truth, justice, liberty and freedom.  We are way past time to cancel the Democrat Party as a Symbol of America's Dark Racist Past. As for the Jews who control the Democrat Party (and the Republican RINO segment), we are not playing any more. Jews are lovers of diversity, so throw them over Trump's Wall making Mexico into the diverse paradise they wanted so much for America. Lastly, approve a Constitutional Amendment stating that America is now and forever more a Christian nation.

Prophesy of Benjamin Franklin

Call this fraud all you want, but Benjamin Franklin predicted absent a Constitutional amendment prohibiting Jews entry into America, that within 200 years of allowing Jews unrestricted entry to America, we would become their slaves. George Washington welcomed Jews into the country as esteemed members of society. Which do you chose to believe?  A well traveled Franklin or a George Washington who never left the country to experience Judasim's influence even in England. And if not an actual Franklin quote; OK, seems the Jews never returned to their national homeland in 1948, exactly as predicted in the 1930's.

July 2020 AD

Make Families Constitutional Again

Let's face it on this day to celebrate America's Independence and release of our 1,000th issue -- families have been declared unconstitutional and socialist schools for all their children deemed constitutional. Fathers cannot legally establish a family without first allowing the mother the option to destroy any viable semblance of a family by aborting the baby they have created together. Fathers cannot continue the family, with or without a baby, if the mother decides to allow the government to split apart, through government divorce, what God has joined together. And if children are allowed to live, government socialist public schools will remove the child from both the father and mother, to raise their children as the socialist government sees fit.

Democrat Fort Sumter II

When President Trump was elected, we all joked that the Democrats have not been this mad since Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. Perhaps soon they will be laughing at us. So far, CHAZ is a small beachhead of secession in Seattle which can easily be expanded to the entire West Coast should President Trump decide to send in federal troops. Just think of the damage inflicted if Seattle's Microsoft were to release an "Update" on every computer not set to Pacific Standard Time which wipes your computer completely clean or if Google from California "updates" your Android phone to brick it from working, or even, if the United Nations who thanks to Obama now controls the Internet decided to yank all privileges of websites in Texas, and you can clearly see this would be no longer be a laughing matter.

June 2020 AD

Netflix Jeffery Epstein and SCOTUS John Roberts

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts, fine upstanding moral Catholic Christian that he is, has once again voted with the immoral Jews of the Court. After deciding that government-forced Obamacare is constitutional, Justice Roberts has now decided that state governments turning away Christians from attending church services is constitutional. Why? The answer very well may be in records showing SCOTUS Roberts to be on the very same Netflix Jeffery Epstein-owned Little St. James Island where 14-year-old girls were getting sex trafficked to the rich and powerful who run this country for use as bribes, inducement and blackmail.

Voter Suppression via U.S. Postal Service

California must really trust Donald Trump to allow each and every vote for any state office in California to be funneled through the U.S. Postal Service of which Trump controls. Republicans would be appalled and agast if their vote for Governor of Texas had to pass through a federal government ran by Obama. Clearly, both examples are an unconstitutional infringement of federalism, where the States are to run their own elections. Votes should never go through any federal agency, even the post office, but votes can be registered to be made by proxy given a significant other if the need arises.

Hitler was Right about the Turks?

The Ottoman Turks after WW1 were just as defeated as their ally Germany, but by then had already done the infamous Armenian genocide as well. All was forgiven. With no difference in treatment than Germany, the Ottoman Empire was then dismantled and parts of their main traditional lands were parceled out in 1920 to ethnic Greeks, remaining Armenians and Kurds. The Turks rebelled against this treaty of defeat, took back all the lost land in Anatolia,ethically cleansed the Greek Christians, and remaining Armenian Christians and tolerated but brutalized the Muslim Kurds. For all this, the Western World agreed to a new treaty in 1923, pretty much insuring all their terms and conditions. The Western World did not insist that the evil government be taken down for what they did. What other conclusion could Hitler make about the outcome of his own country if he were to do the same for German Christians in Germany, by regaining German lands and performing his own spring cleaning against Germany's own ethnic minority of Jews.

May 2020 AD

Jews Commit Genocide in Pennsylvania Nursing Homes?

Fresh from bankrupting the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania, their Jewish Attorney General Josh Shapiro now turns his sights on nursing homes whom was forced by Pennsylvania's own Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine to accept Covid-19 infected patients, that being her recommendation to Governor Wolfe as the State's foremost expert on the Corona virus. As well, being that she is also Jewish and transgendered to boot, doubt she will be arrested for a form of "insider trading" when she took her own Jewish mother out of nursing homes as she ordered the certain deaths of the remaining Christians still in the nursing homes. This genocide will not go unpunished toward someone else though. Shapiro will also complete the bankruptcy of the nursing homes who will no longer have any customers because Levine had half of their paying customers killed.

Unorthodox Hasidic Handmaids

The story of Unorthodox reveals the Satmar community's forcing of its women to reproduce to avenge the Holocaust deaths of Jews, even if they are (horrors) lesbians. These Jewish ladies are truthfully The Handmaid's Tale so falsely portrayed by Jews of how Christians would rule America if they were allowed to once again lead the country. And nowhere in Unorthodox are there any Jews advocating for abortion, as Jews cheerfully lead that effort among American Christian women. Had she opted for abortion, I'm convinced Satmar would literally have had her stoned.

How to Fix a Drug Scandal

The State of Massachusetts tried to bury, that is fix, a problem where 35,000 drug convictions were tainted by two lowly, unsupervised drug chemists in their drug testing labs. One was a lesbian Muslim drug user when she was hired  and continued to take drugs from the very lab she worked in, never having ever been given a drug test, which you and I are forced to take to be a mere garbage collector. The other chemist was an Indian anti-drug fanatic who conspired to give any conviction prosecutors any results they wanted. All  attempted to be washed under the rug by the State's Attorney General. Yeh, let hiding exculpatory evidence be an excuse for a Catholic Bishop.

HBO's Plot Against America

Charles Lindbergh asked a perfectly sane, perfectly rationale question about national sovereignty. Why were so many foreign-born Jews in America's media and Hollywood freely allowed to shape the opinion of American-born Christians. For that affront, Jews and now HBO conspires to plot against the real history of Patriot Charles Lindbergh and thus plot against America. Lindbergh even asked the great question of why these same "America-loving" Jews were never for war against Jewish-backed Stalin when Stalin and Hitler were best buds and together divided up Poland between themselves and followed up by wondering how Stalin would dominate Europe after Hitler's defeat. Lindbergh even goes so far as to detail precisely, then the same as today, how Jews are able so often intimidate Christians into doing exactly as they say? I'd say Lindbergh was even more of a patriot than I ever imagined.

The Soviets were Never Woke

Benie Sanders is an old white man (although Jewish), and the former Soviet Union was nothing but old white men (although mostly Jewish). They were in no way WOKE. No women leaders, no blacks, no browns, no gays, no transgendered. Furthermore, they were in no way green, as they despoiled the entire countryside. How could they even be described as Progressives, since in the Gulag Concentration Camps they separated the men and women as if there were a difference between the two.

April 2020 AD

Where is Social Distancing of Church and State?

Even before Covid-19, Christianity had not been allowed in the public square anymore, and yet we had been complacent to being forced to hide our Christianity away inside our own Churches. Not this Easter however. The armed might of the State shut down our Churches on the one day they were to be open, while businesses all around them which should have been closed on Sunday were open. Walmart, Kroger, McDonalds, all open for business as usual, on the one day they would have been closed 50 years ago. Time for a Constitutional distancing of Church and State and it is time as well for this new den of thieves to have their tables upturned in order to stop this unconstitutional forced social distancing of Church and "the People".

Bill of Trump-Attainder

Nothing is more Anti-American than Judeo-elites singling out our President for punishment with an unconstitutional Bill of Attainder. We elected a businessmen, and Congress passed a massive aid package for businesses which they forceably shut down, but specifically excluded President Trump's businesses from receiving any of the aid, deeming it a conflict of interest.

WHO knew that liberals do not trust their own controlled government?

Strangely, per polling, Republicans trust their own leaders in their Republican-ran cities and States, than do the "trust bigger government " Judeo-Libs trust their very own Democrat-ran cities and States.  May have something to do with these Judeo-loving governors and Mayors forcing Covid-19 infected patients into nursing homes perhaps? And even in one case, a 20-year-old infected, mentally ill patient admitted to a nursing home who ran around beating up the elderly patients.

Covid Racism against Supremacist Jews and Oppressed Blacks

The Judeo-Press releases are out. The Covid-19 only attacks smart rich priviledged Jews and dumb poor oppressed Blacks.

The China Syndrome : Where was WHO?

Some idiots in Japan build their Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant on a Pacific-facing, tsunami-prone beach and to double down on stupidity, they buried their emergency generators so they were easily flooded. Some idiots in China built their Level-4 Bio-Warfare facility right next door to a wet market deep inside a highly populated city. But not all are idiots. Some people in America build the first nuclear bomb in the unpopulated Sonoran Desert of New Mexico. But where was our globalist saviors, the WHO, who made it their mandate to monitor for stupidity? Didn't they even watch their own Judeo-Hollywood propaganda movie Contagion to know what to do?

What about Legionaire's Disease?

Old People are being killed today by the Covid Red Plague in Cuomo's nursing home death camps and in illegal-Chinese-care-ran nursing facilities for old people in California. Likewise, it was no coincidence in 1976 that a new far deadlier disease showed up precisely at the 200th Anniversary celebration of America's Independence; at the very Capital of that Independence, Philadelphia; affecting only the American Legion war heroes gathered there who had protected that Independence; and more importantly, that the disease was given its name of Legionnaire's Disease, not by scientists, not by doctors or not even by  medical researchers, but by the truly hateful racists of the Jewish Mass Media; thereby, causing the American Legion to become virtually wiped off the Internet in all search engine results for their name.

March 2020 AD

Disney is now a full-on Jewish Propaganda machine

New Disney CEO Bob Chapek was asked by shareholder Justin Danhof, the General Counsel for the National Center for Public Policy Research about the bias at ABC shown by Project Veritas of David Wright at ABC and another of Amy Robach also at ABC of bias in the ABC newsroom. His response will become history.  "No bias here at Disney or ABC, because we have reprimanded David Wright for his bias against us", essentially says CEO Bob Chapek. In fact, the mass media has a incestuous relationship with government, full of conflicts  of interest and blatantly violates the principles of America's Freedom of the Press whose purpose is to insure that government is not running the press.

Jews infect America with ChiCom Red Plague

People joke that Iran believes Jews are behind the coronavirus (COVID-19) just as they were behind the computer virus Stuxnet. But indeed, who has infected America? CNN knows. CNN released a report on an attorney who was obviously a Jew. This Jewish man mysteriously had the ChiCom Red Plague then went off on an infection spree to infect his a son who attended New York City's Jewish Yeshiva University, infected fellow members of the Jewish Young Israel Congregation and infected other Jews who attended a bar mitzva party to which he went. No mention of anyone infected at the law firm he worked at, which is most likely Jewish owned. But the only way CNN saw fit to identify this virus terrorist was to identify him as an attorney. Just a tad of bias against evil attorneys or is that bias in favor of innocent Jews?

Christian Men Must Rule

In the wild, the female mates with the strongest males. We kid ourselves to think this fact of life is not true of our own sisters.  Western men have become weak, allowing women to vote and even in the case of Sweden, Germany and England, to allow women to rule over their countries. No coincidence then that these female-ran countries are the countries most allowing a stronger male to invade from Africa and the Middle East. Women see these men as mates, not as you do, an adversary.

Our Jewish-led Civil War

Forget your high school history book. Here lies the real causes of the American Civil War. Who instituted and promoted slavery in the first place, who benefited the most and who stood to lose as a result? What were the unstated real reason to divide the country and take it to war?

Only God Given Rights are actual Rights

Abortion, the murder of innocents, is anathema to God-given rights which are the only rights promised to the American people. Abortion iconstitutional because the Constitutional God-given Right to Life for our prosperity overrides any evil pronouncements of Jewish Supreme Court justices on Roe v. Wade. Even if gun rights have a shady basis in God-given rights, they are specifically spelled out as rights which shall not be infringed.  Fornication and adultery are sins against God which could never be a God-given right. What else can never be a God-given right is government theft by non-working voters to steal the work of the working to give to the themselves, for that violates the Ten Commandments handed down by God.

Socialism is the Opiate of the Masses

Jew Bernie Sanders is first, filthy rich, being a multi-millionaire with three houses. Second, he is insanely powerful as a United States Senator. Funny then how he is a rich and powerful Jew who tells America that those "other?" rich and powerful do not pay their fair share in taxes. Gullible people believe this impostor as if he already pays his fair share, what ever that means. We have seen this trick play out too many times. Jewish Lenin was a freedom fighter, until he was running things and destroyed all freedom. Same with Jewish Castro in Cuba and Chavez in Venezuela. Only the PACA Plan can save America from the likes of Communist-loving Bernie Sanders.  Only the PACA plan can save America from becoming addicted to socialism.

Turkey's Quran-a-Virus

NATO was created to defend  Europe, so why is Turkey a member? For hundreds of years, Muslim Turks have tried to kill Europe. If we must have a NATO, why has Turkey's membership not been revoked and Russia added? Turkey floods tiny Greece with immigrants they allowed into their country, knowing full well EU laws allow for free migration across all borders of Europe. Europe badly needs to be quarantined from the rest of the world.

February 2020 AD

The Explanation

Brother Nathanial has produced a classic explanation for what ails us, and a very simple solution to fix it all.

Trump!!!  Women in the Workforce is nothing to Cheer About

Hello Trump?  You on our side?  In the SOTU, Trump is actually proud, instead of ashamed, of the number of women working. What happens when you encourage women to be self sufficient and you do not encourage young men to be the same?  Answer: a perfect storm against family formation. These new career women put off childbirth to pursue their career and others, wanting to stay at home, refuse to marry the man they want because he does not have a job paying enough to provide for her, meaning she will never have a baby, at least in a whole family setting of both mother and father. There is Unvle Sam to help her out. Few white Christian babies means that their brown and black Muslim, Hindu, and yes, even Catholic replacements will have to be imported. End result, a divided and conquered society ripe for Jews to exploit.

Crony Capitalist Jew vs. Crony Communist Jew

Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer. Three filthy old, filthy rich, filthy white, filthy men, decidedly filthy Democrats, and all three filthy Jews, but as ideologically separated as possible. So what gives? How can two crony Capitalist Jews be in the same political party as a crony Communist Jew? With many Jewish Billionaires supporting the rest? Is the real message here that, one way or the other, Jews will rule America? Is this really just divide and conquer?

January 2020 AD

Jewdalism and The Capitalist Manifesto

The Czar of Russia ended Christian Feudalism two weeks before Abraham Lincoln ended slavery in America. Jews killed both of them. Jews replaced the Czar's rule in 1917 with a Jewish Feudalism (Jewdalism) which they called Communism. Getting close to the same here in America. All talk of socialism, communism, fascism, greedy capitalist, crony capitalism or crony greedy communism if you must are all Judeo-propaganda to install Jewdalism in America. Christian Capitalism is the only solution to freedom, liberty and has led the world toward the utopia of plentiful goods and services, complete with minimal amounts of cronyism and  greed, but alas in the end, too much Jew privilege.

Castro Revisited

How does a tiny island off the coast of the world's strongest military force survive for decades in hate against that country?  This formerly Spain-owned island was wrested from the far more powerful Spain by the US, and the US went on to fight communism across the Pacific Ocean before Castro and again after Castro. The reason given for Castro's survival was fear of nuclear war with the Soviet Union, but the Soviet Union no longer exists, and yet, the Castro regime continues 30 years later. Why?  Jewish Hollywood worships the Castros. Why?  Miles Matthis sums up the concise best explanation to both questions. The Castro brothers enjoy Jew Privilege. Indeed, being a Marrano Jew would explain why the Castro Brothers were untouchable and remain in power to this very day.

Jew or Not -- Even Jews don't know

A Jewish site dedicated to figuring out which of them are Jewish. That's not racist navel gazing or privileged, lol. We discover that Jesus is "Sadly a Jew", that Louis Brandeis is a Jew, why of course. "What good doctor, lawyer or judge isn't a Jew?" and then we learn to thank Yahweh who gave us Jews enough money to bribe the Clintons to appoint two Jewish judges.

Trumpian Blowback

The criminal assassination of Iranian Major General Sulieman was Trumpian brilliance. If American President is to Nazi, then Iranian or Israeli military leader is to terrorist. Both terrorize each other, (Israel assassinates scientists inside Iran): rhetorical fair is fair. The democratically elected Parliament of Iraq voted to tell America to GET OUT and their democratically elected Prime Minister agreed. Israel got what it wanted, the depraved murder of Iran's military leader and Iran turning back on the nuclear development which removes all hindrances on Isreal to act. Iraq gets what it so dearly needs, its freedom and independence once again. America's Christians get what they so dearly want and need, their sons safely home. Trump gets what he wants, the fulfillment of a campaign promise to get us disentangled from the Muddle East and a wag the tail distraction from impeachment. Only the Judeo-Neo-Cons are left holding the bag, as keeping our troops in Iraq now would entail America being proved to be an occupation force and disproving the lie that Iran runs Iraq's government or even heaven forbid, that the Iraqi people run their own government.

UnGodly Husbands vs. unGodly Rulers

The Pine Tree Revolt of 1772 began the American Revolution in the hearts and minds of Americans but you never hear this in the Judeo-press, because the sacred heart of the legality of the American Revolution rested in An Appeal to God resting in a Christian Heaven.  No Jesus-denying Jews allowed per the blessed words of Christ.  Presidents, like Kings, rule by Divine Right but they must maintain a moral Christian nation to enjoy that grace from God. Appeals for Christian justice never stops with an appeal to a Jewish majority Supreme Court.  The People can appeal directly to God though prayer or through a petition for a new government, even if the petition for a new government requires a Civil War.

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